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Seychelles Holiday Reviews

Our Seychelles holiday customers on average rate their holiday 8.7 out of 10. This is between "very good" and "excellent"

"Been there before Wonderful place" rating 10/10, Vincent W

"Beautifull! So many things to se and to do.. I'll be back for sure" rating 10/10, Lucas C

"Amazing! Paradise island! Be aware that UK summer time is their monsoon season not that this means too much. Windy at times and some rain but still amazing weather on the whole " rating 9/10, James F

"Beautiful island" rating 10/10, Simon L

"Lovely islands and people " rating 10/10, Colin & Melissa W

"This is a very beautiful place but very expensive. The people are friendly and services are good too. It is mostly a place if you want to go relaxing and enjoying the beaches." rating 8/10, Daksha M

"Great place but not much to do! Great for relaxing. Mosquitos are rife! I got bitten a lot" rating 5/10, Livia D

"Loved this place - Mahe" rating 5/10, Livia D

"Seychelles is a beautiful country-lots of nature to explore. Its a perfect place to relax and soak in the sun. There are a lot of land tours and island hopping available" rating 9/10, Jhenelee J

"we stayed in 3 places L'Archipel (Praislin) Denis Island Sainte Anne Resort" rating 10/10, Jason K

"Beautiful " rating 9/10, Deborah B

"as above" rating 9/10, Tom H

"Nice country, beautiful beaches. " rating 10/10, Jan L

"Loved it but expensive" rating 10/10, Kamlah P

"It is a beautiful part of the world and well worth the long flight for " rating 10/10, Colin & Melissa W

"nice people" rating 8/10, Jude J

"Difficult to find service to match the price paid" rating 9/10, Heidi F

"Beautiful, friendly and safe" rating 9/10, Gavin L

"Heaven on Earth" rating 8/10, Bogdan V

"The island is beautiful, tranquil and relaxing. Very calm atmosphere.Very green with lots of mountains and hills." rating 6/10, Charles A

"Paradise on Earth!!!" rating 5/10, Ania W

"Stunning landscape, crystal clear water and very friendly people." rating 9/10, Rahila K

"amazing place, lovely people" rating 10/10, Grahame T

"We can't emagine a nicer place. It exceeded all expectations and the people there were truly lovely." rating 10/10, Tim M

"Wonderful!" rating 9/10, Chris A

"Fabulous" rating 9/10, Jenny B

"Lovely, restful and hot!" rating 9/10, Robert T

"Paradise!" rating 9/10, Anna W

"Beautiful....a definate must at least once in your life!" rating 9/10, Narinder B

"A great destination, friendly people although best for a honeymoon type of trip, not much site seeing possible, Victoria only needs about an hour's visit! " rating 5/10, Briony T

"Amazing! we loved our holiday and would love to go there again." rating 10/10, Nazma V

"Went for the golf in the sun and that's what we got!!" rating 9/10, Neil J

"stunning" rating 9/10, Jackie M

"We stayed at Mahe, visited also Praslin and La Digue, and the capital Victoria, everywhere people are nice, easy-tempered and helpful, surroundings clean and in order, beautiful weather even in rainy season, breathtaking beaches and nature" rating 10/10, Teodor N

"Loved it , I have been before and loved Praslin , more to do than the smaller private islands" rating 9/10, Peter L

"Loved the country - beautiful scenery, friendly people, tropical and love the climate." rating 7/10, Alice B

"Lovely" rating 8/10, Donald T

"As i said to Adam, all was great apart from the local agents who messed up our return flight seating request." rating 8/10, Chris I

"The Banyan Tree at the Seychelles delivered excellent service." rating 8/10, Ayman S

"Very accommodating, smiley happy people " rating 10/10, Ayman S

"Luxurious, especially the upgrade to the private villa we received. Golfing also exceptional (according to the husband)!" rating 10/10, Gail O

"We visited Mahe , the markets and shops which was great but we really were lazy and chilled out most the time. we loved the last 5 nights with the pool villa." rating 10/10, Margaret R

"Beautiful place to visit, had a perfect wedding & honeymoon" rating 9/10, Elaine W

"Very beautiful country and very friendly people." rating 9/10, John P

"An amazing destination, 3 nights wasn't long enough. The building work didn't detract from the enjoyment either." rating 10/10, Colin A

"lots of insects - relaxing holiday - good for snorkelling, diving etc.," rating 8/10, Andrew G

"If staying at the banyan tree book a car hire for the day as it is very quiet and there are some lovely sights to see on the other side of the island." rating 5/10, Suzannah S

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