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Las Vegas Weather

Here are real life reports on Las Vegas weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Las Vegas holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Pleasant
January good
January fantastic
February Great
February sunny
February Good
February very nice in the 60's
March Good
March sunny
March Very hot every day :-)
March Beautiful, 30degrees mostly. One overcast day but that was it - still warm and lovely.
March Weather very good
March lovely during the day cold in the evenings
March Sunny
March Pleasantly warm
March Hot but pleasant mid to late 20s in Vegas, a t-shirt and shorts is all you really require for Vegas.
March great
March Beautiful!
March Sunny
March Good
March Overall very good.
April First few days warm but towards the end a strong wind got up and snow in Grand Canyon.
April Warm/hot 25 degC
April Warm sometimes hot - perfect
April Excellent
April Warm and sunny.
April Very hot!
April very good
April Beautiful in April and sunshine everyday. T shirt weather :-)
April Warm and dry
April It waas warm and not too hot so we managed to look around everywhere we wanted without getting too hot and bothered.
April Very Warm!!
May Average
May warm with the occasional cloudy day
May Warm and windy.
May hot
May Mid 20's and sunny
May Hot, but not unbearable, good time to visit in our opinion.
May Very hot but bareable, if you like the sun.
May Hot
May It was sunny but the temperatures were cool so most o the time we needed jumpers or jackets.
May Hot to Ver very hot
May Cool for LV but just right for getting around
May LV was very hot. Barbados perfect
May Very sunny
June Hot hot hot
June too hot
June Very hot
June Very very hot
June hot and dry
June Extremely hot,exactly what we wanted
June So hot
June Very hot & sunny
June Very hot !!!
June Very hot and sunny 108 degrees!
June very hot
June Extremely hot. June - 116 degrees
July Extemely hot, which we like. Chicago was around 80 degrees Las Vegas reached a scorching 120 degrees
July Hot
July Hot
July very hot...a/c was much needed and cardigan required with a/c
July Very, hot - 50 degrees most days
July Great
July amazingly hot
July 90 degrees plus in Vegas and Maui.los Angeles was 80 degress
July perfect
July Red hot every day!
August Very Very Hot ! Even though the locals said it was a cool Summer for them !?*!
August Very hot but I loved it.
August Extremely hot and humid. Even in the evening it was hot. In the 40*'s plus
August Very warm with chilly evenings.
August Really hot!
August Hot
August Very very hot
August Very hot.
August Extremely hot
August Too hot..heatwave was mentioned on news. Couldnt sit by pool!
August Hot Hot Hot
August Hot
August A++
September Las Vegas and Aruba were both nice and hot. Miami was hot but very wet.
September Weather was very hot indeed
September 40 degrees c, superb
September 40 degrees
September Good
September glorious
September Excellent
September Very hot
September Weather was amazing
September Warm and sunny
September Very HOT
September Hot
September Hot
September sunny and warm
September 80 degrees and above everyday.
September Hot and sunny all the time
September Hot
September Very good cool in the evenings.
September Very Hot
September Fantastic
September Sunny, very warm.
September Variable - we had a little rain!
September Las Vegas was very hot and dry hovering in the 40's centigrade - although it was the first time we ever experienced rain but could not see any clouds!?! San Francisco was in the mid 20's centrigrade and as expected a little windy! There was also the fog cascading over the Golden Gate bridge was pretty awesome although did make photographs a bit odd!
September warm, sometimes wet!
September Excellent
September Hot, hot, hot!
September Fantastic
September Hot, desert weather
September extremely hot over 40 degrees every day
September Hot!
September very very hot, prohibitvely so-but you can get water everywhere and there is air conditioning everywhere.
September amazing for the time of year, very very warm and blue skyes that were SO blue, not a cloud in the sky for 11 of the 12 days
September Very hot & sunny. Thank goodness for air conditioning.
September Lovely
October Perfect!
October good
October Sunny but chilly
October Hot but not unbearable
October very hot, sunny blue sky daily, not a cloud in sight
October Perfect, not too warm which was nice... mid twenties
October Hot and dry, no humidity.
October good
October Sunny
October Warm on some days and cold on others...as we predicted for that time of year.
October The weather was perfect for us, it was nice and warm.. due to the amount of walking we did it would of been unbearable should we of gone in the hotter months
October Cool, unusually below temperature
October warm
October very warm but chilly and windy on Wednesday the 27th October until lunchtime when it became warm again.
October As we travelled we had a mix of weather. Nevada was extremely hot and Mammoth Lakes was very cold. Apparently they experienced extremes at the time we went. The coast was comfortable. It was dry in most places, just some rain in Mammoth Lakes/Yosemite.
October Rainy/stormy
October Warm and dry
October Nice and hot.
November Good just a little chilly in the evenings
November Very cold even Vegas
November warm
November 75 and dry and warm. Cooler in the evenings.
November Sunny and mild
November It was around early 70 degrees in the day time and sunny, definately shorts and T shirts weather. A little cooler in the evening. The casinos aircon was the coolest even when getting 'hot' wining at the tables.
November Sunny in the day but a bit nippy in the evening.
December comparable to late september early october in england. Chilly but sunny the whole time we were there.
December good-no snaw and warmer than UK
December Sunny and cold
December Warm, cool in the evenings
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