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San Francisco Holidays

Our San Francisco holiday customers on average rate their holiday 8.7 out of 10
This is between "very good" and "excellent"

Rating 9/10 - Jennifer J

“Very interesting, hotel very well located lots of places close by”

Rating 9/10 - Marilyn R

“ lovely”

Rating 9/10 - Anne B


Rating 9/10 - Karen G

“What a lovely city, there was so much to see and do. Only issue was it seemed filled with homeless people which was very sad to see.”

Rating 8/10 - Louise G

“We travelled to New York and then various destinations on the west coast USA and really enjoyed it.”

Rating 9/10 - Lee V


Rating 6/10 - Carolyn L

“None ”

Rating 10/10 - Michael B

“This place is amazing,different but very enjoyable”

Rating 9/10 - Lyn L

“Love USA”

Rating 9/10 - Adrian K

“Exciting and vibrant place. So much to do and enjoy - loved it.”

Rating 5/10 - Lucy W

“Love USA!”

Rating 9/10 - Craig B


Rating 10/10 - Becky W

“We both fell in love with San Fransisco, there's so much to do and the food was amazing.”

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Rating 10/10 - Paul W

“A enjoyable city experience”

Rating 7/10 - Richard B

“Again been before, it was just to break the long journey. Love Fisherman's Wharf”

Rating 9/10 - Jan M

“Had a great time!”

Rating 9/10 - Lauren M

“We travelled the west coast of America and it was beautiful”

Rating 10/10 - Shane C


Rating 10/10 - Daniel P

“Look forward to exploring other States in future.”

Rating 8/10 - Pat F

“We travelled to New York, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe & Las Vegas for a family wedding. Great locations.”

Rating 9/10 - Luke C

“A place everyone must go at least once in their lifetime”

Rating 5/10 - Sue A

“Loved it.”

Rating 9/10 - Rachel W

“very interesting and clean”

Rating 9/10 - Carl H

“Friendly people & varied cultures with plenty to see & do.”

Rating 8/10 - Vivien H


Rating 10/10 - Michael T

“Travelled to Las Vegas and San Francisco and found the USA as expected”

Rating 9/10 - Deborah B

“None - a great country”

Rating 9/10 - Sarah C

“Great loved it”

Rating 10/10 - Joanne P

“Quite poor with alot of beggers around Union Square where we stayed and homeless people.”

Rating 7/10 - Phil J

“No room for comments on the airlines but I would avoid Virgin Atlantic in the future. My first exoerience with them and probably my last if I have the choice of carriers in the future.”

Rating 10/10 - Stephen L

“Great place to visit. Alcatraz is a must see.”

Rating 8/10 - John R

“Great road trip for daughter 21st”

Rating 9/10 - Katie S

“vibrant and fun!”

Rating 8/10 - Victoria M

“Much more relaxed than Vegas but very hilly”

Rating 9/10 - Melissa E

“Brilliant. Lots to see ”

Rating 8/10 - Elizabeth F

“Enjoyed my stay as did my daughter. The only thing that takes a bit of getting used to is the US pricing habit of adding tax onto the product or service.Would also appreciate it if US hotels had tea/coffee making facilities in hotel rooms. ”

Rating 10/10 - Alison H

“The country was the cleanest I have ever visited.”

Rating 9/10 - Nirgis M

“AMAZING!!! had such a big effect on us, vibe is so relaxed and happy, so much to do, so fun , great food!”

Rating 9/10 - Graeme M

“Fantastic city. So much to see and do, wish we had more time but happy with the durations in each place.”

Rating 8/10 - Gillian W

“It was a very dirty city, lots of homeless people begging, could not find anywhere to eat after 9pm apart from burger bars.”

Rating 8/10 - Sue B


Rating 10/10 - Nick B

“Very colourful, cosmpolitan and laid back”

Rating 9/10 - Natalie E

“Waether in Yosemite was very hot but lovely. Las Vegas was sunny every day and in the 40's only dropping to 38 at night! Too hot for some but I loved it!!”

Rating 9/10 - Natalie E

“All over the US we received exceptional standards of customer service. We also stayed at the Yosemite Lodge which was good too. Not the same class as the other 2 but we expected that. Not too far out of the park to be inconvenient but you definitely need a car if you are staying here.”

Rating 10/10 - Austen A

“Fabulous destinations on fly-drive tour (we did 14 National and State parks.80 Dollars for all inclusive car and 3 adults Got local bus pass (OAP) 10 bucks Went everywhere in SF. Only Bad experience was the Hotel in Sant Monica We will be going again when the exchange rate is better”

Rating 9/10 - Eric H

“Also stayed at the Luxor in Vegas in a pyramid room and regrets his choice of hotels here. His comment was to not send anyone there.”

Rating 9/10 - Malcolm D

“San Francisco is just my favourite city - so much to do, and so full of surprises. You can never get bored of such a magical place. It has so many attractions in the area too - we visited some vinyards, saw the giant redwoods, coached down to Monterey Bay, took the boat to Alcatraz these but to name a few - then we ran out of time!”

San Francisco Holidays

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