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France Holiday Reviews

Our France holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"We visited France and it was full of amazing tourist attractions, great food and friendly locals." rating 10/10, Christopher C

"Love it, Provence is full of spectacular scenery, fab food and wine, outdoor sports for all ages. " rating 10/10, Joy C

"Beautiful " rating 10/10, Debi R

"Surprisingly friendly and helpful!" rating 8/10, Sue D

"We know France well however we had not travelled to this particular part of the country in the winter." rating 9/10, John S

"Paris is magical and it was the best time of the year to visit before Christmas. Mesmorising decorations and the beauty." rating 10/10, Ninad P

"Lovely place, will defintely go back, wish i had stayed a bit longer" rating 10/10, Angela O

"took little ones to Disney and they loved it" rating 9/10, Justin H

"Nice" rating 10/10, Sharon F

"Great" rating 9/10, Laurie K

"No - been many times" rating 8/10, Neil B

"Lovely country, staff very helpful." rating 8/10, Jonathan S

"Great culture and friendly people " rating 9/10, Joy C

"lovely " rating 10/10, Jayne J

"French doesn't like to speak English, too often I asked a question in English and was given a response in French." rating 10/10, Mark S

"It is a while since I have visited and I wanted to show the city to my daughter for her 21st birthday present" rating 9/10, Jane K

"Love France!" rating 10/10, Holly B

"Beautifull " rating 7/10, Brogan T

"Great! Although Metro strikes but didn't affect us as we left on that day. " rating 10/10, Annabel S

"Out first leg was Carcassonne in the south of France. Our second leg was Toulouse, also in the south of France." rating 8/10, Chris M

"No. Have lived there so already know it." rating 8/10, Justine C

"Interesting" rating 9/10, Jason F

"Lovely" rating 9/10, Mhairi R

"Very good. We enjoyed the whole experience " rating 10/10, Derek P

"We wanted to see some museums and Rounen cathedral which we acheived. Service and food as always a little hit and miss." rating 8/10, Mike S

"Very nice people" rating 10/10, Stuart D

"Probably our favourite country.We love the wine/food" rating 9/10, Bernard R

"Disneyland paris." rating 9/10, Barry G

"24 of us traveled and most if not all said it was the best Ski Holiday they had been on " rating 10/10, Maxine S

"Needs a better road system in the mountains" rating 7/10, Jane F

"Disneyland " rating 9/10, Catherine G

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