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Turkey Weather

Here are real life reports on Turkey weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Turkey holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
February Dry, about 12 degrees during the day , sunny but cold in the evenings
March Beautiful
April warm....lovely
April warm.....lovely
April 25 degrees with blue sky.
April 32 degrees every day
April Lovely week of sunshine and no rain
May Sunny every day with only one small rain shower in 2 weeks
May Excellent much better than expected
May Very good
May ace,,,fab conditions really suited us.
May Weather was great 32/35 most days
May Very hot
May changeable
May good
May hot
May Good, warm, a bit windy on a couple of days
May Hot and sunny, some days you had a mix of cloud and sun.
May for end may early June weather gave us 60% of time very hot days which made the cooler pool welcome.
May fantastic
June HOT
June Hot hot hot 49'
June Perfect
June Great! In the 27-29 just right! When we left it was heading to 34 which may have been too hot!
June Hot!
June It was hot, mid 30's but aparently that is around 10 degrees higher than normal for that time of year.
June Very hot
June Really good except for 1 stormy day
June very hot 48 degrees
June 31 degrees
June The weather was hot & sunny most of the time though we had 1 heavy thunder storm and a couple of cloudy days towards the end of the holiday.
June hot 44c
June Superb. 34-38 degrees everyday. Clear blue skies with the occasional breeze.
June 33 degrees and clear skies
June Hot between 38 - 40 degrees.
June Hot, hot and hot
June Hot but not too hot
July Extremely hot
July very hot, but perfect
July Excellent we were lucky I think, the week before had been exceptionally hot and the week after was too, while we were there it was mid 30s just right.
July Good, not too hot, there was a little rain which was nice as it cooled it down a bit.
July sunny sunny sunny
July Very Hot
July Lovely and hot
July Hot
July Fabulous - mid 30's - low 40's most days
July Scorching!
July Very hot but bearable
July Very Hot
July $0 degrees almost too hot.
July amazing
July very hot
July 10/10
July Very hot
July Brilliant
July Hot hot
July 46degrees with barely any wind
July Very hot 50 degrees
July Very hot
August Very hot - average 35 deg.
August Hot hot hot everyday = fantastic
August Fantastic
August Hot
August Hot
August lowest temp 33 highest 41
August Hot, clear blue sky, sea breeze, glorious.
August Very hot
August Very Hot
August Beautiful!! Around 35 every day
August very warm--I love it
August Hot
August scorchio
August Stinking hot!
August Hot with a sea breeze
August It was very hot.
September 30*with lovely breeze.
September The weather was very sunny all week and very warm
September Warm and sunny.
September very hot : )
September Weather was great between 37 and 44 when we were out last 2 weeks in sept
September great the temperature was between 35 and 40 degrees every day
September Amazing. Wasn't expecting over 30 degrees in late September.
September very good, 2 over cast days
September Hot
September Fabulous! Day temps 30-36 Night temps 22-26
September very hot and warm
September wondeful about 38-40 evey day
September Absolutely gorgeous every day approx 45degrees
September Lovely weather.
September na
September Hot
September Glorious
September wonderful, hot and sunny!
September Nice and warm, great pool weather
October Rained first 2 days then tempertaure in 30c every day
October Unfortunately going so late in the season, 2 days of rain and specatular storms but then back to 30+ heat!
October Beautiful, blue skies all eeek.
October Great weather for October it was nice and hot but not too hot.
October Fantastic
October Weather was between 25 to 29 degrees
October A lovely 28 degrees
October Amazing
October Warm
October Really good weather
October 4 days sun, 5 days storms
October Mixed, 3 days sunshine, 2 days cloud & rain, 2 days sunshine with very cold wind
October Perfect.
October 30-33 so easily swimming and sunbathing weather
October We only had one afternoon when the rain was torrential. Otherwise, the weather was perfect, very warm and sunny every day.
November Unlucky with weather - lots of rain, thunder and lightning
November perfect for November.Top temperature 22 during the day.
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