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Food Markets

When in Peru, you have to embrace the incredible food markets. The food is cheap, but the low price is not a reflection of the flavour. You will find the most authentic and delicious delicacies at these food markets.

Market lunches usually include a bowl of fresh soup, a main pasta or rice course, a stew and a homemade juice or tea. All of this is yours for less than £1. Now, that’s a bargain! You can find these market lunches on the outskirts of most fruit and vegetable markets.

There are many different dishes that are commonly found in food markets. Lomo saltado is the national dish of Peru, so you can expect to see a lot of this traditional plate. Lomo saltado conists of beef, tomatoes, peppers and onions mixed together with special seasonings served on top of rice or crispy potatoes.

Another popular market dish is Rocoto peppers, which are spicy stuffed peppers. There is a lovely selection of vegetables and meat that sits inside the pepper – they are stuffed to the brim! Then the end is fried to seal the filling.

Choclo con queso can also be found in the food market circuit. This is simply corn on the cob with cheese. This may sound quite basic, but Peruvian corn has much larger kernels and is more fibrous. Add a piece of cheese to the hot corn and drizzle a tea spoon of huacatay (a Peruvian herb) sauce on the top. You’re in for a treat!

Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are very popular in Peru. Get whatever combo you fancy. Or grab the fruit as it is. A fresh mango is never a bad idea!

For something a little less healthy, try an alfajores. These sweet treats are shortbread-like biscuits with a generous amount of caramel in-between. Yum!

At these markets, you will not only experience an overwhelming variety of sights, sounds and smells, but you will be stuck for choice with all the cheap authentic eats available to you.

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