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Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains run all the way along South America’s west coast, stretching roughly 4,500 miles. This makes the Andes the longest continental mountain range in the whole world, which is pretty impressive indeed. Taking the Himalayas out of the equation, the Andes contain some of the highest peaks out there. Aconcaqua takes the title for the highest peak in the range at 22,841 feet tall.

There is an extreme difference in terrain and climate, depending on which area of the Andes you visit. This means you have a great choice of activities. In the same day, it’s possible to ski down snowy slopes and hike through tropical rain forests. The different climate zones give you excellent options. 

There are some amazing trekking trails on offer for those looking to gain a higher perspective. There are also brilliant ski slopes to satisfy all abilities.
Relax and take part in some fishing. Summer time in the Andean Lake District is a keen fisherman’s dream. There are tons of trout and salmon up for grabs and the scenery is second to none. If the calmer waters don’t do it for you, smash through the harsher waters on a raft. Whitewater rafting is great fun for the adrenaline junkies out there.  The best rivers to get your blood pumping are Rio Diamante and Rio Manso, which are both in the Cuyo Region. Boating and yachting are also great ways to enjoy the beautiful Andes landscapes from the water.

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