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Abu Dhabi Holiday Reviews

Our Abu Dhabi holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"More laid back than Dubai enjoyed the mosque all local people where very helpful" rating 10/10, Vanessa P

"We went to Funchal which does not appear on your list. So cannot complete your Qs." rating 9/10, Tony G

"Lovely people and excellent service everywhere you go. Alcohol is not allowed for under 21's " rating 10/10, Chris B

"Stopped overnight in both directions. Strange place but beautifully run." rating 9/10, Guy J

"beautiful, clean and full of things to do" rating 10/10, Sue B

"Travelled to Abu Dhabi & Thialand" rating 10/10, Sandra B

"Loved Dubai - will be going back. " rating 5/10, Balwinder S

"Duabi is great to visit - we would stay longer next time. " rating 5/10, Harpreet K

"Beautiful. Relaxed no strain or concerns ." rating 10/10, June M

"Great" rating 9/10, Desmond J

"Service levels were terrific" rating 9/10, James B

"The trip around the Grande Mosque and afternoon tea in Emirates Palace are life experiences that deserve a place on anyone's bucket list." rating 10/10, Jason K

"Brilliant loved it although expensive." rating 10/10, Margaret P

"We went on a Med cruise on the Oriana, was very disappointed and filled a questionaire on board and on line. Personally, I don't think anyone listens. May I just say that this is certainly no reflection on Gillian. I will certainly use Holidaysplease again." rating 9/10, Teresa W

"lovely would visit again" rating 10/10, Danielle K

"It was certainly different but thoroughly enjoyable. " rating 9/10, Chris S

"Not my sort of place but right for this holiday which was a very straightforward relax." rating 10/10, Roger P

"Disliked" rating 9/10, Lisa W

"First time in abu dhabi we were really impressed " rating 10/10, John B

"Jersey is well worth a visit, but, perhaps for 10 days max. Bus service is fantastic but eating out can be expensive. Great beaches. Best war museum I have visited. Maritime museum good with a great shop" rating 9/10, Laurie K

"Sanotrini, Greece (not on your list). Absolutely beautiful and will definitely return. Stayed at El Greco Hotel in Fira." rating 10/10, Pamela T

"Stayed at the Atlantis superb" rating 10/10, Ian R

"Travelled to Lake Garda, Italy " rating 9/10, Lynn W

"Palma, Mallorca. Great Place, Full of restaurants and bars. People (Taxi, bus drivers, bar staff all very patient and gracious. Lovely country on the North west coast particularly." rating 9/10, Francis C

"VENICE ~ OUT OF THIS WORLD" rating 10/10, Leslie J

"Menjorca- cala dor lovly resort good choice of resturant" rating 8/10, Tracey B

"love spain" rating 9/10, Lillian A

"We went Majorca which we can't find on the drop-down." rating 9/10, Bernard R

"Hot but the hotel was perfect and just the bolt hole to break the flight up we needed" rating 9/10, Susan T

"Probably would not return to Abu Dhabi.Not much to see or do other than the Grand Mosque.There is no real centre, just sprawling high rise buildings. But climate perfect at this time of year." rating 9/10, William R

"The people were so friendly from start to finish of our holiday experience.we would go back in an instance no hesitation " rating 10/10, Pauline M

"Been to UAE quite a few times and we love it. Always something to do and guaranteed the sun" rating 10/10, Neil S

"Beautiful! The best place on earth to get married!!! " rating 10/10, Lois H

"We travelled out for a wedding as my brother lives there and had a holiday at the same time. A real mixture of experiences we thoroughly enjoyed it especially out at Qasr al Sarab.We also stayed at The St Regis which was excellent." rating 10/10, Susan C

"Beautiful setting for a wedding!" rating 10/10, Patricia M

"Mark had been here many times before but it was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised." rating 10/10, Mark R

"We had a great time in Abu Dhabi and would definitely go back, there was not enough time to see all the sights." rating 10/10, Rachel M

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Eran C

"Divine" rating 8/10, Carol W

"Very nice enjoyed experience " rating 9/10, Pauline M

"Philippines lovely people great diving " rating 10/10, Lynn G

"Beautifuk" rating 10/10, Jakub L

"we went to Venice Italy" rating 9/10, Peter D

"Too long flight for Spain " rating 8/10, Karen M

"beautiful island, lots of animals on a safari they did." rating 9/10, Jackie W

"Very lavish place - clean, fresh, and the level of recent investment is obvious just about everywhere" rating 10/10, Mike S

"People friendly, airport good" rating 10/10, Brian W

"Lovely " rating 10/10, Colin & Melissa W

"People very friendly and helpful" rating 9/10, Joe N

"I went to Lisbon which is not a choice here. Highly recommended! " rating 9/10, Trevor R

"a bit of a long trip from Dubai at 2am but we enjoyed the area more than Dubai. It's less built up and more relaxed. We found Dubai a bit 'in your face'. Trip to the Grand Mosque was amazing and the top of the Marina Tower in the Marina Mall has great views." rating 9/10, David O

"We went to Chania, Crete, Greece. it's not in your selection above" rating 10/10, Justin A

"Loved Abu Dhabi a brilliant country with lots to offer" rating 9/10, Sajid H

"we were cruising so viseted many places" rating 6/10, Frank B

"Greece. ithaka/ lovely island" rating 6/10, Heather B

"Costa Rica is an excellent desination for wild life, scenery and beaches." rating 8/10, Michael S

"It was actually Italy" rating 10/10, Gioia J

"we went to Porto, Portugal for the weekend, maybe not the best time of year to go as it was raining, a lot! but I was advised this might be the case." rating 9/10, Justin A

"we stayed in Nequay" rating 9/10, Steve L

"Stunning" rating 8/10, Giovanna C

"We did a cruise around the Med (not on your drop down list) then 4 days in Rome (again not on your drop down list)" rating 8/10, Kate B

"We travelled to kefalonia - no option for this above. Beautiful country." rating 9/10, Emma D

"Croatia was good and the staff at the hotel very helpful" rating 9/10, Philip C

"Wonderful" rating 6/10, Jason G

"Not our first trip we love it there" rating 9/10, Stephen R

"We loved the Greek island of Santorini- great people and food, lovely beach, lots to do" rating 9/10, Sarah N

"Fantastic " rating 9/10, Darren S

"Mediterrean cruise" rating 8/10, Roy B

"Didnt travel to Abu Dhabi! Couldnt enter Russia in above box. Russia is fast catching up with the Tourist trade but needs to put signs in English as well as Russian." rating 9/10, Maire C

"We have visited before. noticed more excursion opportunities now. " rating 8/10, Peter W

"santorini lovely island would recommend" rating 10/10, Amy I

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