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Florida Holidays

Our Florida holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.2 out of 10
This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

Rating 10/10 - Tina J

“We love the USA”

Rating 7/10 - Barrie A

“Have visited before”

Rating 9/10 - Julie H

“Airport control very slow (3 hours through customs )”

Rating 10/10 - David S

“Always an interesting place to visit.”

Rating 9/10 - Emma D

“As expected”

Rating 9/10 - Yvonne T

“It was as expected”

Rating 9/10 - Yvonne T

“as above”

Rating 10/10 - Nathanael C


Rating 10/10 - Richard R

“America has become expensive. However, friendly people, good food and great weather.”

Rating 7/10 - Carl S

“Miami Beach(!!) was okay but I would recommend a stay of only 2-3 days”

Rating 10/10 - Rafe A

“Florida is Florida. Amazing weather and parks. Pretty awful food! But we had a fab time as before.”

Rating 10/10 - Samuel Y


Rating 10/10 - Helen T

“As above”

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Rating 10/10 - Helen T

“Love America! ”

Rating 9/10 - George F

“Fantastic location, which we intend to revisit in the not too distant future.”

Rating 7/10 - Delcy W

“We went to Canada, New York, Hawaii and Florida my husbands bucket list”

Rating 9/10 - Alison M

“We hae visited Florida a lot and I thought Palm Beach and in partiular Breakers was excellent.”

Rating 9/10 - Sue B


Rating 10/10 - Gregg J

“Miami was awesome!”

Rating 9/10 - Kelly S

“Florida. All I can say is FUN! FUN!FUN!”

Rating 9/10 - Christine W

“Florida was amazing , the whole family lived how helpful and friendly people were to us .”

Rating 9/10 - John M

“We loved Florida and the theme parks that we visited. ”

Rating 9/10 - Phil C

“We visited a few places in Floria. Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key West. Each had its own character with Miami and Key West being our top places.”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah C

“Loved it”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah C


Rating 10/10 - Diona D

“No, we love Florida and Disney”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah G

“Beautiful place lovely and clean.”

Rating 8/10 - Alberto C


Rating 8/10 - Alberto C


Rating 10/10 - Richard A

“Fantastic family holiday”

Rating 10/10 - Katie T

“Amazing place very expensive though ”

Rating 10/10 - Christine B

“Busy and great fun”

Rating 10/10 - Christine B


Rating 9/10 - Sally W

“all good”

Rating 10/10 - Melissa R

“Went to Orlando for the second time and still didn't fit everything in. There is so much to do and see.”

Rating 10/10 - Carole S


Rating 10/10 - Carole S

“It was Clearwater we stayed in ”

Rating 10/10 - Debbie D

“Fab as always”

Rating 10/10 - Darren O

“not really”

Rating 9/10 - Angela P

“Generally friendly and helpful people. ”

Rating 9/10 - Angela P

“As above”

Rating 8/10 - Lynsey S

“Fort lauderdale. Nice place for 4 days, any longer and we would be looking for more things to do.”

Rating 8/10 - Simon G

“Brilliant & every other superlative”

Rating 10/10 - Sandra D

“enjoyed the short stay”

Rating 10/10 - Sandra D

“Caribbean cruise saw some lovely places ”

Rating 10/10 - Sam K

“I love it”

Rating 10/10 - Derek W

“Disney..Fantastic service-Real service culture. clean well organised and value for money. Dining plan is a must have.”

Rating 8/10 - Nick C

“watch the pricing... frankly little to do on Florida for couples wanting to relax.”

Rating 9/10 - Dawn P

“Excellent would definately holiday there again ”

Rating 8/10 - Jeremy E

“The standard of food is poor and in such huge quantity.”

Rating 9/10 - Inga A

“Great for the Kids”

Rating 9/10 - Karina S

“Didn't see much as only an overnight stay. ”

Rating 9/10 - Candace P

“Clean and spacious ”

Rating 9/10 - Azuka A


Rating 10/10 - Lisa B

“Loved Miami - despite it being in the US it didn't feel like it.”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa B

“Great weather , great beaches, great golf courses.”

Rating 5/10 - Paul M

“Loved it”

Rating 9/10 - Julia H

“Been before.”

Rating 8/10 - Andy H


Rating 10/10 - Colin J

“Very well organised by Virgin and Disney ”

Rating 9/10 - Ruth W


Rating 9/10 - Colin L

“Very nice place to visit and would return.”

Rating 8/10 - Linda W

“Thought Miami expensive and people not particularly friendly. But did like the overall feel to the place.”

Rating 10/10 - Ruth W

“Great - we had a lovely time”

Rating 9/10 - Pamela S


Rating 10/10 - Jacqueline H


Rating 9/10 - James C

“Loved it!”

Rating 9/10 - Christopher H

“We were really looked after. Car Hire went brilliantly, Cordelia was understanding and thorough.”

Rating 9/10 - Graham L

“Fantastic trip”

Rating 10/10 - Katie-Marie D

“Would move there tomorrow!”

Florida Holidays

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