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Antigua Holiday Reviews

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Our Antigua holiday customers on average rate their holiday 8.8 out of 10. This is between "very good" and "excellent"

"Beautiful country, lovely people, perfect beaches." rating 9/10, Cathie L

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Jo H

"beautiful country with lovely people " rating 10/10, Suellen D

"Beautiful, will definitely return." rating 10/10, Yvonne F

"beautiful!!" rating 9/10, Darren E

"Beautiful" rating 8/10, Ann D

"This is a beautiful friendly country and despite areas in which it is clear that there is much poverty the people we met were friendly and up beat." rating 10/10, Denise F

"lovely resort and beach" rating 10/10, York D

"By far the best of the Caribbean islands." rating 10/10, Sandra D

"Great place for a winter break" rating 5/10, Frank C

"Not been to the Caribbean before. Hoping for good food, sunshine and excellent beaches" rating 8/10, Avril M

"Typical Caribbean. Wonderful hospitality. " rating 9/10, Christine P

"Lovely place very friendly people" rating 8/10, Jo B

"We knew the island as we had been before. Different hotel, very good choice." rating 9/10, Christine M

"Would definitely go back" rating 10/10, Martin C

"Picture Perfect!" rating 10/10, Katie L

"Really enjoyed it, better than we thought " rating 9/10, Chris S

"fabulous" rating 9/10, Fran V

"Make sure you explore the whole country, lovely people, beautiful beaches and we found some fabulous restaurants. The trips, especially swimming with the stingrays were great." rating 9/10, Caroline R

"Very beautiful island altho resorts are stunning they can be a little tired and need a lick of paint!" rating 9/10, Natalie A

"People really friendly and couldn't do enough for you." rating 10/10, Debbie B

"Beautiful location" rating 10/10, Gwyn N

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Emma W

"really was good, the place a little tired but the ambiance and attitude of the staff made it just what they needed. " rating 9/10, Mark P

"Any location was only 30 minutes drive, lovely beaches, especially in the south!" rating 10/10, Kim M

"Very laid back, a complete contrast to New York. Excellent beaches. A wonderful place to chill out and relax." rating 10/10, Jennifer P

"Laid back and peaceful." rating 9/10, David M

"Stunning, lovely people very friendly" rating 8/10, Lesley S

"Beautiful country with lovely people & a most relaxed atmosphere. The best island we have visited" rating 9/10, Tony C

"Beautiful Island with beautiful people" rating 9/10, Barbara C

"Really nice place, people not as friendly as lead to believe, customer service sometime found wanting...." rating 10/10, Steve S

"Loved Antigua, lovely people, beautiful country. " rating 9/10, Jessica C

"A small, very beautiful and welcoming island" rating 9/10, Anne W

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Fiona W

"Its lovely" rating 9/10, Garth C

"Beautiful beaches and resorts, but not alot to do on the island. Very much a beach / chill and relax holiday " rating 9/10, Yvonne M

"Caribbean!" rating 9/10, Roger B

"Lovely" rating 10/10, Joanne B

"Lovely island. We stayed on east coast which was lovely but next time would definetly want to try the west coast/caribean side." rating 10/10, Ross N

"all the countries we visited on the cruise were very nice indeed" rating 8/10, Maureen H

"Very friendly people that made you very welcome" rating 9/10, Matt H

"beautiful beaches turquoise warm sea, lovely climate and very friendly people" rating 10/10, Dianne T

"Paradise " rating 10/10, Alison O

"very very beautiful, there are areas of poverty. We however loved mingling with the locals, and really getting into the island experience rather than just sitting in our resort. Seafood is exceptional, we rented a 4 x 4 and drove around the island sampling different restaurants. Red Snapper fish grilled or fried with creole sauce is amazing, and so is Lobster. Coconut rum and pineapple is lethal as it is very very drinkable and will soon get you. People are amazing. It would help to engage the locals, and its amazing how helpful people are, particularly when you buy something from a beach seller. " rating 9/10, George N

"Loved it! We want to go back next year." rating 10/10, Vivienne G

"We didn't want to come home. We will be returning there soon." rating 10/10, Pippa H

"Lovely" rating 10/10, Jane P

"Lovely" rating 9/10, Alan L


"Been before, love it" rating 10/10, Andy C

"The country was ideal for sun bathing,we enjoyed all our outings arranged by Sandy at the hotel, she organised our taxis which we used for a day trip around the island. The Antiguans are a very friendly people and proud of their country. " rating 9/10, Steve H

"Lovely beaches, weather, accomodation and people, but outside of the resorts the country is relatively poor and under developed. " rating 9/10, Paul D

"as expected" rating 10/10, Tracey R

"gorgeous" rating 7/10, Abi G

"Beautiful. Dramatic views. The water is so blue you can't believe it. Very friendly locals." rating 8/10, Anna N

"nice island,nice people , great weather and much cleaner than other caribian islands that I have visited" rating 9/10, Shirley J

"ok" rating 8/10, Martyn C

"Amazing" rating 10/10, Jayna B

"Not much to do other than sunbathing and water sport. Definitely an 'out of season' feel." rating 9/10, Wendy K

"Beautiful island, genuine people" rating 9/10, Donna D

"Beautiful,friendly." rating 8/10, Marina K

"Very friendly and welcoming." rating 9/10, Hilary B

"Loved it" rating 10/10, Neil B

"The Caribbean as it should be." rating 8/10, Les P

"Very relaxed atmosphere" rating 9/10, David L

"Love Antigua." rating 8/10, Les P

"Country has the perfect weather - hot but with a cool breeze!" rating 7/10, Kayley J

"The resort was fantastic, the staff were so friendly and accomodating. The food was out of this world and there was definately enough variety, I don't think we ate the same thing for dinner more than once in a whole 2 week stay. 10/10 for all aspects of our stay!" rating 10/10, Zoe H

"Lovely people but it struck me that not enough of the good money tourists are spending are being put back into the community" rating 9/10, Edward R

"Go to Coco Bay, Antigua, amazing value for money." rating 9/10, Edward R

"we stayed at the jolly beach resort, although we had been there before and we enjoyed it very much we found that the hotel was looking a bit jaded and needed to be updated a little." rating 8/10, Eileen W

"We had a fantastic start to our honeymoon in Antigua" rating 10/10, Lorraine O

"Excellant" rating 9/10, John R

"Antigua was very quiet." rating 7/10, Wayne C

"We usually travel at this time of year and it is so quiet compared to normal. A new Sandals resort has opened up at the far end of the beach on a very narrow and disappointing strip of beach." rating 7/10, Maggie W

"taxi driver was wonderful, the local people we met were lovely. " rating 9/10, Lisa B

"The main travel agent messed up the tickets so double check them before you get to the airport, we were very nearly not allowed to fly." rating 7/10, Victoria W

"Loved Anguilla. Very laid back even for the Caribbean." rating 8/10, Les P

"Fantastic island with a wealth of history, laid back and very friendly" rating 6/10, Jonathan H

"The people are fantastic. Very friendly and happy." rating 9/10, Catrina S

"Friendly people on the islands. They make excellent Rum punches!" rating 8/10, Betty A

"Friendly island,lovely beaches" rating 6/10, Maggie W

"Fifth time in Antigua. Loves the weather and the people." rating 9/10, Les P

"Very relaxed and friendly nature and nothing was too much trouble. A wonderful country with genuine people and a truly exotic climate" rating 10/10, Sandra P

"weather conditions caused sand flies, not pleasant if bitten" rating 8/10, Steven J

"Wonderful friendly people, beautiful island" rating 10/10, Margaret V

"Local people were fine, not too anoying, seemed friendly. Loved they relaxed and simple way of life." rating 8/10, Milda G

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