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Homeworker Prospectus

Homeworker Prospectus

Holidaysplease.co.uk is a high quality, long haul online travel agency. We use the internet and new technology to generate high levels of demand from consumers who appreciate good quality holidays and service. This approach has lead to tremendous success with Holidaysplease turnover doubling each year. As well as using technology to generate business we also use technology to allow our staff to transform their lives by being able to advise clients away from the office. Our team of homeworkers have the independence to set up their own offices while still being able to access all the systems available on the high street. They are free to work on what enquiries they want, when they want, without being constantly interrupted by managers or head office.

Is homeworking suitable for you?

Imagine being provided with as many enquiries as you like, whenever you like for the types of holidays that you enjoy booking. Imagine being able to work when you want, where you want. Imagine building up your local contacts and customers and taking the lion's share of the commission that is earned on these bookings. Imagine all of this with a supportive and friendly head office that does all the administration for you instead of firing off new edicts and new policies every 5 minutes.

You can now see why homeworking is the fastest growing employment area in the travel sector.

It is no secret that many people become homeworkers because they have reached their potential within a high street travel agent. People often find that the more senior they become the more they get involved in paperwork and politics rather than dealing with customers and selling holidays. They also find that when they do sell a holiday they see relatively little of the financial reward because a lot of the commission goes in covering the higher office overheads that exist on the high street.

However homeworking is not always an easy option. If you do not have a lot of sales experience then we would recommend that you stay on the high street for the time being. This is because the high street provides a good grounding in the travel business with high levels of supervision. Homeworkers have to exercise greater independence and have to be able to operate without having a manager looking over their shoulder.

As well as having the right experience a homeworker needs to be mentally prepared to rely on their own skills to earn a living. Good sales staff generally earn more than they would on the high street and bad sales staff generally earn less!

There are also some practical issues that need to be considered. For example do you have a suitable space at home to set up a home office, do you have enough time to devote to work (typically at least 30 hours a week) and are you the sort of person who can motivate yourself to work without being under constant supervision?

If you have these qualities and the desire to be a master of your own destiny then how do you choose which company to join and what are the potential financial rewards?

Moving jobs or getting back into the job market is a big decision and there are a number of factors that should be considered before you decide who to work for.

The type of holidays the company sells...

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider. It would be a disaster to join a company that mainly deals in destinations or types of holidays you don't enjoy booking and has customers that are not enjoyable to deal with. As we have said before Holidaysplease.com books almost exclusively long-haul holidays for financially well-off clients. Our top destinations are the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Dubai and the Far East. Of course we book all destinations but when we do they are generally higher standard holidays.

This results in an average booking value of around £3,800 which works out at around £1500 per person.

We are growing rapidly and over the past 12 months, we have only been able to service around 80% of the new customer enquiries that we have received. That is why we are recruiting heavily at the moment!

Quantity of enquiries

You may be the best sales person on the planet but if you have no leads to go on then you are never going to earn much money! Some homeworking companies provide fewer leads and expect you to bring your own clients. Other companies provide more leads usually on a call rotation basis so you answer the phone when it is your turn. The quantity and quality of calls are not guaranteed, however. At Holidaysplease.com the system is completely different as we do guarantee the quantity and quality of enquiries. This is down to our unique enquiry handling system...

A Holidaysplease homeworker can access the Holidaysplease internet system day or night and see what enquiries customers have placed with Holidaysplease.com. Customers will have given information such as their name, chosen destination, dates of travel and even their budget. This then allows the homeworker to pick the enquiries that they feel most comfortable taking. There is no obligation on which enquiries to take. We take the view that you know what type of holiday you are most likely to book and so we leave the decision to you.

How many times have you sat behind your desk and wished you could read the mind of the customer walking in the door before you decided to serve them? Well at Holidaysplease you can!
This system is unique to us.

Suggestion: Click www.holidaysplease.co.uk/enquiries for a live view of the current enquiries available for Holidaysplease Homeworkers to work on.

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Homeworker Prospectus

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