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Hua Hin Holiday Reviews

Our Hua Hin holiday customers on average rate their holiday 8.4 out of 10. This is between "very good" and "excellent"

"See above" rating 8/10, Peter W

"Amazing!" rating 10/10, Bhauvna M

"It is 11 years since we stayed at the holiday. The area has changed and there are several new restaurants and hotels in the town now. " rating 8/10, Peter W

"Great place for local culture, food and, for us, golf" rating 9/10, Rae S

"Love the country and the people" rating 9/10, Ian F

"The country was fantastic. We have never been to Thailand before. We loved experiencing there culture, and have never met people like the Thai, they're hospitality is second to none and they call it the country of smiles- it certainly is that." rating 10/10, Sean O

"Lovely country, easy to get around. Very friendly people and very good food" rating 9/10, Linzi R

"Hua Hin was stunning! Perfect for our honeymoon" rating 10/10, Carrie M

"Beautiful, just what we were looking for." rating 9/10, Kirsty E

"Picturesque, perfect for our honeymoon" rating 5/10, Emily K

"Interesting, great seafood and fruit such as Mangoes, pineapples etc" rating 9/10, Sandy E

"See above." rating 9/10, Nigel E

"as above." rating 9/10, Martin C

"the people are so friendly " rating 8/10, Linda B

"Very nice, not too busy and hot & humid with little rain for 5 minutes now and again!!!!" rating 7/10, Sonia B

"Lovely country with great people" rating 8/10, Natalie M

"A little boring." rating 9/10, Robert B

"Thailand's Hotels were fine but country side looked jaded. Very expensive (uk prices) compared to Vietnam even in factory outlets." rating 8/10, Rod T

"As above" rating 8/10, Caroline R

"Thai people are not that kind as everyone think, they always ask for money, in every occasion." rating 9/10, Chiara V

"Thailand is amazing, the culture, the food and most of all the people are just wonderful." rating 8/10, Anoop D

"Lovely people, excellent value and a great relaxing stay." rating 8/10, Helen D

"amazing, beautiful couintry with freindly locals , they make you feel really welcome" rating 10/10, Christian W

"Wonderful 6 days at Everson Spa resort. Would recommend to everyone. Very relaxing. Excellent service and food." rating 9/10, Pamela K

"The holiday was very well organised, we only had one mishap when on the first night when we arrived in Bangkok we were taken to the wrong Marriott hotel which was located in Hua Hin, we should have gone to the Marriott in Bangkok, we had been travelling for almost 18 hours and had to endure further two and a half hour journey ending up at the wrong hotel. I had to pay 2700 bhats to stay the night there after a lot of argumnets with the rep who had examined our itenary and yet taken us to the wrong hotel, we in effect wasted one day of our holiday as they had to drive us back to Bangkok on the following day." rating 7/10, Dhiraj V

"Evason Resort & Six Senses Spa was less plush than expected, also appeared to be very much a family hotel, not the place to go for a romantic getaway. (I will call Linda for some feedback). Hotel was very clean and friendly, (above average)" rating 5/10, Ruth W

"We had a very good time in Hua Hin. We highly recommend the Evason six senses resort. It was very inspiring. Holidayplease put together a very nice custom package for us which included everything, even the transfers at a very affordable price. Thank you very much to Holidayplease." rating 10/10, Philippe N

"Beautiful Thailand. Thai people very relaxed and friendly. Tourism a big thing there. " rating 8/10, Corrina S

"Stunning hotel. Lovely people. Gorgeous weather." rating 9/10, Corrina S

"Love the country and the culture - hence the yearly visits." rating 8/10, Linda C

"Found the people really nice. Went into Hua Hin a few times but stayed in resort most of the time as Helen had food poisoning from eating a burger in Hua Hin the second time they ate out of resort." rating 9/10, Niall O

"This is our second visit to hua hin, the people are gentle, kind and dignified. They must be used to tourists,but we certainly never felt uncomfortable or that we were resented etc." rating 8/10, Melanie F

"lovely people, great food (v affordable outside hotels), fantastic weather" rating 10/10, Christine H

"Stayed at Sixth Senses resort 30 mins drive from Hua Hin. We upgraded to a better room as although standard rooms have plunge pool it was overlooked by the road. This added an extra £400 to the price. " rating 7/10, Christine H

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