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Canadian Arctic Holidays

The Canadian Arctic is the area of Canada just above the Arctic Circle. Explore the northernmost reaches of the Yukon, the northwest territories and Nunavut with a small population of 100,000.

Visitors can enjoy the Arctic's diverse wildlife and stunning scenery, the Canadian Arctic is perfect for those seeking adventure. 

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The Nunavut Archipelago

Nunavut is roughly the size of Western Europe with Ellesmere Island to the north, Baffin Island to the east and Victoria Island to the west. It is the least populated of all the provinces and territories within Canada with one person for every 25 square miles of winter wonderland.

Nunavut can only be accessed by air or sea, travel between Nunavut communities is usually done by aircraft or cruise ship but in some cases dogsled and snowmobile are used.   

Baffin Island

Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada and the fifth largest in the world. Iqaluit the capital of Nunavut meaning 'salmon trout' is home to 11,000 people. The north-east part of the island is home to the breathtaking Baffin Mountains, Mount Odin is the highest reaching 2,147 metres high. 

A diverse range of wildlife can also be spotted here including arctic fox, polar bear, arctic wolf, caribou and arctic hare. 

Somerset Island

Somerset Island is located to the West of Baffin Island. This large unhabited Island is the perfect place for watching beluga whales. Many congregate in Cunningham Inlet during the summer providing fantastic opportunities for close-up encounters with these majestic animals. 

Ellesmere Island National Park

Ellesmere Island is located on the northern tip of Canada's most northern Island. Just 800km from the North Pole and 25km from Greenland, this National Park offers stunning mountain scenery, glaciers and ice shelves descending into the sea. 

Lake Hazen is the largest within the Arctic Circle and offers fantastic opportunities to view wildlife and vegetation in this polar oasis. 

To the South is the smaller Cornwallis Island. Visit one of the coldest inhabited places in the world with a small Inuit community located on the south coast with a population of 200. The Island boasts an average temperature of -14.5 degrees centigrade. 

Things to do

The Canadian Arctic has a wide variety of activities on offer. Wildlife lovers can enjoy birdwatching with over 100 species of bird inhabiting the area and spot stunning creatures such as the polar bear, beluga whale, bowhead whale, caribou, musk oxen, narwhals, seal and walrus.

Get around on land by snowmobile or a traditional dogsled, if you fancy venturing out onto the waves try your hand at canoeing, kayaking or boating. 

Embrace your inner explorer by enjoy fishing, hunting and hiking trips, and camping in traditional ways. 

Weather & Climate 

Temperatures can vary depending on the area. The warmest temperature in Nunavut is Kugluktuk which boasts temperatures of 30°C in the summer and temperatures ranging from -15°C to -40°C in the winter.

The coldest community is Grise Ford where summer temperatures can be between 0°C to 5°C and winter temperatures dropping below -50°C. Spring temperatures remain more consistent throughout the region with average daytime highs reaching between -20°C and -10°C. 

The cool spring days provide plenty of sunshine from late March to the end of May. Sunlight can reflect off the snow and ice causing bad sunburns, suncream is an essential even though the temperature feels cool. 

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