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There are certain areas in Brazil that are ideal for birdwatching. There are a number of tours available to make sure you don’t miss out on Brazil’s birdlife. 

It’s probably no surprise that the Amazon is a hot-spot for bird spotting. There are approximately 1300 birds in the Amazon rainforest, so there is plenty of variety. A tour is the best way to visit the specific habitats that exist in the Amazon because certain birds choose their home based on environmental preferences. You are bound to see macaws, which are beautiful, social birds that often travel in flocks of at least 10. Some macaws are very rare. Spix’s macaws, for example, are difficult to spot, since it’s believed there are only 100 left. However, maybe you will get lucky and spot the blue-feathered, Brazillian natives on your visit!     

Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, is also home to many different birds. Get your binoculars ready!  Long-tailed ground doves, woodpeckers, toucans, scarlet-headed blackbirds and fawn-breasted wren are just a few varieties that roam the Pantanal floodplains.

If you’re still on the lookout for macaws after a trip to the Amazon, Cerrado is another good spot. Cerrado is a region in Brazil with a dry forest ecosystem and extensive woodlands. This savanna is home to the blue-winged macaw, the white-eared puffbird, the yellow-faced parrot and many other fascinating birds.

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