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Antigua Weather

Here are real life reports on Antigua weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Antigua holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Sunny and hot with odd brief shower. Longest shower lasted only half hour, and was lovely as it cooled everything down a little.
January Great
January we had two weeks of hot sunshine
January Perfect
January Generally good but quite a few showers
January Varied, but did not spoil the holiday
January Hot rain hot rain
January Mixed but warm, some heavy showers and winds but generally good
January As expected. Mainly 30 degrees & few clouds & light rain on one or two days but nothing to ruin our holiday.
January Very good warm sunny & only rained at night for short periods.
January very nice rained at night but that was fine and expected
February Hot and sunny even temperatures.
February Some rain and wind but this soon cleared and temperatures remained in the high twenties to 30c throughout our stay
February as expected. Very warm but some overcast but still warm days
February Fantastic
February It was superb, warm, sunny and in the mid to late 20's all the time. It was just perfect
February Hot and Sunny!
March Very hot
March Beautiful, 28-31 degrees every day in April with a light breeze. A quick rain shower most days kept everything fresh but never cased us any problems.
March Fantastic weather for the 5 days we were there. Rained on 2 nights but every day was sunny, hot and had a lovely breeze
March A beautiful temperature. Not too oppressive.
March very good, cloudy on some days which was fine. always a light breeze which was welcomed
March Excellent climate. Even the rain is great!
March Beautiful hot and humid, rained at night but days were brilliant!
March very good sunny and hot
March Beautiful!
March Lovely and hot
March Warm
March Fabulous
April One day of rain the rest was wonderful sunshine.
April very warm , we had a couple of tropical storms, but generally the weather was fantastic
April Mostly sunny,little rain.
May It was 28 degrees for the most part, a couple of days with heavy storm like showers that cleared really quickly and then it became hotter once they had passed. It reached the highest of 33 degrees one day in the first week.
May A little rain some evenings otherwise warm and humid.
May Hot and sunny and quite humid, showery at night.
May Very hot
May The weather was superb, brilliantly hot during the day and cool/rained during the night which we were particularly pleased about as we did not pay for air con.
May It was very hot, but rained for a period almost every day. We didn't mind this though as it gave us a break from the sun, and it never lasted long.
May Generally very good
June Brilliant
June lovely and hot
June Sunny, breezy and hot!
June Hot, short sharp showers but nothing to worry about!
June The best holiday I've ever had!
June 35 degrees throughout, with some very occasional and mild shower. It rained probably a total duration 10 minutes in the whole time (2 weeks) we were there. Nice breeze and it was lovely to have that on a hot beach with the sun beating down on you.
July On a whole lovely
July consistently warm/hot - mid 80's somedays rain (1 day very heavy rain which was actually quite welcome!)
July Great
July Gorgeous
July Lovely, hot, slight trade winds
July Very good bar one day
July Weather was great, hurricane bertha just affected
August Apart from the threat of hurricane Danny, pretty good overall!
August very hot, mostly sunny, occasional rain
August perfect
August ok - 2 days of heavy rain
August a lot sunnier and hotter than barbados
August Even though it was not their high season we had temperatures in the mid 40s
September Sunny & very hot!
September Perfect
September Excellent until the tropical storm which meant the holiday had to end early. I wouldn't visit at this time of year again due to storm risk.
September always high temperatures, some over casts times, sun and a mixture of sun tropical short bursts of rain quite a mixture
September Hot and a bit hunid at times. We have sun every day and just half a day rain
September very hot, sunny and humid.
October Beautiful - apart from Hurricane Gonzala!
October hot and humid
October good for time of year
October Very Good.
October Hot weather on average 27% showers most days although short.
October Hot except for a couple of days which were stormy. Staff in hotel were great and hotel kept us informed.
October fabulous- we were lucky, ave 35 during the day 25 at night and 2 hours rain in 2 weeks during daylight but very Humid
October Excellent until the last 2 days when it rained but it was still warm & we were there on independence day so being indoors was OK as they laid on entertainment
October Excellant
October Excellent
October hot and sunny mainly. 1 day the whole island flooded (our wedding day!!) and a couple of over cast rainy days within the fortnight. It didnt ruin the holiday, you just plan around it.
November Mostly sunny
November good, nice and sunny, one day of rain.
November Very hot
November A little rain, mostly early morning, but always warm.
November good
December 28 degrees, only one cloudy day, windy most days
December Sunny with scattered clouds
December The weather was warm all week.
December Almost to warm. mid 30s
December Very warm but a lovely sea breeze most days. Occasional spells of rain.
December Really good with showers
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