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New York Holidays

Our New York holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10
This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

Rating 10/10 - Lisa C


Rating 9/10 - Christina P

“NY was very crowded. Hotel Redbury was in Manhattan and easy to commute from there. ”

Rating 9/10 - Shelley J

“NY, Phoenix and Vegas as exected”

Rating 8/10 - Emma C

“We have visited before but it was for my 30th Birthday treat”

Rating 10/10 - Katy B


Rating 10/10 - Jodie Louise D

“Amazing but more expensive than we realised”

Rating 9/10 - Deanne W

“We went to Cape Verde, but I can't find that on your list! Stayed on Sal, lovely place.”

Rating 10/10 - Rachel E

“Great city. Loved everything about it. Great people. Helped us a lot”

Rating 10/10 - Holly G

“Having been to NY before I knew what to expect but still absolutely loved it and found things to do which i had not done previously. I love the hustle ad bustle of Times Square and also the serenity of Central Park. ”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa W


Rating 10/10 - Michael T

“Expensive and i find the culture of tipping for everything annoying.”

Rating 7/10 - Michael H

“great + vegas”

Rating 8/10 - Louise G

“Also stayed at Monterey plaza which we loved and inn the woods suites - fabulous - and river terrace inn also very good”

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Rating 9/10 - Sandra R

“Visiting my daughter”

Rating 9/10 - Angela P

“Love it!”

Rating 10/10 - Amy R

“Went to new York, Saint Louis and washington ”

Rating 9/10 - Anne M

“Busy, crazy, hectic as usual but great place to visit”

Rating 5/10 - Dee C

“We were in west New York state near Rochester. A great location, it has culture; is within 30 mins of Lake Ontario for beaches and boats; 45 minutes of the Finger Lakes wine region (gorgeous scenery, Amish communities, and all the wine tasting opportunities you can take...) ; an hour from, National parks like Watkins Glen (fabulous waterfalls) Letchworth Park (river gorge, hiking, wildlife watching); and appx 4 hours' drive away from Niagra and the Thousand Islands region. Lots to do - who needs New York City?”

Rating 10/10 - Geeta K

“My 2nd time in New York, Loved it”

Rating 9/10 - Diane H

“Hated it!”

Rating 10/10 - Colin F

“The people were really friendly and helpful, food was great, New York was just an amazing place that we will be visiting again definitely”

Rating 10/10 - Joanne W

“We travelled around NY state, visiting Niagara Falls, Boston and NYC”

Rating 8/10 - Malcolm P

“amazing place to visit”

Rating 8/10 - Tim G

“Never visited before. Expecting a very busy, lively city and not disappointed”

Rating 10/10 - Karen B

“Loved it, it was even better than I expected”

Rating 10/10 - Stewart M

“I I can't see this question to answer it.....just this box...”

Rating 7/10 - Kevin G

“A great destination ,well worth a visit”

Rating 10/10 - Ross H

“Very busy”

Rating 10/10 - Laura C

“Had a fab holiday :-)”

Rating 5/10 - Amanda L

“Loved it!”

Rating 10/10 - Daniel G

“Amazing City”

Rating 10/10 - Josh B

“Lovely place, great for site seeing, food, nightlife etc.”

Rating 9/10 - George F

“We had a week in NYC and another in Naples, Florida and had such a fantastic time in both, which has given us the bug to go back to America soon.”

Rating 9/10 - Chris P

“Found America very expensive since the last time we went. All the hotels were very good but disappointing there was not even a kettle in Las Vegas.”

Rating 10/10 - Charn G

“I have travelled before and it was so good that I selected it as my honeymoon destination... that says it all!”

Rating 9/10 - Sarah M

“Excellent place. Had to remember to take extra clothing out with us because of the freezing air-conditioning in all the buildings. Crazy!”

Rating 9/10 - Paul E

“Exciting/busy We stayed at the Distrikt hotel”

Rating 10/10 - Ciaran C


Rating 8/10 - Denise H

“New York was great for sightseeing.”

Rating 9/10 - Kelly S

“I can never say enough good things about the USA. Iv traveled all over the US and love it and it's people. ”

Rating 9/10 - Patricia S

“Hot, bustling and full of things to do and places to see.”

Rating 9/10 - Jan G

“we traveled to Texas first and then on to New York.Taxi driver from the airport was unhelpful and demanded a tip of both travelers not what I expected after being in San Antonia for a week where everyone was helpful & friendly.”

Rating 10/10 - Charlotte F

“Excellent all round.”

Rating 9/10 - Karen J

“Busy city but fun”

Rating 9/10 - Amy K

“I have been to various places in America previously and I just love the country.”

Rating 10/10 - Ian B


Rating 8/10 - Catherine M

“Excellent place to visit, great places to eat and lots to see and do.”

Rating 10/10 - Lorna P

“Fantastic destination. So vibrant and friendly. So much to see and do. ”

Rating 8/10 - Mike A

“Never been before, wanted to see the major sights and experience the city.”

Rating 10/10 - Kam M


Rating 9/10 - Pascal R

“Like no place on earth ”

Rating 9/10 - Tanya A

“Make sure you pre book tickets to the attractions.”

Rating 10/10 - Eileen W

“As wonderful as ever.”

Rating 7/10 - Gerry P

“Fast paced, lots to do and see.”

Rating 8/10 - Debbie N

“I am an American passport holder and have visited here many times.”

Rating 9/10 - Harminder S

“Very exciting and memorable experience.”

Rating 10/10 - Cheryl M

“Fantastic - fast paced and full of things to see and do.”

Rating 10/10 - Bridget B

“Very interesting lots to see and do.”

Rating 10/10 - Jennifer P

“New York was amazing, so much to see and do. We loved the energy of the city, it's amazing.”

Rating 10/10 - Stephen B


Rating 10/10 - Michelle K


Rating 8/10 - Steve M

“Incredible city.”

Rating 9/10 - Jennifer P

“What an amazing City, so much to see and do, fantastic”

Rating 10/10 - Jill S

“Wonderful as usual ”

Rating 9/10 - Scott F

“Loved it!! ”

Rating 9/10 - Granville O

“A little dis appointed with the current shut down of parks ,museums etc.but appart from that everything was great especialy the visit to Cape Cod.”

Rating 10/10 - Andrea N

“New York! The city that never sleeps!! Wow”

Rating 9/10 - Richard A

“We wanted to take a fly one way cruise home on one of the Queens. Added to which we had 4th July in New York and sailed on the 200th Queen Mary transatlantic crossing.”

Rating 9/10 - Gary H

“Very busy city as always”

Rating 9/10 - Karen G

“New York was vibrant and exciting - can't wait to go back.”

Rating 10/10 - Tina H

“Yes would love to live there. loved every moment.Its a concrete jungle were dreams are made of. ”

Rating 9/10 - Siobhain G

“Absolutely enjoyed the vibrant city and would go again, as there is so much to see and do.”

Rating 8/10 - Iain S

“Been before but hadn't realised how rude the people could be!”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah N


Rating 10/10 - Lynne R

“Excellent place must see!! ”

Rating 8/10 - Debbie N

“I have visited many times.”

Rating 9/10 - Amy W

“Buzzing and amazing”

Rating 10/10 - Tony L

“Busy, exciting. We did all the sights, including a horse drawn buggy in Central Park.”

Rating 8/10 - Nick C

“multi destination stay... a recent trend in the US is for restaurnats to automatically add 18% service to all checks and, then the waiters sask for more claiming the 18% is for the management!!!.... be careful.”

Rating 8/10 - Debbie N

“I have visited many times but it was my friends first time. We went for shopping and sights and did both.”

Rating 10/10 - Liz S

“wow an awsome city!Want to go back.The Americans are so friendly!”

Rating 9/10 - Gadaffi E

“Friendly people”

Rating 10/10 - Rita T

“very bizzy, but felt safe,”

Rating 8/10 - Vivien H


Rating 9/10 - Joy B

“Fab fab fab”

Rating 9/10 - Firle B

“We went to New York, Boston, San Franciso and LA. All were a great experience, but NYC was the most enjoyable.”

Rating 9/10 - Helen B


Rating 10/10 - Robert S

“5 days might have been enough”

Rating 9/10 - Nigel E

“+ Miami + caribbean cruise”

Rating 8/10 - Austin P

“Looking for the nightlife and shopping experience.”

Rating 8/10 - Stephanie G


Rating 10/10 - Gina C

“USA-Loved it!”

Rating 9/10 - Roy A

“Big and busy”

Rating 8/10 - Gordon B

“Every one very friend. The city was very busy as we were thre over a bank holiday.”

Rating 9/10 - Julia H

“Been before”

Rating 10/10 - Lesley M

“Loved New York - it was our first visit to the city and it lived up to our expectations”

Rating 10/10 - Ryszard B

“brilliant ”

Rating 9/10 - Deborah G


Rating 10/10 - Stephen S

“friendly people”

Rating 9/10 - Diane F


Rating 9/10 - Jules B

“New York! Enough said!”

Rating 9/10 - Nikki R

“New York was very cosmopolitan, sightseeing is a must as well as seeing a show on Broadway. In Las Vegas - a buzzing town with so much to do. ”

Rating 8/10 - Debbie N

“I love New York, great place to visit and shop.”

Rating 10/10 - Karen R

“Both New York and St Lucia were amazing. New York for the bustle of a big city and then the tranquility of St Lucia.”

Rating 10/10 - Gordon B

“thanks for thinking of me, but as you see from the above date, i cant submit a weather report until i have taken the holiday, then it will be too late to submit (31-8-09)”

Rating 8/10 - Caroline L


Rating 9/10 - Steve T

“Hectic, cosmopolitan, expensive and tremendous fun. Just love New York.”

Rating 9/10 - Barry P

“Great buzz.”

Rating 8/10 - Martin L

“New York - about 4 days - packed with visits (including Ellis Island) and Broadway Shows. Remainder of time spent in the Finger Lakes area - based at Clifton Springs about 30 m from Syracuse. Top quality weather and a perfect resort area for relaxation.”

New York Holidays

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