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Golden Key Bordubet, Turkey

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Description & Facilities


4 Stars


Family Friendly


Restaurants / Bars

The gentle flow of the river winds through the grounds with charming wooden bridges for you to cross during your peaceful strolls in the spacious grounds.

Wildlife is in abundance with turtles, swans and kingfishers at the river and red squirrels hopping around the forest.
Relax on one of the many hammocks and sun lounges scattered amongst the trees and treat yourself to a massage in one of the grass huts within the grounds and quickly unwind.

The private beach club is set out on a peninsula and you can canoe along the river and across the bay to it, stroll along pathways or simply relax by taking the complimentary hotel shuttle boat.

The riverside restaurant and bar serves elaborate and sumptuous buffet meals using local organic produce. The Bördübet has organic gardens too for guests to help themselves whenever they fancy a snack. The seafood and BBQ nights are always a great hit and the beach club bar is a fantastic spot to watch the sun go down.

The hotel has many activities for you to enjoy. Horse riding, mountain bikes and a dedicated games area keep adults and children amused. Water sports include pedaloes, snorkelling, windsurfing, sea kayaks, scuba diving and water skiing and the hotel has a freshwater swimming pool. You can even take a complimentary day out on a gulet cruise along the coast line.

The hotel doesn't have a children's club but families are made to feel extremely welcome. Children enjoy exploring the forest, spending time in the games area and meeting friends.

Local villages nearby boast the traditional craft of silk lace edging, various markets give the opportunity for that all important holiday shopping and for the history buffs there are intriguing ancient sites and ruins to visit.


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Golden Key Bordubet
Flight Time
5 hours (approximately)
Journey Time From Airport
  • 1 hour by Road

Weather reviews from customers who visited Turkey in

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"Dry, about 12 degrees during the day , sunny but cold in the evenings"


"1st 2 weeks (8 March - 22 March) was very cold and windy. Worst weather we have ever encountered. Last 2 weeks better but not as warm as normal."
"Unfortnately, we had mostly rain"


"very good"
"Lovely! The temperatures at Easter were perfect, warm enough to sunbathe but not too hot"
"Rained on a few days but generally sunny"
"25 degrees with blue sky."
"Early season. Cooler at night but lovely during the day when the sun was out."
"Early 20’s degree c , Sunny 6/7 days"
"Warm for the first few days, overcast for remaining 3 days"
"32 degrees every day"
"Lovely week of sunshine and no rain"
"Very good"
"On the whole pleasantly warm ie could lie by pool happily. Water was very cold though, like others we took wetsuits for kids which they needed."
"Good and sunny, just nice temperature for time of year"
"2 cloudy days but 8 lovely days"
"Very good. We went early April, we had two cloudy days, 2 cloudy afternoons and the rest of the week was full sunshine"
"21°-24° but felt hotter"
"So so"


"Sunny every day with only one small rain shower in 2 weeks"
"Excellent much better than expected"
"Most days 30"
"Hot the whole week , rain late afternoon couple of days , but did not ruin my hoilday."
"Very good"
"Hot. Rain for couple of days. Overcast but still hot."
"Very hot but one day if rain"
"ace,,,fab conditions really suited us."
"A couple of days thunder storms but other than that sun was shinning"
"Gorgeous 27-29 degrees"
"Weather was great 32/35 most days"
"Hotter than usual for May. Had a couple of thunderstorms but the sun soon returned."
"Variable! Some hot days but also thunder storms and rain"
"Weather was excellent"
"Perfect sunny and warm"
"The weather was as alway's amazing & was so nice to feel the sun on my skin again."
"First day raining afterwards high 20’s which was great"
"Weather was lovely warm during the day bit cooler at night"
"Lush. 28-30"
"Very hot"
"33 degrees, beautiful"
"Weather was great Sunny every day some light rain during a couple of the nights"
"Beautiful-32 degrees"
"Hot, 37 degrees on 1 day"
"Beautiful and very sunny"
"Very hot, one thunderstorm one afternoon and 1 cloudy day on first arrival which clearly eventually"
"30 degrees with a breeze, beautiful weather."
"Good, warm, a bit windy on a couple of days"
"Amazing sun shining every day"
"Hot and sunny, some days you had a mix of cloud and sun."
"for end may early June weather gave us 60% of time very hot days which made the cooler pool welcome."
"Lovely. 25 degrees"


"Very hot! reached 40!"
"Hot hot hot 49'"
"Hot and sunny"
"Very hot!"
"Great! In the 27-29 just right! When we left it was heading to 34 which may have been too hot!"
"Sunshine for all our 10 days"
"Wonderfully hot, but able to walk without being uncomfortable"
"It was hot, mid 30's but aparently that is around 10 degrees higher than normal for that time of year."
"Very hot"
"Really good except for 1 stormy day"
"very hot 48 degrees"
"Weather was amazing as always."
"31 degrees"
"Very hot"
"Wall to wall sunshine after the first couple of unsettled days."
"Warm and sunny, some thunder storms but unusual for this time of year"
"Very warm and sunny between 28-32°c with a light breeze."
"Hot but with a nice breeze"
"Weather was hot 😃"
"The weather was hot & sunny most of the time though we had 1 heavy thunder storm and a couple of cloudy days towards the end of the holiday."
"hot 44c"
"Great weather"
"Superb. 34-38 degrees everyday. Clear blue skies with the occasional breeze."
"33 degrees and clear skies"
"Hot between 38 - 40 degrees."
"Very hot"
"Hot, hot and hot"
"Hot but not too hot"


"Extremely hot"
"Nice and hot"
"very hot, but perfect"
"Excellent we were lucky I think, the week before had been exceptionally hot and the week after was too, while we were there it was mid 30s just right."
"Too hot, we were there in the heat wave so too hot for us, but the second week when it settled back to normal was much better."
"Good, not too hot, there was a little rain which was nice as it cooled it down a bit."
"Hot! There was a breeze for first week but the last few days was very hot"
"Hot with a nice breeze"
"Very hot"
"Hot, beautiful blue skies every day"
"As above but not too hot because of breeze from Bosphorus - perfect"
"Around 35 degrees full 10 days"
"sunny sunny sunny"
"Very hot"
"Hot hot hot"
"Full sun around 35 degrees every day, to be expected end July/Aug though"
"Fantastic x"
"Very Hot"
"Beautiful. A little to hot when we first arrived 43 degrees but after that perfect."
"Lovely and hot"
"Weather was good, rain for 10mins one day and another day for a couple of hours."
"45 degrees C full sunshine, dry heat."
"Very hot"
"HOT!! It's almost guaranteed in Turkey. We were there during the 2nd and 3rd week in July and the temperature rose from about 36 to 43 degrees."
"Hot between 45° and 50°"
"Sunny and hot every day"
"Very hot and sunny all week long"
"Fabulous - mid 30's - low 40's most days"
"Very hot but bearable"
"Very Hot"
"Sunny every day. Perfect for us."
"$0 degrees almost too hot."
"Very hot"
"very hot"
"Very hot!"
"Very hot"
"The Weather was very hot 46 degrees to a minimum of 39 degrees."
"Hot hot hot"
"Hot !!!!"
"Extremely hot"
"scoorching hot"
"Very hot and humid"
"Hot hot"
"46degrees with barely any wind"
"Very hot"
"Very hot 50 degrees"
"Very hot"


"Hot 😁"
"Very hot - average 35 deg."
"Absolutely stunning, hot and sunny"
"Hot hot hot everyday = fantastic"
"Hot and sunny"
"Perfect, glorious sunshine every day."
"Hot and sunny."
"Gorgeous sunshine every day with a gentle breeze. Wind did pick up at times but that was ok. Sometimes got quite chilly in the evening"
"Hot and humid, so great to have a hotel on the beach for the breeze."
"Mid 30’s everyday"
"Lovely, a couple of days cloudy but still nice and warm"
"Perfect sunny and hot"
"We were worried about the temperature but it was just right and not too humid, I think it helped that we were in the hills."
"Perfect. Mid 30’s"
"Very hot but a had a constant breeze so was perfect for the children."
"Gorgeous, hot."
"The weather was consistently hot with one day of rain which we were told by staff was unusual for August."
"Nice and hot high 30,s"
"Very good"
"Very good, nice and hot"
"Hot hot hot"
"lowest temp 33 highest 41"
"Hot, clear blue sky, sea breeze, glorious."
"Very hot"
"Very Hot"
"38 degrees! Bliss!"
"Beautiful!! Around 35 every day"
"very warm--I love it"
"Weather was amazing once again. 2 week's of 40+ degree's, absolutely perfect."
"Very hot"
"Very hot and humid"
"Hot but not as hot as I thought it would be in a good way. Bit of a breeze by the sea"
"Not too hot as there was A constant lovely breeze"
"Stinking hot!"
"Not a cloud in the sky"
"Hot with a sea breeze"
"It was very hot."
"Round about 30° every day.... Hot hot!"
"Very very hot"
"Really hot!"
"Very hot but with a pleasant breeze"
"Very hot"
"Very hot with no adverse conditions."
"Very warm late 20s to mid 30s"


"30*with lovely breeze."
"The weather was very sunny all week and very warm"
"Weather was beautiful. Between 31-35 degrees all week."
"Perfect all two weeks"
"Very warm"
"Generally good, clear days and hot. Odd day of clouds and one very short spell of rain."
"As above"
"Warm and sunny."
"very hot : )"
"Weather was great between 37 and 44 when we were out last 2 weeks in sept"
"Weather was fantastic"
"great the temperature was between 35 and 40 degrees every day"
"Very hot."
"The weather was fine up in the high twenties which was fine for September. A bit windy some days but still warm."
"Weather was very hot but I liked it"
"29degrees every day was lovely."
"Amazing. Wasn't expecting over 30 degrees in late September."
"very good, 2 over cast days"
"Fabulous! Day temps 30-36 Night temps 22-26"
"Hot and sunny"
"Weather was lovely and hot mostly 30°"
"very hot and warm"
"Weather was lovely, a touch chilly in the evening but clear and warm every day"
"wondeful about 38-40 evey day"
"Absolutely gorgeous every day approx 45degrees"
"Lovely weather."
"Very nice 30-33"
"Hot, over 30 every day. We did have rain, which is very unusual and only lasting a couple of hours and was the most amazing thunderstorm"
"wonderful, hot and sunny!"
"Very hot"
"Great, 34 degrees most of the week"
"Nice and warm, great pool weather"
"Beautiful. Temperature was about 32-35. If to hot just pop in one of the pools or sea."
"32 degrees and the nights were lovely and warm too"
"Beautiful 😍"
"Very hot"
"Perfect sun every day"
"Absolutely amazing"


"28c most of the time"
"Beautiful, high twenties some days 30s not expected for the time of year"
"Hot and sunny everyday"
"Weather was just perfect at the time of the year we were there which was from 31st Nov for 5nights. It rained only once and temperature was btw 20-24degress, loved it!"
"Rained first 2 days then tempertaure in 30c every day"
"Lovely and warm and sunny"
"Unfortunately going so late in the season, 2 days of rain and specatular storms but then back to 30+ heat!"
"25 degrees perfect for the children a bit windy though"
"The weather was 29 most days beautiful"
"Beautiful, blue skies all eeek."
"Weather was very good 27-30 degrees until our last day when there was a massive storm"
"Great weather for October it was nice and hot but not too hot."
"Nice and warm during the day but night time was quite a bit cooler"
"Amazing! Late 20’s all week and not a drop of rain"
"Weather was lovely and hot"
"Excellent, varied between 34 and 36 degrees each day"
"Weather was between 25 to 29 degrees"
"A lovely 28 degrees"
"Lovely, not too warm excellent for young kids warm enough to be in pool during day and cooler at night."
"Heatwave so very hot"
"Great weather"
"Really good weather"
"4 days sun, 5 days storms"
"Lovely and warm"
"Mixed, 3 days sunshine, 2 days cloud & rain, 2 days sunshine with very cold wind"
"30-33 so easily swimming and sunbathing weather"
"The weather was glorious."
"For the time of year, very good."
"Perfect! 27 degrees most days with warm breeze. Very comfortable for sunbathing and relaxed knowing not burning to a crisp!"
"We only had one afternoon when the rain was torrential. Otherwise, the weather was perfect, very warm and sunny every day."
"Dry mostly sunny but chilly early in the morning but it was October"
"Overcast the 1st day but then hot and sunny"
"Mid 20s - sunny with done cloud"


"Beautiful weather at about 20 - 21 degrees"
"Unlucky with weather - lots of rain, thunder and lightning"
"perfect for November.Top temperature 22 during the day."


"Was warm enough for time of year."
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Golden Key Bordubet, Turkey

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