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Antarctica Holidays

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There are very few holidays which you can say are truly unique. A holiday to Antarctica is one of them....

Here you will be able to enjoy utterly dramatic landscape and wildlife.

It doesn't get more dramatic that watching gigantic icebergs falling into mirror crisp water on a brilliant sunny day ..... with whales, seals and penguins swimming nearby.

To easiest way to start planning and to get indicative prices is to fill out an enquiry form and our Antarctic experts will be delighted to help. 

And before you start to think that it's nothing more than snow, ice and water. Here are just some of the things one of our directors did on a recent trip there:-

  • Walked up a dormant volcano
  • Visited an abandoned whaling station
  • Dipped our toes in warm volcanic water
  • Went on high speed zodiac rides among the whales, seals and icebergs
  • Camped overnight on an island
  • Went kayaking in an ice flow and got close to seals on small icebergs
  • Walked up a glacier
  • Look around a British Antarctic survey base
  • Saw petrels and skewers trying to take penguin chicks
  • Saw leopard seals hunting penguins
  • Observed pods of whales and orcas
  • Walked among colonies of thousands of penguins
  • Saw massive ice sheets break into the water
  • Went for a swim in 0.6 degree waters
  • Tobogganed on our bottoms down snow slopes
  • Had professional photography lessons

Head out on a cruise and enjoy the fantastic sights of these majestic creatures in the wild.

Deception Island as an active volcano, here you can enjoy the unique views of steaming beaches and glaciers dusted with ash. Beacuse the island is the flooded caldera of the active volcano, visitors can sail right into the centre of the caldera and enjoy the breathtaking sights.

Visitors can land and visit the abandoned whaling station as well as Baily Head which is home to over 100,000 chinstrap penguins. 

At Harbour's head you may get the chance to see icebergs breaking off the glaciers, Take in their beauty and watch the wildlife floating on the ice foes such as seals, penguins and birds. 

The key is choosing the right ship and operator to take you there. We have access to the whole of the market and we won't cost you any more. So  fill out an enquiry form and our experts will contact you shortly. 

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