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Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados

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Description & Facilities


5 Stars




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This elegant resort stands proudly on the Barbadian shore with incredible views of the aquamarine ocean. From the moment guests enter this magnificent venue, they are greeted with an overwhelming sense of welcome and indulgence by the site's incredible design and dedicated staff.

Proud winners of a wide variety of awards, including; AAA/CAA Five Diamond Award Winner, a place in the Top 100 Hotels in the Americas and placing on Forbes Travel Guide's World's Most Luxurious Hotels 2018, the Sandy Lane has a refreshing and unpretentious approach towards providing exceptional service.

Situated on a white-sand beach with crystal waters, this resort is perfect for those looking for relaxation and sun. However, should members of your party happen to enjoy a sense of excitement, the Sandy Lane has an exceptional array of water sport activities to choose from, including water skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and even catamaran sailing. Golf enthusiasts will marvel at the exceptional golf course on offer, where they can enjoy a 9 or 18-hole experience with tropical surrounds. For those who also enjoy a game of tennis, this hotel has 9 floodlit tennis courts with highly qualified professionals available for lessons. Self-proclaimed "Spa Connoisseurs" will be delighted with the Sandy Lane's spa and wellbeing centre, offering personalised care and blissful treatments.

The jewel of this this resort, has to be its 7,500 square foot swimming pool, surrounded by natural stone, tropical accents and cascading waterfalls. Relax, listening to the sounds underneath swaying palms or take a gentle swim, replenishing at the pool's swim-up bar with a fruity cocktail. With a wide variety of cuisines available from the resort's array of fine-dining restaurants, guests are sure to have their palates excited and their appetites satisfied.

As you retire to your room, the spectacular design follows. Each of these incredible rooms has a refreshing yet royal finish, allowing you to settle into your holiday in true style. With options of an Orchard or Ocean themed room, guests can choose between vibrant, tropical surrounds or the teal atmosphere of sea views. If you are looking for a more indulgent holiday, ask our Personal Travel Experts about the various suites and penthouses on offer at the Sandy Lane, all with unique characteristics to give your stay a special touch. For the epitome of luxury, stay at the resort's Villa, a two-storey, detached estate with spectacular master bedrooms, a private pool and exclusive benefits.

For more information or to book a holiday to the fabulous Sandy Lane Barbados Resort, place an enquiry today and allow our Personal Travel Experts to handle all of the details for you…


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Sandy Lane Hotel
Local Attractions
  • Scuba Diving in Barbados - 8 miles away
  • Submarine Underwater Adventure in Barbados - 10 miles away
  • Catamaran Sailing & Snorkelling in Barbados - 10 miles away
  • The Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race - 13 miles away
Flight Time
9 hours (approximately)
Journey Time From Airport
  • 40 minutes by Road
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Weather reviews from customers who visited Barbados in

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"More rainy than expected"
"perfect. 30 degrees sun every day"
"above average rainfall but plenty of sunshine"
"Good with occasional tropical showers"
"Fantastic Wall to Wall sunshine"
"not as hot as when we went in May or Sep and therefore very bearable Mostly sunny A little rain but in the sea-who cares?"
"Warm and sunny with some rain."
"Good. Some clouds, some rain, but typically Caribbean in my experience. Nice and warm, with a breeze to take off the midday heat."
"29 degrees, some small muzzle patches"
"28 to 30 C with some short rain showers."
"Sunny and hot with short showers at times"
"Mixed- cloudy, overcast and rain showers but warm"
"We had some rain but the sun was hot and the rain warm"
"30 degrees sunny occasional shower"
"The weather was generally really good, averaged 28° with a few sporadic showers."
"Great, except for one day of rain"
"Hot if a little cloudy with occasional brief shower."
"Perfect weather"
"Warm and rainy"
"Excellent - 27 / 30"
"The weather was hot from the moment we stepped off the plane. The sky was blue and where we stayed had a lovely breeze that blew to cool you down. We had one day where it rained in the morning however the rain was welcomed!"
"Beautiful - lovely and warm."
"30 degrees C everyday, rain overnight on 3 nights"
"Hot with occasional rain"
"very nice"
"not as good as was let to believe for high season"


"very nice consistent temperature, but it was unusually windy, which prevented water sports"
"Extremely hot, just what we were expecting"
"Very good"
"Sunny every day, odd rain storm here and there but only lasted a few moments. 80 degree plus."
"Hot and Sunny"
"hot about 83 degrees daily- no rain - did cloud over a feww afternoons but on the whole very good"
"hot hot hot"
"Mainly sunny but a number of short, sharp showers"
"Excellent despite rain showers on most days"
"As always pleasant 28 deg with some rain"
"Sunny with showers"
"Mixed weather than we are used to, but short Sharp showers."
"Warm / Hot"
"Sun cloud and rain a little bit disappointing"
"Mostly suunny"
"Mixed, mostly good"
"First week great. Second week mixed - part sun,part cloud,part rain,humid."
"Rain first two days then mostly sun with a few clouds"
"Mostly sunny with a few cloudy mornings."
"Lovely everyday"
"mixed..overcast and rained every day."


"29-30 degrees"
"See above"
"V good"
"Cloudy and rain first 5 days but still loved it."
"Weather was good"
"Warm and sunny."
"mainly sunny always warm"
"Most days 30 degrees hot and humid with a few rain storms."
"Hot and sunny, daily cloud with light rain showers"
"It was very wet the first week... and i dont mean just showers!!! we still had fun though as it was not cold!! 2nd week was fantastic...sun shone, really nice temperature."
"Dry, warm (30c), with a slight breeze"
"Great, 29 degrees every day"
"Very warm, sunny most of the time,just the odd shower only for a couple of minutes"
"Warm (28C), a little bit of rain mostly at night. Sunny days with a bit of cloud on some days."
"Super hot."
"Very hit"


"Weather as expected. Only one day of rain"
"Lovely warm wind which made our beach a bit rough for swimming but great for body boarding. Thankfully had car hire to go the the calmer beaches to swim and snorkel"
"Hot !!!"
"Beautiful sunshine every day with some light showers in last few days. Sun is very hot - would recommend SPF50 in first few days"
"2 hrs of rain , rest baking hot"
"Weather was generally very good. We had rain when we arrived and it was generally quite miserable but luckily that cleared up and we were blessed with some lovely days. Had some small showers during the week, which literally lasted minutes and then the sun would shine again. Nice and hot with lovely breeze from the ocean."
"10 days great weather 2 days rain"
"Brilliant, some rain but as expected"
"Weather was absolutely beautiful in April when we went. There were a few showers of rain on one or two days but only for a short period. Weather was sunny and the sea was calm which was perfect for all the water activities."
"average first week, but this is Barbados, still on Equator"
"Mostly good but some rain"
"The weather was around 28/29 degrees, some rain occasionally but this usually only lasted around 5/10 minutes and was followed by hot sunshine."
"very good"
"29 degrees hot, mostly bright and sunny with a light breeze"
"Rain for couple of days, mostly cloudy with sunny spells"
"Generally very good. A couple of flash showers. Mostly warm and sunny and a good temperature to sit out and relax in."
"warm with some sunshine,some cloud and some rain"
"Two pretty poor days but the rest good"
"Fantastic weather for two weeks although apparently tbere had been three solid days of rain the previous week."
"Excellent , it only rained for a little then back to sunshine"
"Sunny. 2 days rained in the morning"


"Hot. Temperatures were about 30 degrees every day, with not much humidity. It was a very dry heat. Some cloud and rain but it always passed very quickly - in a matter of minutes."
"Rained on our arrival, and a few showers whilst we were there, on the whole-great"
"Very hot with comfortable breeze perfect"
"Hit and humid"
"Weather was perfect for me, sunny with a constant strong breeze. Rained once around 10pm for a couple of hours."
"Some rain but really good"


"comfortable in its 30s"
"Rainy the first week but got the second week"
"Hotter and more humid than expected. Thank heavens for the coastal breeze. 2 days with v short showeres and 1 day of heavy rainstorms."
"Hot and sunny with the occasional shower of liquid sunshine"
"hot and sunny"
"Hot and humid. Slightly overcast on some days. Rained a little."
"Mostly very good but did it interrupted by a storm"
"Mixed good days bad days"
"It was lovely weather in Barbados, very hot :). It rained a few times but that was fine."
"A bit mixed, rain on the majority of days but plenty of sunshine too."


"the weather was amazing , it was beautiful we had a few nights which rained but it went as soon as it came and actually it felf quite nice"
"HOT! Around 30 degrees every day and quite humid - lovely!"
"Hot and humid"
"As expected. Warm, sunny but a little rainy."
"Part cloudy, very warm and lots sunshine"
"Good overall"
"As you would expect for the time of the year"
"not so hot ,it rained when we were indoors"
"The weather was really nice even if it was rainy season.They call it liquid sunshine."
"hot, humid with occassional showers - which where welcomed!"
"Hot, sunny and some heavy rain."
"Hot, humid and showery"


"Very nice, not too hot but hot enough. It rained for around 5 minutes for the first couple of afternoons but the rain is warm and not very heavy."
"Stormy and rainy about 30% of the time, otherwise Sunny"
"Weather was fantastic..warm tropical rain most days which lasted mintues and dried in seconds, although It was fun to sit in it."
"as expected"
"2 Weeks of very hot sunshine! A couple of light drizzles but nothing worth worrying about."
"The weather was amazing even though there was rain it sonn dried up"
"Hot and sunny most of the time. A few showers but they pass very quickly and dry out in no time"
"The weather was lovely, hot and exactly how we imagined will be."
"I went mid August not knowing it was the rainy season, the 1st night was beautiful but the next day it rained all day however the duration of the holiday was hot and sunny with some showers here and there, nothing to spoil our holiday."
"Barbados saw a bit of rainfall (3-4 lots of heavy shower lasting a couple of hours each, over 7 days), but not enough to spoil the holiday in any way or restrict us from doing what we wanted. For the most part we had lovely sunshine, so when it did rain we didn't feel bothered at all."


"very hot"
"Well 31 deg every day with a few showers only but thats the rainy season."
"Mostly good with odd showery day"
"A little rain but warm and plenty of sunshine"
"Fantastic, considering it was supposed to be the wet season, we only saw 5mins of rain on one day."
"VERY Humid"
"Went beginning of October for two weeks great weather only 3 days of rain in second week in saint Lucia."
"Very hot with only a few showers mostly at night."
"First week was very windy and rained at intervals, afterwards, sporadic heavy showers, skies brightened quickly and then very warm and sunny"
"Although we were diverted to Antigua on the way out due to the hurricane the weather was very hot & sunny with very few showers for the time of year"
"amazing very hot all the time"
"Good for this time of year"
"Good even though in rainy season"
"2 overcast showery days otherwise sunny and hot"
"hot with a few showers"
"Hot and sunny with the odd quick shower some days, heavy rainfall 1.5 days out of 10 not bad whatsoever for the rainy season!"
"lovely and sunny.. few rainy days"


"At this time of year it is usually sunny and hot with the odd shower to cool things off and this is what we got - a touch on the humid side early evenings but the trade winds blow most of the time to keep things comfortable - bliss!"
"rough crossing the Atlantic, we were diverted to The Azures so didn't actually make it to Tenerife and we didnt' set sail till the following day. very high winds and waves of 30 feet, everyone was sick. once in the caribbean the weather was lovely, it rained a little off and on but generally overall hot and sunny."
"Hot everyday"
"every day 30 and sunny, great weather"
"Lovely and hot but very humid for a few days"
"On the whole lovely did have the odd shower"
"Sunshine all day, half an hour heavy rain...good time to socialise"
"Very good"
"90% sunshine, some heavy rain but expected as it was hurricane season"
"Hot, with days with short burst of heavy rain. Not a problem."
"Excellent hot"
"some rain but expected for time of year. Sunny and warm mostly."
"Rained two days out of fourteen the odd shower here n there but absolutely boiling"


"Hot, dry, humid"
"Few showers the odd day , but very humid , other wise beautiful and hot"
"Quite heavy rain on two days, every other day had heavy rain during the night and sometimes early morning otherwise it was blazing sunshine but usually nice breeze"
"warm and damp"
"Raining on arrival for about 15 mins then hot, hot, hot."
"Very hot every dat"
"Rained when we arrived, then was beautiful for the rest of the holiday"
"An indifferent rainy 3 days out of 10."
"Warm with light showers - as expected"
"Ok, quite alot of rain, but when it was hot it was really hot"
"rained the first week, then very sunny"
"Always hot but some rain."
"Hot which was great with occasional heavy tropical rainfall that generally cleared up in no time."
"New York was still very mild for November and Barbados was hot and dry."
"Fantastic - up until the last day!"
"2 bad days but otherwise excellent"


"Beautiful, 28 degrees everyday"
"Hot every day, it only rained at night maybe twice but then was dry by the morning"
"Weather was beautiful the whole time"
"Hot,sunny, with some showers"
"Hot at 28 degrees everyday, although it did rain daily it was torrential downpours and his under the umbrella but it quickly dried up again!"
"Warm and sunny."
"Mixed. Out of four full days there we had one full day of rain and one very windy day when watersports were cancelled."
"Weather was wonderful"
"usually very hot,had a bit of rain but cant complain."
"V good"
"Bit rainy but only for 5 minute spells, very hot otherwise"
"30 degrees sun and windy. Tropical short showers"
"Very good. Hot, with light cloud and the occasional light shower"
"Very hot, only a few showers which were over very quickly"
"rainy and hot"
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Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados

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