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Cuba Weather

Here are real life reports on Cuba weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Cuba holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Poor some days of rain and low temperatures
January Very hot
January Didn't rain as it had done prior to our arrival! Was sufficiently hot enough for us.
January Excellent
January Fantastic
January We did okay with the weather just 3 days of cold and wind in a two week holiday
January First week was windy & we had a lot rain but the second week was warm & sunny
January Weather in Havana was excellent - blue skies - not too hot because their was a lovely breeze. In Varadero - first few days again perfect but as our holiday got to an end the last two days were very windy and cold - we had to cancel a boat trip because of the winds. Sea was rough so no swimming. Not too cold to walk along the beach but then again we do come from the North East of Scotland !!
January Fairly good for January
January Weather was great, had 2 days of wind and a bit of rain but it was still warm.
January A mixed bag but mostly very warm and sunny
January Cold wet and windy in Havana but better in Varadero warmer but cloudy and some storms
January Mixed weather. Warm but had plenty of rain spells unfortunately
February variable
February Ideal. Only disappointment was the stop at Grand cayman was cancelled due to strong winds.
February Between 25-30 degrees but humid.
February Hot and sunny - perfect for February/March.
February Good
February very slow start weather wise then really good
February Overcast first 3 days then brilliant sunshine
February Sunny about 30-34 degrees, a few days were cloudy
March Very warm.
March 32 degrees most days with pure sunshine!
March Very hot 32 degrees & pure sunshine every day
March sunny hot
March Hot and sunny
March Fab. Sunny. Hot.
March Very good
March the first a couple of afternoons had rain that lasted till evening from then it was great sunshine with only a tiny spattering of little warm showers that didnt last
March Comfortable temperature day and night with strong sun 9am to 4pm in March.
March Low to mid 30's most days with occasional cloud cover but clear blue skies by midday
March Hot. A bit cloudy at times. Rain sometimes in night.
March Sunny all the time and quite windy which helped not to overheat
March Hot and sunny, sometimes humid, one day of rain (which surprised the locals)
March Excellent.
March warm to hot and mostly dry
March Good
April excellent
April Very hot - around 30 degrees average
April Apart from a few showers very good. hot and sunny
April Excellent
April A little rain but generally warm and sunny.
April Hot and some cloud. One storm.
April Weather was lovely, very hot and humid but nice, we only had 1 rainy day that was sunday the 4th when we arrived at Cayo Guillermo, started cloudy by 2pm was very heavy rain all afternoon but by the next morning about 9 am lovely sunny day and stayed like that until the end
April lovely
April Very Hot, rained 2 days rain in afternoon.
April Hot!
April Very hot, but a nice breeze on the beach
April the weather was perfect not to hot for pepole with fair hair or orage hair
April Good
April Warm
May Good some storms but expected for time of year
May Very hot with a few occasional showers.
May Lovely and hot with a few showers. Had a huge tropical thunderstorm in ht emiddle of one night, but none of it spoilt our holiday.
May Cloudy for 1st 4 or 5 days hot thereafter
May Hot and sunny
May Hot and sunny
May not good the forst week but second week brilliant
May Good, one day raining out of 10 days.
June Rainy but warm at first in Havana. In Cayo Coco the weather was perfect, sunny and hot with the odd cloud. The last day in Havana was stifling.
June Very hot
June Very humid. A few thunderstorms in the evenings which was good.
June Very humid. A few thunderstorms in the evenings which was good.
June exceptional all the time
June Excellent
June Lovely
June Fantastic Carribean sunshine! The humity was high, but your body acclimatised with a day or two. We were worried about tropical storms but we witness only two during our stay- one on arrival which stopped by the time we had reached our hotel, and the second which lasted 10 minutes whilst we were having dinner.
July Hot with occasional thunderstorms
July excellent
July Fantastic
July Fantastic. Woke up to sunshine every morning. Rain at night and storms at night but glorious sunshine every day.
July Hot, most days around 36 degrees,sunny & dry for the whole two weeks, it rained once during the day for an hour,& a couple of times in the late evening
July very hot and humid
July hot and humid
July Hot with a little rain thrown in
July Brilliant 30 - 35 degrees
July Hot and humid
July Sunny, hot, a breeze most days. Some rain and occasional thunder storm.
August Mostly very hot 30 - 34 degrees. One overcast day and one afternoon a freak thunderstorm with much wind and rain!!
August Hot
September 32-34 degrees with some rain showers.
September Very good with plenty of sunshine
September In Havana it was hot and sunny, really love, We then went to Varadera where the first two days it was really rainy and windy, to be expected at this time of year. But then the sun came out and it was glorious. Even when it rained it was warm. Overall not too bad.
September 31
September Fantastic
September Very Hot
October the first week was boiling hot second week was over cast and one day their was tropical storm,but it did not spoil this holiday.
October The weather in havana was fantastic.
October Very hot and sunny
October hot and sunny
October Day 34, night 23, it was raining one day and few times for a little period during the day.
October Mixed
October 29-32 degrees celcius, rained in the afternoon half of the holiday but cleared up quickly
October Typical October weather, with warm days of mixed sunshine, rain, clouds and some storms in the evening. Nothing that stopped us from making the most of the trip. Not recommended for scuba diving at that season. Beware of sunburns - they are deadly even on cloudy days!
October Perfect
October Fantastic, was turning colder towards the end.
October Sunny (28 C) with a day of showers
October Very good given it was their winter - hot and very sunny most of the time
October As above
October Was a bit rainy on a few days but for the most part it was great
October Mostly good. A small hurricane effected the weather for a coupel of days.
October Ideal
November mixed bag, sun and some very heavy rain
November First week was mixed, about 3 days poor second week much better
November Fab
November Very warm with occasional heavy rain
November Hot and sunny most of the time
November Excellent.
November beautiful. Some storms but mostly around 30 degrees!
December Ok not what I had expected it was either raining or over cast for the majority of the two weeks we were in Cuba.
December Beginning of the holiday was partly cloudy but eased into long days of sunshine. Can’t complain, it is the Cuban winter at the moment after all.
December The weather was brilliant
December Very hot, slightly windy but that was good because it meant the heat wasn't too much.
December Only one day of rain in 14. Xmas day!!
December very warm and sunny.
December Varadero - mostly warm and sunny two half days of heavy rain
December Hot clear skies
December Hot
December Mixed! Most of the time was hot and sunny but we also had a couple of days rain and cloudy!
December Hot over esp 30s in Dec
December Only a couple of days cloudy and a light shower but the rest of the days were sunny and have a great tan
December Great just two days were cloudy
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