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Hawaii Holidays

Our Hawaii holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.0 out of 10
This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

Rating 10/10 - Elise H

“Beautiful country with huge mountains in one direction and sea in the over ”

Rating 9/10 - Jess S

“Amazing place to holiday though was a wee bit disappointed that Christmas wasn't made much of in Hawaii and travelling with two young children. Not that this spoiled anything just a personal opinion..”

Rating 10/10 - Steve B

“We chose Kauai as we wanted a quiet, pretty backwater full of authenticity culture and tradition. We found it all - in spades! ”

Rating 9/10 - Marilyn R

“Lovely . we also went on to San Francisco which Julie also sorted out for us.”

Rating 9/10 - Anne B

“Fabulous! Volcanoes, beautiful scenery, interesting flora and fauna, a rich cultural experience and blue seas.”

Rating 10/10 - Grant C

“A defo return 2 trip maui”

Rating 8/10 - James C

“Oahu busy, Maui less so but full of holidaymakers, Kauai was REAL Hawaii and absolutely beautiful. ”

Rating 10/10 - Michael B

“Hawaii was the best ever just what we thought it would be.”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah G

“Loved it”

Rating 10/10 - Shelley C


Rating 9/10 - Lyn L

“Very American and expensive”

Rating 9/10 - Michael J

“Very simular to main land u.s.a”

Rating 9/10 - Michael J

“Lots of traffic”

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Rating 9/10 - Adrian K

“Kona was wonderful, relaxing and a near perfect beach holiday. Honolulu was like London with a beach! Very busy with great shopping and a real contrast to Kona. Hawaii is expensive.”

Rating 10/10 - Geoffrey K

“Beautiful place people were so friendly and accommodating.”

Rating 8/10 - Michael G

“Best place in the world as it has it all. Beaches, shops, scenery, museums, mountains, warm weather, great food and people ”

Rating 10/10 - Martin R

“It was amazing”

Rating 10/10 - Steven M

“Stunning islands, everyone was so friendly and we did not want to leave. Waikiki was busy but once out of the city saw the true island of oahu”

Rating 10/10 - Steven M

“Kauai was the most beautiful place we've every been to”

Rating 10/10 - Charlotte G

“Fabulous place- loved the people the culture and the accommodation was fantastic.”

Rating 9/10 - Karen B

“Beautiful scenery.”

Rating 5/10 - Eva M

“It's beautiful and amazing with so much to do. It can be built up and there are a lot of golf courses and resorts.”

Rating 10/10 - Paul W

“Paradise, ”

Rating 10/10 - Melvyn A

“Country was great”

Rating 7/10 - Richard B

“Been before this was our 6th visit so we obviously love it!”

Rating 10/10 - Gary P

“Beautiful. Oahu was great but Maui was much better. The hotels that we stayed in were fantastic.”

Rating 10/10 - Gary P

“Beautiful. Oahu was great but Maui was much better. The hotels that we stayed in were fantastic.”

Rating 10/10 - Keith S

“Hawaii was an excellent choice and the hotel was fantastic.”

Rating 9/10 - Hugh P

“Hawaii is a island of dreams so beautiful ”

Rating 9/10 - Elaine J

“The Island of Oahu was brilliant although Waikiki was very different to what we expected. Very much buzzing very busy with lots of high rise buildings enormous hotels and all the designer shops you could imagine. Not the destination if your looking for a quiet romantic holiday.”

Rating 10/10 - Ian H

“lovely and laid back people and great views ”

Rating 8/10 - Martyn B

“We've been before. It's a lovely spot for a holiday. Plenty to see and do and always great weather.”

Rating 9/10 - Michele S

“Big island is idyllic”

Rating 9/10 - Michele S

“Waikiki beach resort is a very busy area”

Rating 8/10 - Dave P

“Really enjoyed hawaii. Would highly recommend it. ”

Rating 10/10 - Ian B

“Sheer paradise”

Rating 9/10 - Neil R


Rating 5/10 - Aimee H


Rating 9/10 - Jacqui S

“Beautiful islands, kind and gentle people, very "foreign", but totally safe.”

Rating 9/10 - Diane C


Rating 9/10 - Nitisha P

“Beautiful, must visit destination”

Rating 10/10 - Brian A

“it was beautiful”

Rating 10/10 - Paula C

“wonderful, so much to see and do”

Rating 9/10 - Rachel W


Rating 10/10 - Michelle B


Rating 10/10 - Veronica P

“It's America, what can you say? ”

Rating 10/10 - Alberto M

“Great place, but I think my instinct to avoid Waikiki-Honolulu was right. Great as Waikiki can be, it's not that different from other summer locations. If in Oahu, try North Coast instead. We did not have a car, but the bus service is reliable and goes to many great places. ”

Rating 7/10 - Ben B


Rating 8/10 - Vivien H


Rating 10/10 - Rachael J

“Absolutely beautiful - would happily live there!”

Rating 10/10 - Rachael J

“As above”

Rating 8/10 - Suzanne C

“Lovely place and people.”

Rating 10/10 - Steve J

“Great country, great people”

Rating 9/10 - Alastair T


Rating 8/10 - Kamlesh D

“lovely sandy waikiki beach along with many beaches and miles of lush green mountains .”

Rating 9/10 - Jeff B

“We visited 3 Islands, each.diffferent from one other, but each one provided memorable experiences.Highly recommend visiting as the Islands have something for all age groups to enjoy and marvel at.”

Rating 9/10 - Tony A

“Very Expensive but worth every penny !”

Rating 9/10 - Nigel G


Rating 10/10 - Nicola W


Rating 9/10 - Velda S

“It is a beautiful country ”

Rating 9/10 - Anita M

“Exceeded our expectations,”

Rating 5/10 - Yvonne P

“Very expensive but very nice”

Rating 9/10 - Kerry B

“lovely break very relaxing”

Rating 10/10 - Ally P

“Wonderful, if very far away!..”

Rating 8/10 - Caroline H


Rating 9/10 - Elaine M

“We have been before but this time to Maui as well, really loved Maui and will return next year.”

Rating 10/10 - David C


Rating 10/10 - Ranuja O

“Amazing. Hawaii is the definition of paradise. ”

Rating 9/10 - Gavin J

“3 destinations in the US, all fantastic.”

Rating 10/10 - Ronald M

“just a wonderful country ,There is all the shops anyone could desire there is a very good range of resturants and night life”

Rating 9/10 - Senanu S

“Beautiful like paradise”

Rating 10/10 - Karn S

“Lovely place. Would definitely visit again soon. ”

Rating 9/10 - Stephen T

“really nice”

Rating 10/10 - Shona D

“Kauai and Oahu offer very different Hawaiian experiences”

Rating 10/10 - Joanne P

“Beautiful and whale watching was superb.”

Rating 5/10 - Amanda L


Rating 10/10 - Gwyneth F

“amazing! ”

Rating 9/10 - Clare G

“Beautiful! Very friendly people. Service was fantastic on both islands we visited! Would love to go back & spend longer & explore more.”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah N


Rating 8/10 - Eddy F

“heaven on earth ”

Rating 10/10 - Stephen L

“The island of Maui is spectacular and highly recommended for anyone wishing to visit Hawaii.”

Rating 5/10 - Rebecca B

“Kauai is the most beautiful island we have ever seen.”

Rating 9/10 - Katie S

“amazing! ”

Rating 9/10 - Melissa E

“Our full trip was amazing. The Hawaiian people and beaches are gorgeous really made you feel welcome. We also went to other parts of America which was amazing. ”

Rating 9/10 - Veronica S

“Beautiful country, the islanders were wonderful,polite & always willing to help.The island motto is "hang loose" & this they certainly do, life is at an easy going pace & no one seems to rush around. The streets are exceptionally clean compared to London & a meal at The Cheesecake Factory is not to be missed...do not leave without trying a slice of one of their many varities of cheesecake. Easy to get around & transport (bus)system easy to figure out if you wanted to do trips by yourself. Island tour is a must. Pearl Harbour trip was a humbling experience & one not to be missed if you are into history.”

Rating 10/10 - John W

“fabulous, best place ever visited.”

Rating 8/10 - Nicola L


Rating 10/10 - Gemma W

“What an amazing place. I would thoroughly recommend Hawaii for a holiday and don't be put off by the flight, it's well worth it. We had a look at Waikiki on Oahu and I wouldn't go there, it's very built up. Poipu on Kauai was our favourite.”

Rating 10/10 - Gemma W

“As above”

Rating 9/10 - Ifor R

“beautiful, friendly but very wet!”

Rating 9/10 - Bradley J

“Fantastic place. Huge amount To do”

Rating 10/10 - Graham A

“Would love to return whether to the same island or another.”

Rating 10/10 - Lorna M

“Hawaii does not necessarily match up to the stereotype of 'paradise'. However, we have never visited anywhere like Hawaii before and it's unlikely we will again. The place is so unique and has it's own 'way'. The culture is laid back and relaxed - very easy going. The scenery is beautiful so recommend car hire to explore.”

Rating 9/10 - Kelly C

“Hawaii was amazing, absolutely loved it and would go back to visit the other islands.”

Rating 9/10 - Alison M

“Very scenic and varied within the islands, lots of activities and places to visit if you want but also an ideal climate to sit and chill out.”

Rating 9/10 - Alison M

“See above”

Rating 9/10 - Simon M

“Hawaii was as beautiful and as laid back as we imagined it”

Rating 10/10 - Juliet C

“We went to Maui and it was lovely.”

Rating 9/10 - Jan H

“Waikiki beach very small & a let down. Hotel Metropolis in San Fransisco in a very rough area, could'nt wait to leave.”

Rating 4/10 - Scott B


Rating 9/10 - Nirgis M

“hawaii/ san fran absolutely amazing lots to do if your up for adventures and sightseeing and lots of nice beaches if you just want to relax ”

Rating 9/10 - Graeme M

“Paradise. Can't praise it enough!”

Rating 10/10 - Tim H

“The perfect antidote to Vegas. Relaxed paradise.”

Rating 8/10 - Janet B

“Every thing I expected it to be”

Rating 9/10 - Angela P

“Maui was stunning hotel great and saw lots of whales”

Rating 8/10 - Dana B


Rating 10/10 - Gina C

“We travelled to 3 destinations: New York, Maui and then Los Angeles, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

Rating 8/10 - Gillian W

“Maui is beautiful but very expensive”

Rating 10/10 - Malcolm C


Rating 10/10 - Avrille W

“a lovely holiday, ideal weather”

Rating 9/10 - Denise M

“Big Island - Beautiful. Check out the Volcano National Park! We went on an island tour which included the volcano and it was excellent.”

Rating 9/10 - Denise M

“Oahu - Honolulu Big built up city with a beach. Wasn't too impressed after the wildness of Kona, but the beach was nice, and we visited Pearl Harbour.”

Rating 10/10 - Kerry T

“Amazing but very expensive with the 20% tip expectation ”

Rating 9/10 - Robert S

“everything about it was just bril”

Rating 9/10 - Jenny H

“amazing! its just like you imagine its going to be.”

Rating 9/10 - Jenny H

“same as above”

Rating 9/10 - Pat B

“lovely country but food was so expensive”

Rating 10/10 - Paul G

“It was beautiful and full of lovely things to see.”

Rating 9/10 - John Y

“3 lovely isles. We avoided Oahu-too busy & have done Pearl Harbour & Waikiki etc”

Rating 9/10 - Mick S

“Loved it.”

Rating 9/10 - Nancy T

“beautiful everything we expected and more, people very helpful and friendly”

Rating 9/10 - Mandy J


Rating 9/10 - John C

“Loved both locations, very friendly locals and exactly what we were looking for. ”

Rating 10/10 - Mark C

“Hawaii was the best place in the world - I'm so glad we chose it for our honeymoon. We will definitely visit again, maybe for our five year anniversary. San Diego was great and is a place I would like to visit and spend more time in. Los Angeles was good but too large.”

Rating 8/10 - Eloise M

“I presume the weather is beautiful out there. I will find out next month!”

Rating 10/10 - Elaine M

“Will tell you when i get back”

Rating 8/10 - Nausheen Q

“There is plenty to do in Hawaii even with bad weather. Oahu's shopping is paradise! Drives around the island are quite exciting and there are mini Japanese temples and Pearl Harbour to visit.”

Rating 9/10 - David J


Rating 9/10 - Glynis O

“A lovely country, people very friendly. ”

Rating 9/10 - Mandy W

“Had a brilliant time, loved Oahu and would recommend it to anyone.”

Rating 8/10 - Kripa P

“honolulu is a dump”

Rating 8/10 - Kripa P

“Very picturesque, beautiful beaches and wavey sea. People were very friendly and helpful. You have to go there and be prepared to spend as it is rather expensive”

Rating 10/10 - Jim H

“We went to Las Vegas and San Francisco as part of our honeymoon. Las Vegas was very hot, in the 90s. San Francisco was also very hot at around 80. ”

Rating 10/10 - Jamila L

“Maui is amazing. Simply.”

Rating 9/10 - Jamila L

“Everything was perfect except for the car hire service.”

Rating 9/10 - Carolyn C

“Nice, more built up than imagined and quite expensive to eat out.”

Rating 8/10 - Alaisha D

“Quite expensive foodwise, especially when having to include tips!”

Rating 9/10 - Patricia S

“A most enjoyable trip. The people were lovely, the accomodation in Maui was excellent. The hotel in Waikiki was very nice, but the sofa bed was a little uncomfortable for our daughter. We thoroughly enjoyed the cycle ride down the volcano and the helicopter trip over the rainforest. The drive to Hana was long and a bit disappointing. Scenery on both islands was outstanding. ”

Rating 10/10 - William C

“As above with a few extras which include the fact that we were there to see President Obama inaugurated and more importantly for us Scots we found a celebration going on for Robert Burns in a pub in Honolulu and it was a highlight of our holiday. Funny enough it was in an Irish pub that it took place!”

Rating 10/10 - Lindsay S

“very different to the uk in a nice way”

Rating 10/10 - John S

“Loved SFO, driving everywhere was fantastic. Nothing to much trouble for the staff anywhere in Hawaii. ”

Rating 9/10 - Roy H

“we had such great customer service through out. the upgrade on the flights worked out really well too.”

Rating 9/10 - Roy H

“I thought that the service offered by your company (especially Michelle) was first class, and the destinations were better than we'd hoped.”

Rating 9/10 - Kristian G

“beautiful ands tranqil”

Rating 10/10 - Manish P

“Very very friendly people, felt safe as he fel there was next to no crime. It felt sureal, a paradise. Oahu is best for activities. Must have a very good hotel on the Big Island as there is not much to do.”

Rating 8/10 - Katie G

“Hawaii has such scenery and active volcanos were very memorable.”

Rating 7/10 - Suki A

“very friendly”

Rating 9/10 - Elaine M


Rating 4/10 - Ashleigh C

“Las vegas & Maui both great places ”

Rating 9/10 - Caroline R

“Hawaii was absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait to go back again. The best holiday we have had so far.”

Rating 9/10 - Max L

“Hawaii is a great place to go to, people very friendly and herlpful. Long way to go though from the UK so don't go for less than two weeks.”

Rating 9/10 - Max L

“Hawaii is a great place to go to, people very friendly and herlpful. Long way to go though from the UK so don't go for less than two weeks.”

Rating 9/10 - Jayant P

“hotel were great”

Rating 10/10 - Suzanna R

“The best holiday, wedding, honeymoon ever. Saving to go back.”

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