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Travel Survey Results

We recently conducted 6 different Travel Surveys based on customers travelling habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, which generated over 1,000 responses. 

Here are some of the top results revealed below:
  • Toiletries seem to be the common items people steal from hotels, with slippers and dressing gowns also being a favourite. Theft rate increases if hotel service is poor. 3% of people have taken pillows too whereas 2% have pinched a shower curtain!
  • 30% of people have breached airport security by accident.
  • The top tactic for getting an upgrade is flirting. 41% would flirt with check-in staff of the opposite sex if it meant getting a free business class upgrade. However 13% admitted to even flirting with check-in staff of the same sex whereby 6% would pull the “I’m on the way to a funeral” line!
  • 68% of people are genuinely excited by other people’s holiday photos whilst 25% just pretend they are excited.
  • 20% of people take their own food abroad.
  • 33% of people think speaking in English but with a foreign accent helps the locals understand them better.
  • 6% of holidaymakers get their children to speak a foreign language on their behalf.
  • The biggest lie that airlines tell their passengers is that the plane will look like the picture of the plane landing on water on the safety card. 76% people don’t believe the plane will look like that. The next biggest lie is that the whistle on the life jacket will attract attention and that mobile phones will interfere with the plane’s systems.
  • Kate and Will are the celeb couple that most people would like to sit next to, with 36% of the results. However David & Samantha Cameron came out more popular than Elton John and David Furnish.
  • Jamie Oliver is the most popular chef that people want cooking for them on flights with Delia Smith being the least favourite.
  • 68% people have spotted a celeb on holiday but only 6% take a photo though and only 10% would introduce themselves to the celeb.
  • 69% of us Brits like to make friends on holiday – so we’re not as aloof as other nationalities might think!
  • 60% of people check their email at least once a day on holiday. Over 25% check it more than once a day and 7% check their phone up to 10 times per day! 19% of holiday makers update their Facebook status whilst on holiday.
  • 6.5% of people are members of the mile high club!
  • The most frustrating things that us Brits find on holiday are the hotel not as advertised, lack of legroom, expensive food and waiting at airports.
  • Arriving late at the airport is the biggest cause of arguments on holiday.
  • Married couples are three times likely to have an argument on holiday than honeymooners. However family holidays are about 5 times more likely to have an argument. 
  • Holidays most likely to cause an argument:-
                           Family holidays - 1.9 arguments per week
                           Married couple holidays - 1.2 arguments per week
                           Backpacker holidays - 1.1 arguments per week
                           Retired couple holidays - 0.7 arguments per week
                           Honeymoons - 0.4 arguments per week
                           Hen party holidays - 0.3 arguments per week
                           Stag do holidays - 0.2 arguments per week.
  • Most annoying habit women have to men on holiday is shopping. For women it's men playing with their mobile phones.
  • Queues at check-in and at security is the most annoying thing at airport.
  • Queue jumping most annoying thing Brits experience with people from other countries.
  •  5% of adults people still pack a teddy bear on holiday!!
  • 22% of people sneak heavier items into their partners' suitcase.
  • 64% of people make sure they wear good socks for security and the flight.
  • Some people start packing a month in advance of their holiday, 1.4%.


If you would like further information about any of these stats or about our Travel Surveys then please email marketing@holidaysplease.com or call (0121) 236-1502.

For useful press tools and resources visit our Holidaysplease Press Centre page. 

Travel Survey Results

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