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Greenland Holidays

A holiday to Greenland allows you to enjoy one of the world's last great unspoilt landscapes. You will be able to enjoy a holiday very few are lucky enough to experience.

You will be able to see nature at its most dramatic from towering mountains to ice sheets are large as countries.

Wildlife is on a grand scale as well with whales, polar bears and whalrus.

For more information and an exploratory chat just fill out an enquiry form and our Greenland experts will be in touch shortly.

Outdoor Activities 

Greenland has a wide range of outdoor activities on offer to suit everyone. The classic way to experience the Arctic nature is a dog sledding tour. Head out onto the snow and enjoy the speed and stamina of these hardy working dogs, snowmobile tours are also available for those seeking a more modern experience. 

The best way to hit the ocean is in a kayak, these glass fibre kayaks can be used for a short trip or longer trips heading all around the coast.While out on your kayak spot flocks of birds, seals and even whales. 

Different ski activities are also available in Greenland. Ski touring allows you to climb some fantastic peaks otherwise inaccessible and take in the breathtaking sights around you. Cross country skiing is another way to enjoy the fantastic sights of Greenland. 

For the active and adventurous head up to Wakins Range to climb some of the highest mountains in Greenland or take a hiking route passing pristine mountains and lakes.

Nature Experiences

Greenland is a haven for whale watching, South Greenland is made up of more water than land making it the ideal place for fin and minke whales. In the summer Disko Bay is one of the best places for spotting humpback whales splashing between the icebergs. 

A diverse range of land animals can also be spotted in this stunning landscape. Polar bears, musk oxen, caribou,arctic foxes, hares, eagles, lemmings and the arctic wolf all inhabit the area. 

In winter the breathtaking Northern Lights can be spotted dancing across the night's sky. Through online forecasts and live updates you can know ahead of time the best day to head out and take in this stunning site. Even when the northern lights are not out, due to the lack of light pollution and the clear night skies, you can see all the twinkling stars light up the sky. 

In summer the midnight sun is an unforgettable experience, make the most of the long days by staying outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Cultural Experiences

To learn about the culture and history of Greenland, a guided sightseeing tour is the perfect way to learn and take in the scenery. The national museum is the best place to view the local art and photography exhibitions.

Enjoy some of the local cuisine with a variety of local ingredients including reindeer, musk ox and South Greenland lamb. Seafood is also popular here with a variety of cod, trout, redfish, rockfish and halibut.  

If you are interested in a stunning holiday to Greenland, fill out an enquiry form and our Greenland experts will plan the perfect holiday for you. 

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