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Dubai Weather

Here are real life reports on Dubai weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Dubai holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Mostly good
January Good
January We had rain and sand storm on the first 2 days however, rest of the days were clear blue skies, going up to 24 degrees which was just right for our 2 and half year old daughter
January Dry but colder than usual at the time of year, especially evenings
January Very good
January nice for this time of year
January sunny
January As expected, warm and sunny!
January Weather was hot overcast on day of wedding resort was fantastic delayed it by a day
January beautiful
February Excellent
February Beautiful
February good
February 30 degrees first 3 days and then there was a sandstorm!
February Feb(good English summer)
February overcast and cloudy
February Perfect
February hot and sunny, lovely
February excellent
February very nice
February hot and sunny
February Perfect! Just the right amount of sun and heat during both the day and night.
February Surprisingly mixed. It rained all day Sunday...this made headlines in the local paper.
February Lovely sunny but not too hot about 24
February perfect
February good, sunbathing weather, loved water park
February Perfect!
February Warm and clear days
February Sunny most days, a couple of cloudy days.
February OK, bit cloudy and breezy
February Lovely week of warm and sunny weather. The day of arrival was the coolest as there was a breeze on the beach but that cleared by the afternoon.
February Hot, as expected. On one day there had been a dust storm in the desert and the visibility in Dubai suffered as a result with golden/red dust settling on everything.
February Perfect not too hot
February windy on a couple of days. but spent most of the time on the beach as the sun was out.
February Perfect
February Not too hot but sunny
March Bone dry and hot
March very pleasant around 26 degrees
March Hot and sunny
March Hot and humid, but cloudy for the few days we were there.
March Poor a sand storm on Monday and rain all day onTuesday
March cold and windy not able to go to ebach disappointing weather
March Very overcast but warm.
March Hong Kong cloudy but warm. Dubai Hot and sunny
March Sunny virtually all the time.
March HOT
March Excellent 32 degrees.
March Sunny 34 degrees for end march beginning april
March Wonderful and sunny. 28-33 degrees
March excellent
April Good
April Hot
April Sunny 37C light winds
April Dubai - hot, beautiful
April Hot
April nice
April Weather was brilliant!! It was 34 degrees but did not feel as hot as that somehow
April Hot sunny
April cloudt=y fort he first few days still warm but weather than cleared and was hot and sunny the rest of our stay
April Lovely
April Warm
April Good
April excellent
April very very hot
April Hot. Very. Lovely.
April perfect
April excellent
April Very warm - high 40's. Quite humid too. Very sunny though!
April Hot.
April Very Hot
April Very hot and sunny
April Marvellous
April 30-30 daily, clear skies, perfect temp to enjoy sun
April For April sunshine every day and not too hot
May 42C+ and humid.
May Very hot.
May Hot! 40/41 degrees.
May Sunny and hot
May Between 37 and 44 degrees.
May Very very hot!
May coolest day was 37 degrees
May amazing
May hot
May Hot
May Very hot
May Very warm
May Excellent
May Dry and warm.
May 40degrees
May very hot
May Hot and dry
May sunny every day, temp around 40c
May The weather was hot and sunny. It can get a bit humid during midday, so I would recommend to a resort with a pool.
June Hot and Humid.
June 38 - 43
June 40-45 degrees daily
June Excellent, perfect heat if you like that
June HOT!
June Very hot
June Very hot! 40C+
June Very hot, 35 degrees at night and 43 in the day. Did not see a cloud throughout the stay!
June Dubai = hot and humid. Maldives = Moonsoons but hot.
June Hot hot hot on July! But everywhere air conditioned!
June good
June Hot hot hot! lOVELY
June Beautiful. Perfect temperatures day a little coolon evening.
June Not a cloud, about 38 every day
June high 20's
June Very very hot
July bit too hot, july/aug, sea was like a warm bath
July hot
July Extremely hot!
July Very Good
July Hot
July hot every day
July Brilliant sunshine every day.
July hot
July To hot and humid
July V hot but manageable!
July Very hot and humid
July Baking hot in Dubai.
July Gorgeous
July Extremely hot
July The weather was VERY hot, in the mid 40oC. To be honest it was too hot to do anything apart from lay by the pool and keep dipping in every 10 mins.
July Summer Very Very hot
August Very very hot!
August Very hot and dusty - we had a few sandstorms but it was fine and very very warm!
August Heat like I have never felt
August Absolutely fantastic. No threats of rain and not a single cloud in sight. Pure Bliss.
August Very hot. 43 degrees Celsius.
August Amazing
August Extremely hot
August Very hot
August Sunny and very hot
August The weather was as hot as expected, but could be uncomfortable to be outside for too long.
August Hot!!
August hot hot hot
August hot 44 degrees every day
August HOT - 46deg, dry
August Very hot and humid
August very hot
August Hot hot hot!!!
August Very hot and sunny!
August Hot, humid & sunny. Up to 40C day and 33C night.
August Great
August Very hot in August but it only takes a day to get used to it. Sea temperature in 30s so lovely to swim in. Resort was well equipped to keep people sun-safe with canopied kids pool.
August Very hot
August 48 every day
August Hot, humid.
August Very very hot
August Very hot
September In the 30s but bearable.
September Extremely hot & humid.
September hot - very hot
September hot
September 40 degrees every day
September very very hot never below 100c
September Hot
September Sunny & very hot.
September Weather was wonderful and in the high 30's for the duration of the holiday. It was extremely hot in the evenings and humid.
September Amazingly HOT
September HOT !
September Hot
September HOT!
September hot
September Hot
October Hot
October Excellent.
October fantastic, we saw 1 cloud which was a novelty. we were at abu dhabi for our honneymoon and the hotel was also fabulous
October very warm and always sunny HIGH 90S EVERY DAY
October Excellent
October Very Hot
October Hot
October hot
October Excellent around 32-34 daily.
October Perfect !
October Mid 30's centigrade.
October hot 30 degrees
October hot
October Very hot.
October Excellent
October Hot
October Very warm at 37 degrees
October Very hot
October Excellent
October Hot. 38c every day. High 20's to around 30 at night
October Hot sunny, nice temperature at night.
October HOT!
October Hot and not a cloud to be seen. Averaged around 35 for the duration but was well manageable even with a 3 & 7 year old
October Averaged around 35 for the duration but was well manageable even with a 3 & 7 year old
November hot
November glorious
November Fabulous
November Fantastic
November Warm and dry
November Very hot
November Good
November Lovely - hot and sunny
November Hot
November Perfect
November Hot and sunny
November Good
December Wonderful just perfect, sunny & hot
December Hot
December Perfect temp
December Beauitful
December Fine, not too hot and not too cold
December Sunny and a lovely temperature
December Just right, not to hot but hot enough
December Moderate, 20degreesC During beginning dec
December Lovely during the day cool in the evenings
December 72degrees mostly sunny
December GOOD
December Good weather and on the beach by 9am everyday. 26 degrees and pure sunshine.
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