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Singapore Weather

Here are real life reports on Singapore weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Singapore holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Red hot in Perth, very humid with storms in Singapore
January Very hot and humid!.
January Hot and humid
January Hot, wet and very humid-
January generally very good after leaving the Med.
January Hot - 32C but humid with rain at night
January Very hot and humidity very high
January Mixed.
January Hot
January As expected
February warm and they were experiencing a draught whilst we were there
February The weather was lovely
February Very Hot
February excellent
February Humid
February Nice and warm
February Hot and steamy
February Rainy
February Hot and humid
February very humid ,rained heavy for two hours on both day
February Mixed - downpours of rain and sun
March Humid
March Warm
March 30-32. No rain even though predicted.
March Sunny an d very humid.
March Good but humid.
March hot and humid
April Hot and humid, which made it harder to cope at times.
April Hot and humid
April Quit a bit of rain for the season
April Hot
April Hot and humid.
May Humid but luckily only rained one day
May Hot, humid, mainly overcast.
June Warm and cloudy.
June hot , mid 30's
June Brilliant
June Hot and humid, rainy one day
June Cloudy, humid
June Fantastic
June Hot and sunny
June It rained on the last day of out visit but cleared very quickly
July Hot and very humid
July Very hot and humid
July Humid but dry
July Nice and hot
July Hot and humid
July Perfect
July Hot with the occasional thunderstorm.
July Damp and hot
August a little cloudy but a great temp to explore the city
August Superb all over
August Torrential downpours and sunshine.
August Warm and sunny
August Weather was great but there was terrible pollution in Singapore due to slash and burn in Indonesia. It now happens every year.
August Plesant - occasional storms but these tended to clear the air.
September Hot and humid
September Great during the day. Very wet during the night.
September 30 and so warm.
September Hot but hazy - Indonesians burning crops at this time of year which precipitates a haze over the whole area at this time of year.
September Very good
September Good, and warm, not too hot though,
September Hot, with heavy showers on some days, which only last 1 - 2 hours.
September Hot and humid
September Sunny and hot every day! Rained for all of 1 minute an then the sun was out again!
September Hot and humid
September Excellent
October Very hot and humid with awesome storms
October great!!
October Lovely even the thunderstorms and rain are better warm rain you cannot beat it.
October Dry partial overcast, about 80 degrees but very high humidity.
October very hot
October Very warm but not humid
October Very warm and humidity was very high
October Hot, very humid and stormy
November Very warm and humid with the odd storm.
November Hot and humid
November Very very humid
November Singapore - thunderstorms and lightening and heavy rain every day.
November Thunder as expected in the Monsoon.
November As expected for the season Hot
December humid
December Very hot and humid. We were not to have any rain.
December Hot and humid
December Tropical
December As expected, hot and sunny with a few rain showers
December Warm/Humid
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