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New York Weather

Here are real life reports on New York weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a New York holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Same here the question isn't showing up on my phone....
January Cold but clear days.
January cold but not as cold as we expected.
January Cold
January Freezing
January Very cold but it was as expected
January Cold and dry most of the days. It snowed on the last day which made for a fabulous setting in Central Park.
February Sunny and warm, quite breezy
February Beautiful
February Lovely. Dry all week, cold (4oC) for one day. Other than that 12-15oC all week other than the Friday it was 20oC.
February good! cold though!
February Very cold but dry.
March Mild and sunny.
March Little cold but not too bad
March Cold with showers
March Very wintery. Hit by big snow storms during stay
March Very cold
March Good, 1 day of rain but warmer than average temperature
March Snow and sun.
March great 6o +degrees in March?
March Unfortunately we had storms in New York so got very very wet, it was half expected to have wet and windy weather so wasnt to alarmed. In Las Vegas the sun was hot and shining, in the evening the temperture did drop a little with wind picking up so necessary to wear a light jacket or cardy in the evening.
March Gorgeous!
March Cold and chilly wind. Snow in Canada and very cold there.
March mixed
April Had a Few thunder storms but weather in New York was very pleasant
April 17 to 23 degrees
April NY mixed, Phoenix and NY nice and warm
April Cold but dry
April Excellent
April good, little rain
April Miami very good 25C. Caribbean hit and miss. New York warm first two days cold and wet other two days.
April very good, cool at night
April Brilliant
April Great
April It ranged from puring with rain, lovely spring days, thunder storms and then a 80 degree heat wave!!
April average
April Almost perfect, New York was sunny but cool enough for walking all day (and night)
April Fabulous and sunny, it had been snowing the week before so we were very happy
April Mixed
May warm with the occasional cloudy day
May warm during the day and slight rain at night.
May Mostly warm, hot one day and very wet one evening.
May Great
May Went and cold!
May Sunny and warm
May Hot/rainy
May 35 degrees C
May CHilly
June Mixed
June Warm and mostly dry.
June Very warm and sunny
June in the 80s
June 1 day of rain, rest were hot and sunny.
June warm and humid with some thunder storms.
June Very hot over 100 degrees f.
July Excelleny
July Hot, humis and a little uncomfortable. However the Atlantic was as calm as could be.
July hot and sunny
July Hot, hot, hot!
July hot with some storms
July very hot
July Mostly sunny, very warm and a little humid.
July Hot and cloudy
July Very hot
July Great, heat wave in NYC.
July Good
July In July, mid 80s. Lovely.
July Hot and humid
July Very warm and sunny
August Sunny with occasional showers
August Very hot
August Very good - not too hot
August High to mid 20's daily.
August Faultless. Hot every day, no rain, not humid.
August Weather was very hot in Miami and warm in New York
August Fabulous, a little humid at times.
August Very sunny,hot and humid
August Very hot
August Very Hot
August Hot
September Cooler than Utah
September Very good
September OK
September Warm in NY.
September Humid
September Heavy rain for one day then Sun came out.
September dont know until i get there
September Raining in New York, brilliant sunshine in Vegas and California.
September Average, rained a few days but sunny/overcast the rest.
September Very rainy
September Hot and sunny
September Warm
September Windy but very warm and quite humid
September Really good in NYC for the time of the year and really warm in Florida, which was exactly what we wanted.
September Good
October Perfect!
October Quite warm on days :-)
October cold but sunny
October Rain, Snow, Sun - and always cold!!
October Good
October Weather was ideal for sightseeing. Temperature was pleasant and it was dry.
October good
October Brilliant only one day of rain
October Rained first day and then hot
October Excellent
October Excellent
October Variable
October Quite cold
October Very good for the end of October and the start of November.
October mixed, couple of days light jacket weather, couple of days hat and scarf weather and a couple of days of rain.
October Perfect autumn weather-not too hot, not too cold!
October nice
October Atlanta actually. Weather excellent.
November Very cold and windy. dry though.
November Cold
November Freezing
November rained off and on and a bit chilly
November Typical for season
November Fantastic for time of year
November Sunny, bright, cold
November cold - but warmer than england
December Snowy in New York and very warm in St Lucia.
December Cool as to be expected, however, dry and bright
December It was raining and snowing for much of the time we were there and very very cold. However, as we were there ovefr New Year this was absolutley expected and just added to the atmosphere!
December great
December Cold and sunny
December Absolutely freezing, but didn't make any difference to the great time had.
December Huge amounts of snow had fallen day befroe we arrived but they had coped far better than us!
December Snow
December Cold and dry
December In december it was cold as expected but we had sunshine and blue skies which was perfect, could not have asked for better weather.
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