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Pattaya Things to do

Pattaya is renowned for its nightlife which, rather unfairly given the array of entertainment in the city, has become the focus of media attention since the mid 60s. However, since the “social order” crackdown by the Thai authorities in 2004, Pattaya has done much to confine its seamier side to specific parts of the city.

There are hundreds of bars and night clubs. The most famous include Tonys, Marine Disco, X-Zyte, Lucifer, Hammer, Mixx. New clubs and bars are opening all the time. The world infamous Walking Street is the natural hub of this nocturnal activity.

Other nighttime entertainments include Muay Thai (Thai boxing) matches aimed at tourists, which can be enjoyed at several open-air beer bar complexes. There are also some great places to relax with those famous Thai massages.