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World Beating 3 Michelin Star Holiday

Gourmet HolidayGourmet HolidayGourmet HolidayGourmet Holiday

We have produced the ultimate holiday for people who enjoy fine dining.

You will have the opportunity to experience every restaurant in the world that has received the ultimate culinary award of 3 Michelin stars.

You will visit 16 different countries around the world ranging from the United States to countries across Europe and then to China and Japan.

There are not many people in the world (if any!) who have experienced all 117 3 michelin star restaurants. Your trip will take in 6 months and we have included some of the finest hotels in the world together with business class flights.

You will spend 2 nights in each location which will give you enough time to enjoy the restaurant and a stay in the surrounding area.

Departure dates are flexible and we can tailor them to your schedule.

The cost of the holiday including an estimated cost of all your meals and wine is £182,000. We can give a final pricing when we receive your exact requirements.

Please place an enquiry to get more details of this once in a lifetime experience.