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JW Marriott Ihilani - Oahu, Hawaii

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JW Marriott Ihilani in Oahu overlooks one of the finest white sand beaches in all of Hawaii. The hotel is luxurious and elegant and offers every amenity you could want.

With17 stories, 387 guest rooms and 36 suites you can certainly choice what type of holiday and accommodation you would like. The hotel has elegant surroundings and private lanais to make this resort utterly breathtaking. There is also a spa which is both relaxing and uplifting and services and treatments are catered for the individual.

The resort also provides a fantastic golf resort which is one of Hawaii's most highly ranked golf courses which is ideal for any golf fans. Other activities that you can partake in include tennis and a variety of ocean activities.

Fantastic menus and recipes combined with fresh ingredients mean that the cuisine at JW Marriot Ihilani is fantastic and there are 7 places around the resort where you can enjoy this food.


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JW Marriott Ihilani - Oahu
Flight Time
17 hours (approximately)
Journey Time From Airport
  • 25 minutes by road

Weather reviews from customers who visited Hawaii in

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There are no customer reviews for December.

Customer reviews for January

"weather was fine with temperatures that suited us, some heavy but short rainfall which we did not mind as it was warm rain! We love Hawaii so we are a bit biased but there it is."
"mixed weather sunshine and rain but still warm into the 70,s"

Customer reviews for February

"Fab all year-The rainy sason(now) was hardly wet. 78-85F every day"
"Hotter than we expected,still very warm in evenings,a few days rain and very humid.better than expected."
"Weather was great"
"very good for the time of year."
"some rain but generally good"
"Very good."
"Weather was generally good. We did have some rain when we were in Maui, once early in the morning when we were going up to see the sun rise at Haleakala but this stopped in time for us to enjoy the experience. We also had a couple of heavy showers when we were driving to Hana. But as this is a rainforest area it was only to be expected. The rest of the time the weather was good."

Customer reviews for March

"Perfect! In the 30's and sunny every day"
"The weather was very nice."
"just right not to hot"
"it was fantasic so hot got a tan in the first day it was so good we are planing our wedding in hawaii now"
"Warmly, sunny with some windy moments.."
"Sunny and warm."

Customer reviews for April

"Very good Late 20s all week A few showers during the week but they were quite refreshing"
"Hot with some rain but what we expected for the time of year"
"Mixed but as expected for the time of year. Didn't stop us at all."
"Beautiful, sunny with some cloud, hot but not too hot. One day when it rained, the day we got married (a great blessing in hawaii)."
"PERFECT! We had no rain at all, even on the North East side where we expected it. Never too hot, never too cold (apart from freezing at 5am at the top of the volcano watching the sunrise!!) The water was lovely, the evenings were beautiful. I can't wait to go back."
"Four days of sun, three of rain."

Customer reviews for May

"Good. Average 82"
"Typical tropical weather with sunshine and showers most days but very localised. Most days would start sunny and the cloud would build up during the day."
"Good - overcast in afternoons due to volcano"
"Sunny warm and also rained though it was not their rainy season"
"Very warm, especially in Maui, although there are many different climates throughout the Islands"
"first 2 days were drizzly and then beautiful"
"Hot but not to hot with a sea breeze."
"Excellent - consistently in the low 80s"
"sunny & warm"
"same as above"
"Sunny with scattered clouds"
"Sunny. 30 degrees every day but with the trade winds, was never too hot. Just perfect."

Customer reviews for June

"85-90 degrees in the day 75-80 at night"
"warm and sunny in the 90s"
"84 F all the time. A little rain in the mornings some days but strong sunshine most of the time."
"The weather was lovely and warm with a gentle breeze. Perfect weather for the perfect honeymoon"
"Weather was lovely and hot"
"Absolutely fabulous: averaging 94 throughout the holiday. Slight sea breezes now and again which were a pleasure to have. Clear skies for the 10 days we were there."
"We stayed in the rainforest area so we had rain on occasions,was hot and humid."
"Very hot! Was lovely though."
"very hot in vegas,about 84 in hawaii,and pleasant in san fransisco"
"very good"

Customer reviews for July

"windy and warm"
"Hot and Humid"
"lovely, few cloudy days and some rain but still hot"
"Warm and sunny"
"Good hot and sunny"
"Mostly sunny occasionally out of nowhere would come a tropical wind and die down just as quick as it arrived. This helped though as otherewise it was very hot."
"Thw weather was fantastic, about 25 to 30 degrees every day. We both got very good tans!"
"Really warm but not unbearable - nice, pleasant, coastal breeze."
"hawaii humid 25-30 degrees sunny fab! san fran windy but sunny maybe 18-20 degrees but a refreshing change after the heat from hawaii"
"Sunny in Waikiki every day, in the 80s. It did get cloudy quite a bit and there were occasions when it rained but never for more than a few minutes and never hard enough to make you flinch, let alone get off the beach."
"Beautiful and hot"
"Very hot but not too humid! Still beautiful even when it rained"
"Wet and hot"
"Hot with occasional showers"

Customer reviews for August

"Warm, Sunny, pleasant"
"Fine, of course."
"Either very hot and humid or rain"
"Very hot and humid. We got the tail end of Hurricane Ignacious this prompted some cloud and changeable weather but this did not spoil our experience"
"Very nice"
"Mostly good. However, Maui had micro climates and we later found out that where we were staying on the west coast got more rain and cloud than literally 2 miles down the road that was always in perfect sunshine so we would have preferred to stay there."
"warm - hot, lovely breeze"
"Hot in Vegas & Hawaii, cold & foggy in San Fransisco."
"Sunny & hot"
"Sunny all the time"
"Hawaii was warm n just perfect"
"Hot - high 80's. There is a nice wind in Hawaii though so it is a comfortable heat. Micro Climate means that some days can have rain in the morning but clears up by the afternoon."
"Weather during our stay in August 2012 was perfect. Hot & sunny."
"Hot and pleasant."
"We were on holiday in Oahu for 7 days. The first couple of days were sunny, clear blue skies and slightly humid, with temperatures reaching 31C. The next 3 days we were told a thunderstorm was making its way to the island, the air became more humid, the skies were grey and it rained endlessly. The last couple of days, the island weather tried to make peace with us, and gave us beautiful sunshine, clear skies and hardly any humidity, with temperatures hovering at a very comfortable 29C."

Customer reviews for September

"very good the occasional very short shower."
"Dont know because i havent been yet"
"28C wind and cloud. Very little rain."
"30 degrees"
"very warm and sunny"
"Very hot"
"the weather was fantastic it poured down only on first day and being us we bought umbrellas, but it was really hot after that."
"hot but manageable"
"Very HOT"
"hot, some rain, but expected some rain"
"Amazing weather for the whole 2 week trip"
"Went in Sept still warm/hot around 30C but some rain."
"Warm and sunny most of the time, a couple of heavy downpours in Hilo. Breezy."
"temp average 97-99 with trade winds not humid"
"Hawaii was in the mid 30's centrigrade and very, very sunny."
"Great weather, warm and dry."
"Weather was great - you need to be early to rise though as the sun rises and sets early."
"Nice, hot and sunny"
"Very very hot"
"Mixed! Very warm but not always sunny! Some rain"

Customer reviews for October

"Very hot, sunny, a breeze on occasions."
"If you were to rate it in 5 stars, I would give it 10 stars."
"Hot, sunny with nice breeze."
"The weather was great everywhere we went."
"The weather was great everywhere we went."
"far wetter than expected which was disappointing as this was the R&R part of our hols"
"Fantastic weather. Maui was often cloudy in the afternoons but usually very warm and sunny in the morning."
"Very hot and sunny just what we wanted"
"Mostly hot; one day of rain."
"A bit hit and miss. Then there was the hurricane!!"
"Warm as expected"
"Very warm, mostly dry and windy."
"Very hot but bearable"
"I havnt been yet so I dont know :)"
"In all 3 locations-gorgeous weather, Comfortable in NY, Roasting in Maui, and perfect in LA"
"Fantastic! Only two slight downpours each lasting for 10 minutes and blue sky with just enough cloud for the remainder"

Customer reviews for November

"We had a few showers most days . some cloud ,"
"Fantastic! In our first stopover (Chicago) it was dry and sunny, but cool. In our main destination it was 28 degrees or so and very comfortable, and in Denver, our second stopover, it was clear and cold."

Customer reviews for December

"averaged high 80's low 90's"
"Hot and sunny - temperatures ranged from about 87 - 77 degrees."
"Fairly constant 26/29oC with short nighttime rainfall most evenings. Two short sharp heavy showers by day and two cloudier days out of our 10 day period"
"Weather was beutifully warm without being too hot and we quickly found that the island had many different weather zones from misty rain in the hills to blazing sun on the beach, fantastic!"
"Warm and sunny"
"Typical Hawain winter weather wet and dull early mornings but turning into glorious sunshine late morning with a gorgeous cooling breeze."
"very good."
"Hot sunny, gentle breezes & a sprinkling of showers.."
"25 degrees most days with a lovely breeze. It did rain most days but only for a short while so it was fine. I wouldn't go to the North Shore on Oahu in rainy season if you are not a surfer though as it rained a lot."
"As above"
"82 degrees everyday. Perfect!"
"Great - warm & sunny"

JW Marriott Ihilani - Oahu, Hawaii

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