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The hugely contrasting climates and landscape of Chile brings a vast variety of wildlife. However, the challenging environment in the north, such as Atacama Desert and the restricting Andes Mountain means a third of Chile’s wildlife isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

The Chilean fauna is highly diverse, inhabiting an extreme variation of landscapes.


Four species of Camelid are found in Chile. In the desolate north is the domesticated llama and alpaca and in the south are their wild cousin’s guanaco and vicuna making Patagonia their home.

Andean Condor

The Condor is the national bird of Chile and also considered the largest flying bird in the world.

An adult Andean Condor wingspan can reach up to a massive 10 foot wing span and weigh up to 15 kg. Most condors are found in the centre of Chile and travelling south.

Chilean Coast

The Pacific coast of Chile is populated by a variation of sea bird including the albatross, cormorant, pelican and seagull. The largest mammal in the world, the gigantic blue whale also lives in the Chilean seas as a protected species. Alongside the beautiful giant are seals, dolphins, penguins, and sea lions as well as other whales.


This agile cat can adapt to any environment from jagged mountains to cold climate. Daily wildlife excursions can be joined to Torres del Paine National Park where you can discover the puma in action as it hunts the camel species, Guanaco.

Humboldt Penguins

About 8,000 breading pairs of Humboldt penguins have made Chile their home, found along the Pacific coast of northern Chile and in Pingüino De Humboldt National Reserve. This reserve is formed of three islands and along with the other varieties of wildlife the reserve is mainly know for the Humboldt penguins. The Humboldt has now been listed under in the U.S Endangered Species Act granting it protection You can visit the penguins at the reserve from La Serena on an exciting excursion.

Magellanic Penguins

One of the largest and most significant Magellanic penguin breeding locations is positioned on Magdalena Island.

With the island being such a popular tourist destination, the effects of tourism must be highly monitored for the well-being of the penguins. As it stands it is still able to visit as the regulations for tours are highly observed.

The island can be visited from Punta Arenas or you near Playa Mar Brava on the island of Chiloe.

Southern Rockhopper Penguins

The Southern Rockhopper penguins breed in sub-Antarctic climates and southern island. Therefore you can see some of the Rockhopper penguins in South Chile. Tourism is not considered a threat to these penguins as there are naturally rather inquisitive and regularly approach humans visiting them.

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