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Singapore Holiday Reviews

Our Singapore holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"Great experience!" rating 9/10, Peter M

"Very clean" rating 10/10, Andre B

"Never been but wanted to see the city." rating 8/10, John W

"Amazing " rating 9/10, Lynn S

"Great weather and amazing food " rating 10/10, Zahra A

" very clean and extremely busy, fantastic places to visit" rating 9/10, David D

"Spotlessly clean and tidy. Very interesting" rating 10/10, Carolyne S

"Lovely place, loved sentosa island" rating 9/10, Nirajan K

" excellent and vibrant " rating 9/10, Peter H

"As above, beautiful city." rating 9/10, Malcolm L

"Lively , VERY clean and very diverse for food and drinks, " rating 10/10, Louise T

"We love Singapore!" rating 9/10, Peter A

"Busy with lots of shopping opportunities. " rating 9/10, Amanda C

"Clean and spacious, lots to do, fantastic wildlife" rating 10/10, Gemma B

"Excellent, loved this destination " rating 10/10, Kevin M

"Lovely and clean" rating 9/10, Vicki J

"Really nice and very clean country" rating 10/10, John C

"Interesting - very high and low rise buildings - uneven pavements and raods - needs careful manouvering but a real east meets west feel" rating 10/10, Carole C

"Great place " rating 9/10, Sheena R

"It was very hot, exceptionally clean and we enjoyed Hop on Hop Off buses" rating 10/10, Elizabeth H

"We loved it. The culture, the people and the whole experience. " rating 10/10, Jacquie W

"Enjoyed our time in Singapore but a bit taken aback by the level of humidity all daylight hours." rating 8/10, Ian H

"Singapore is very busy with a lot of construction work going on" rating 9/10, Hamish M

"First class, both venues!" rating 10/10, Peter A

"Best City I've ever been to, simply awesome. So much to do, so welcoming, great food, easy to get around. Although, very expensive too!" rating 9/10, Colleen H

"Amazing" rating 10/10, Mayur S

"Fantastic city. Spotless but take a good amount of cash with you or your credit card as it is very expensive." rating 8/10, Allyson C

"Singapore Airlines were great, really good service." rating 10/10, Helen M

"Great, interesting, safe and clean." rating 5/10, Fiona P

"Beautiful country" rating 10/10, Shirley F

"And also Australia." rating 10/10, Linda C

"Fantastic. A must for a short break or stopover." rating 6/10, Richard S

"Wished I stayed longer" rating 9/10, Kerri A

"Singapore is clean and safe the people are very friendly and helpful" rating 9/10, June A

"Lovely place to visit, lots to see and do. Slightly expensive though. People all very nice and helpful." rating 9/10, Darren W

"Fantastic city" rating 9/10, Glen M

"Singapore was an excellent destination to spend a few days, and the Marina Bay sand was a superb hotel to do this in. I will definitely consider this again for another stopover." rating 10/10, James R

"Very clean and very helpful locals" rating 9/10, Mukesh M

"Largely clean and vibrant, especially at night." rating 5/10, Jasbir P

"We have visited several times before, find it very hot but a useful stopover point, safe and clean" rating 8/10, Richard A

"Fabulous, friendly and clean country" rating 10/10, Bill E

"Much changed since we were last there (1970)! Rather expensive.Very impressed with MRT transport system." rating 9/10, David C

"Visited here previously." rating 8/10, Nigel W

"It's a lovely place. I go there for both business and family reasons. " rating 9/10, Jerome C

"Getting very built up and has lost some of its appeal. Miramar hotel good standard and friendly staff" rating 8/10, Richard A

"As I travelled from St Petersburg to Singapore I loved the whole trip." rating 10/10, Frankie M

"Great stop over hotel . Room very come and good interconnecting rooms for family" rating 10/10, Roma C

"Great introduction to Asia. Fab for children." rating 10/10, Alayne M

"Wonderful " rating 10/10, Larry B

"Amazing, so much to do, got to see Gardens by the Bay especially at night" rating 10/10, Denise D

"Brilliant place in every respect. We travelled to stay with my daughter who lives and works there. I also made a business trip from there to Shanghai and we also travelled to Krabi, Thailand for a short break on the beach. Singapore is a great hub for FE travel. " rating 9/10, Jerome C

"Very modern and clean" rating 9/10, Hazel T

"Interesting " rating 8/10, Malcolm N

"Really interesting" rating 9/10, John G

"Very clean and friendly!! Everything you would expect from a busy city and more!!" rating 10/10, Amy S

"We like Singapore and have visited before." rating 8/10, Richard A

"Amazing shopping and nightlife." rating 5/10, Kelly P

"Loved, loved, loved it. Tad on the expensive side though" rating 9/10, Lynn W

"Loved singapore, lots of things to see and do. Great restaurants" rating 10/10, Priya S

"Loved it all the old and new loads to see and do needed more than 7 days but had lived there many years ago.Everyone we met was helpful and friendly.Lots of cheap places to eat." rating 10/10, Susan P

"Great mix of old and new, great mix of cultures and a vibrant city" rating 10/10, Phillip J

"We were married there 50 years ago" rating 8/10, Peter H

"Wonderful and so clean!" rating 9/10, Barbara P

"Very clean" rating 9/10, Chris G

"Very clean and a safe place to visit" rating 10/10, Kathleen S

"We had various destinations beginning with Singapre, Langkawi, Penang and Bali. My second visit to Singapore but my husbands first. Very expensive and a bit of a rat race. Exceptionally clean." rating 10/10, Suzanne D

"Fabulous" rating 10/10, Phil W

"Hot, humid, dull, soulless, very western, expensive...unimpressed..." rating 9/10, Martin F

"Very clean and fresh, in spite of the F1 Grand Prix taking place." rating 10/10, Peter A

"Again never been but was so impressed how clean the city was and how friendly the locals were." rating 9/10, Caroline W

"Nice place to spend a few days but expensive" rating 5/10, Em N

"Definitely worth a visit , loads of things to do." rating 10/10, Karamvir S

"We both agreed that Singapore was one of the best places we have visted. We are know thinking of returning and potentially working over there." rating 10/10, Andrew G

"Nicef" rating 10/10, Michael P

"Beautiful but very exspencive" rating 9/10, Antony S

"enjoyed stay here ,should have been longer" rating 10/10, John H

"Lovely city. Friendly people who were very welcoming." rating 9/10, Christina L

"Facinating! Two days were enough to know that it wasn't really for us but we wouldn't have missed it!" rating 8/10, John F

"We booked on part of the world crusie never having travelled with Cunard previously." rating 8/10, David Y

"Been back to Singapore several times. A complete contrast to Bali. It is very cosmopolitan and extremely safe. The metro puts Londons to shame and its so easy to get around" rating 10/10, Jan G

"We love Singapore our son works there. We also went to KL and Langkawi." rating 10/10, John H

"an amazing place that we'd love to return to." rating 10/10, Guy R

"Very clean" rating 9/10, Trudy S

"Clean, safe, well organized. Shopping central!" rating 9/10, Heidi F

"Very vibrant & fast moving country." rating 9/10, Mark O

"Malyasia is very good, tourists are safe and welcome. Singapore is very clean and expensive. " rating 10/10, Mike C

"lovely" rating 10/10, Manisha S

"Singapore -great Thailand - buzzy Australia -interesting(but expensive)" rating 10/10, Kassandra R

"Such a change in 46 years. Very clean and a great place to visit." rating 9/10, Anne M

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