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Australia Weather

Here are real life reports on Australia weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Australia holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Hot hot hot, reached 43.
January Hot
January Hot
January Nice and hot
January Hot !
January Disappointing but didn't spoil the trip.
January Good
January In the high twenties to low thirties
January Very good. Hot and humid in Port Douglas
January Great!!
January Storms in Brisbane.
January Hot
January Weather was what was expected in each country
February Hot with little rain.
February Some rain, general day time temp was 18-19 degrees
February Hot, with a few rain showers but great
February Superb in Perth. Wet in Cairns.
February Great not too hot
February Great!
February Hot and sunny
February Weather was 80s plus the whole 3 eek stay in all countries
February We were staying near Cairns in the rainy season so were fully expecting warm tropical rain. We touched down to very humid, very hot sun shine. The weather pattern followed mornings of hot sun-shine and afternoons of heavy showers.
March Hot and sunny
March Hot and humid in Singapore. Tail end of the cyclone in Darwin area meant we could not visit the far north and Darwin so cruised through Indonesia
March See above
March Excellent!
March hot and steamy
March Mostly very good.
March 27-32 - perfect!
March Variable
March Wonderfully warm and sunny
March A mixture.
March Mixed
March good dry warm few hours rain
March Weather was perfect - mostly sunshine and very warm into the evenings.
March The weather was a bit of a mixed bag when we were there, but mostly warm and sunny.
March weather was very good in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Port Douglas had a few rain showers, but still very warm.
March Spent 24 days from mid March, the Whitsundays were 30 degrees with a couple of 5 minute showers. Temperatures around Melbourne low 20's with 1 day of rain out of 8 days
April Sunny
April Great, apart from Sydney where it rained 2 days out of 4!
April Variable. Some rain and cool in SA. Beautiful warm sun in Sydney, sunny, humid with some tropical rain in QSL
April The weather was good - like good early summer weather in the UK. Not too hot with occasional rain that didn't last long.
April Hot and very humid the further north you went.
April Generally warm, some rain.
May Warm
May Weather for May, bearing in mind we were nearly in Australian winter was absolutely fantastic. 27 degrees in Sydney and over 30 degrees in Cains. What more can you ask for?
May Winter but really like an English summer.
May poor at both places cold wet in Austrailia and 46 in DDubia
June warm and then cold
June Good
June Cloudy
June A little cloudy and cooler in Melbourne
June Rained every day but we shared a house with my brother and his family and from the verrandah we could see weather system.
July Fair as expected.
July It was good on the whole. It was a typical Cornish summer Sun, rain and cloud!
July Sydney - cool but sunny - aprox 12 - 14 degrees during the day dropping to between 4 - 6 degrees overnight Brisbane - warmer and sunny - aprox 20 degrees during the day and dropping to 10 degrees overnight Cairns - hot and sunny. Aproximately 30 degrees during the day and only dropping to around 15 degrees overnight. Lovely time of the year to go to Cairns for the sun lovers.
July We had some good sunshine on the East coast but in Perth we had some rain and temperatures dow n to 12 degrees.
July Perfect
July Mostly good but some rain in Sydney and Perth.
July Perth - approx 15 degrees celsius most of the time, a little rain but a few good days of sunshine Port Douglas - mainly sunny and warm Sydney - mixed, fairly cold Dubai - red hot and humid !!
August cold in Sydney, warm elsewhere.
August A bity chilly at times but we were blessed by sunshine on all but one day. We expected it to be colder and wetter so we were more than happy. Dubai on our return was hot!!!!
September Mid 20s
September Mild and sunny in Sydney,and extremely cold in Ayrs Rock at night. We were glad when the Sounds of Silence dinner was over and we could return to teh warmth of the coach!
September Singapore 30 Auckland 15 Queensland 30 Sydney 25
September Dry and warm.
September Varied place to place!
September Hot
September Generally good but wet and cold in Japan.
September Warm and dry.
October The weather was mostly warm with a few wet days
October hot and sunny apart from Melbourne, which was more like UK with odd sunny day
October very hot
October had a cold day but rest of the time was lovely
October Hot and humid especially in the north of WA. The weather generally was excellent.
October see above
October Hot dry sunny
October Very Good
October hot dry sunny
October Good
October Rather mixed! There was a fair bit of rain, some heat and some very cold days. As a Brit, I felt quite at home.
October Very nice not to hot just a nice all round temperature
October Unfortunately the weather was not too good whilst we were in Cairns and a couple of trips had to be cancelled- a big disappointment .
October The weather temperate in the south and much warmer in cairns
October As above
October 30'c down to 18'c, and only 2 days out of 3 weeks where we seen rain.
October 26 degress and sunny
October Hot & sunny most of the time
November Weather mixed not as warm as usual.
November Hot to gorgeous
November Warm and it has proved a shock coming back to England this week.
November Mixed, we expected it to be very hot but on the most it was around 22 degrees
November Mixed.
November Very good
November Good
November just as expected, sunny but not too hot
November Good with some rain.
November Very mixed, arrived to brilliant sunshine for two days then rain/cloudy till last day
December Totally fantastic !
December Hot but with some rain
December Varied , but good as we travelled the East Coast.
December Just as we wanted it - Sunny and warm!
December Beautiful hot and sunny
December The weather was excellent in both Melbourne & Sydney.
December The weather was excellent in both Melbourne & Sydney.
December Weather was just right.
December excellent
December mixed - not too hot.
December Hot and sunny
December First class
December different for Oz - rain in Perth in Dec!
December Awesome weather. Was at least 25 degrees minimum every day
December Very hot in WA much more like English summer in Hobart
December Cairns was blistering hot in the 90's(30C) a dry heat from early morning onwards, when i took my camcorder from my cool room it got condensation so had to put it in a draw and not open it until well onto the tour for the day. Red Rock also was hot throughout, and the Blue Mountains and Sydney was warm too well into 75 F (24C) but could be humid at night. Virtually no rain in my four weeks which was great as i finished off watching Australia v India (at that point the Australisn team had most of its recent greats playing for it). However, whenever we left a place it was the case that there could be bush fires or even torrential flooding, that happened after we left Cairns. We were exceptionally lucky, so i would always pack a brolly but lots of sun cream too and for me, with my fair skin,a sun hat.
December Warm and sunny 90 percent of the time
December Warm and sunny, couple of very hot days too
December Sunny 24 - 40 degrees odd showery day
December Good with some rain
December Two days in 40 plus rest of time in 30s which was fine.
December as above
December Excellent
December Sunny one morning of rain.
December rain, rain and more rain,
December Mixed really,just like English summer weather but when it got hot it was very hot.
December Very Hot, saw 48C in outback. Also over 40C in Adelaide

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