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Cora Cora Maldives

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Amongst the turquoise waters of Raa Atoll, the Cora Cora Maldives has an idyllic location. This resort is a contemporary 5-star property with 100 villas dotted around the island, surrounded by lush vegetation and an expansive turquoise lagoon.

During your stay experience a culinary journey, including a wide range of international restaurants and premium beverages, in-villa services and amenities, activities, excursions and much more! Enjoy dining at 4 restaurants offering Far Eastern, Indian, Italian and Japanese menus, with an additional 2 bars.

Cora Cora Maldives is located on Maamigli Island (within the Raa Atoll), a pristine lagoon just 45 minutes away from Velana International Airport by seaplane.

Each villa is created with comfort in mind and set between the tropical vegetation and sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. The Beach Villas are positioned on a sugar-soft, white sand beach offering mesmerizing views, whilst the Overwater Villas provide a truly romantic experience to the sounds of water lapping against the stilts of your bungalow. All villas are fitted with a wealth of amenities, including a king-size bed, semi-outdor bathroom with stand-alone tub, safe, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, minibar, a furnished outdoor deck, bathrobes and tea & coffee making facilities. 

Discover a world of indulgence in the spa – Seven individual treatment rooms available, either on the beach or over the waters of the sparkling Indian Ocean, with expansive panoramic views. Each treatment room is a haven of tranquillity and each treatment is carefully crafted and delivered by professional therapists. Whilst you unwind on the shores of the Maldives, your little ones can begin a tropical adventure, making friends and participating in fun activities at the kids' club.

Cora Cora has the most expansive collection of Maldivian cultural heritage items outside the Maldives National Museum. Artefacts found on Maamigili dates from Pre-Islamic period to Colonial Period in the Indian Ocean. An impressively well-preserved oil lamp from the Buddhist period and immaculately preserved Chinese porcelain from 1500's on both ends of this collection’s chronological spectrum. The collection is displayed at two areas of the resort, one at the main lobby gallery and larger exhibits are accessed at the Outdoor Museum at the centre of the island.

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Cora Cora Maldives
Flight Time
11 hours (approximately)
Journey Time From Airport
  • 45 minutes by Seaplane
  • 30 minutes by Domestic Flight
  • 20 minutes by Speedboat
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"Great a little bit of tropical rain but unusually high waves from El Nido which made snorkelling and diving less fun than normal."
"Extremely wet on arrival - but then very good"
"Very nice"
"Sunny and hot"
"One and half days of rain, the rest of the week was sunshine. Always warm enough for shorts despite the rain."
"Outstanding. 30C all day with mostly full sun and 27C all night"
"Lovely weather! Around 30 degree's"
"Great Weather"
"A little bit cloudy for some days - and that was nice"
"Absolutely lovely"
"Very very hot!"
"Sunshine was everyday with occasional rain during the night. Weather was perfect."
"Very good. Odd shower but nothing significant."
"The weather was good - it did rain one day for I am guessing sometime within an hour, but we missed it as we were diving!"
"very good"
"Hot and sunny all week."
"Perfect a bit of rain but no problem"
"Perfect, 1 very tiny rain shower on 1 day."
"Bit windy and a few days of rainy showers but the rest hot and sunny. In January"
"Excellent. A gentle breeze some days and on occasions a few clouds but always very warm."
"Sunny - not a minute of rain"
"Strangely windy on first day but perfect thereafter"
"30c plus"
"Wall to wall sunshine and very hot."
"Absolutely perfect, aside from 10 minutes of raining afternoon , it was glorious throughout"
"Perfect. 30 to 35 in the day time, warm evenings, no need for sleeves."
"Hot and humid"
"Hot hot hot"
"perfect, 30""
"amazing, one quick downpour at 10pm at night in the week"
"Again perfect weather"
"Windy but pleasant and sunny"
"A lovely temperature and very sunny most the time. Slightly cloudy at times and quite windy. We also experienced a very brief drizzle but not enough to really affect us."
"Temperatures very good, humidity low which made for pleasant evenings and days in the sun."
"Very hot"
"Very hot....lovely"
"Sun and occasional light cloud. Constant 28C to 30C"
"Mostly sunny, occasional cloudy times"
"GLorious, 28 - 30 degrees"
"Fabulous,rained twice ,once at night and once for half an hour one lunch time .rest of time just incredible."
"Excellent sun every day"
"Great weatehr an dideal temperature, one day of rain but overall perfect."
"Perfect 80f everyday"
"as above"
"beautiful weather for 11 days out of 14, the 3 days of rain were still warm and didnt spoil the holiday at all, lovely sunsets, perfect!"
"The weather was great - blue skys with white fluffy clouds most days - 32 deg during the day & 28 deg in the evening"
"Beautiful and very hot"
"As per every January in The Maldives - amazing!"
"Very warm approx 29 degrees daily and we had no rain although there were lots of clouds."
"The weather was perfect. Blue skies, bright sunshine a constant 30 degrres C each day with a gentle breeze."
"constantly 31 degrees C!!! Warm but comfortable"
"warm but cloudy at times"
"Beautifully sunny with a slight wind"
"Very warm and lovely"
"In Jan, weather is hot but pleasant. Take strong SPF (>80) sun cream."
"Perfect weather!"
"Amazing, 30 degrees daytimes and 27 at night."
"Lovely, sunny and hot"
"fab over 30 degrees every day"
"30 - 32 degrees Hot and mainly sunny"
"Mixed. Not that it mattered because even when cloudy and raining there were lots of places to sit off undercover and still marvel at the views and marine life."
"30 degrees every day"
"Excellent, sunny and dry"
"Very warm and dry"
"Very good but a few very heavy tropical storms and quite windy at times"
"Mixed a couple of cloudy days but always lovely and hot"
"Good couple of rainy days"
"Hot, hot and just how it was expected"
"just right not too hot and warm enough to sunbathe and walk out at night with no extra layers."
"Fantastic the whole time"
"Warm but very breezy"
"weather was hot and beautiful"
"As expected Superb"
"Roasty toasty! Debbie actually suggested to move our holiday up so it was over my birthday and I am so great full she did as we missed all of their rain storms! And we had sun every day!"
"Mainly sunny and hot."
"very good"
"Beautiful ."
"Beautiful, 30 degrees all the time."
"Worse than we thought as it was cloudy for the first 3 days and we had rain durin"
"Warm and dry"
"Hot & dry, had a few days when it was windy & sea was high"
"Sunny and 31 degrees with a moderate (and welcome) breeze, and only 20 minutes of light rainfall during the 10 days."
"30 plus every day, only occasional cloud but it was welcomed"
"8/9 days it was perfect for us. Sunny with some cloud and wind to take the edge off the heat."
"Warn @ 28-30C slight breeze"
"hot up to 32C"
"Sun all the way"
"very hot, a couple of expected rain showers"
"Good. Hot & no rain"
"Excellent, not too hot nearly no rain"
"Very hot and was quite windy"


"Hot and occasional rain storms fab!"
"Hot and occassional rain storm fab"
"Sunny and hot"
"Great, a couple of short showers but other than that sunny with a breeze"
"Hot and sunny"
"Clear blue sky and crystal clear water for the whole of our holiday, dont reaaly think it gets any better than this."
"Brilliant - sunny everyday"
"as expected"
"Beautiful with the odd shower"
"On the whole lovely. The last 2 days were changable."
"For February it was unexpectedly wet with 5 out of 15 days with cloud and rain. Temperature around 30c+ and uv extreme."
"Lovely. Just two 1-hr downpours and the rest of the time was good, with quite a breeze to keep us comfortable"
"Arrived it was stormy but that was quite nice to experience.Temperature was very warm with a nice breeze, heat was lovely 28-30C. Rained on the first and last days but the rest of the time it was good."
"Beautiful! It was sunny 99% of time, occasional cloud at night. Only rain we got was the morning we were leaving, and it was only a short but ferocious shower. Temperature was very high and quite dry."
"Very hot"
"Sunny and beautiful"
"Gorgeous one rainy day, but didnt mind as was sunburth the day before"
"hot hot hot!"
"Hot & Sunny all wek"
"Very good-no rain"
"Hot humid and sunny"
"Perfect, 34degrees I would say in the day"
"Sunny but sea rough most of time due to winds so no snorkelling trips until last two days which was a shame"
"Just right."
"hot, nice breeze."
"Out of this world"
"Mostly sunny, 32 degree's day, odd shower at night 28 degrees. Wind from north east"
"Weather was perfect"
"Stunning and hot with no humidity"
"31c every day and 28c at night"
"Sunny, hot"
"Perfect every day"
"Excellent Hot"
"Very hot"
"Hot and sunny"
"beautiful! very hot and wonderful cool breeze in the evening"
"Lovely for the first few days (31 degrees) but then cloud, rain and wind for the last 3 days"
"Very warm with a nice breeze"
"Consistently warm. The only time it got slightly uncomfortably hot was midday to mid-afternoon. Sea breezes were stronger than we expected, causing rippling effect on the water which made snorkelling slightly more challenging. Also more cloud that you would imagine at this time of year but no rain. The sun dips very quickly"
"Very warm and sunny"
"Beautiful as always, occasional rain but nothing that stops you from getting on with your holiday."
"Nice until day 6 then cloudy and rain"
"Absolutely perfect, sunshine every day."
"We went in February. The weather was gorgeous, normally in the 30’s with a cooling breeze and no humidity."
"Few cloudy days .very hot and mostly sunny"
"Hot and sunny"
"Sunny and hot. We had some cloud and even rain one day but I don't think anything in the world could spoil Komandoo - certainly not a little rain."
"Very hot, dry"
"31 degrees most days. No rain."
"Very, very hot."
"30 degrees each day ( we when in February )"
"Very warm"
"Very Good, a little rain, one heavy shower overnight"
"Lovely & hot. Only one day with a bit of rain"
"Fabulous, we went at the end of February and it was sunny 31C - 32C everyday with a nice breeze."
"We stayed 14 nights between 24.02.17. to 10.03.17. During this period we did have 3.5 days of continual rain but apart from that the weather remained hot and sunny varying between 28 - 33 degrees."
"Sunny and warm"
"we stayed for 10 nights and had 2 minutes of rain!! the weather was for most sunny with a fantastic breeze averaging 30+ degrees"
"Weather was fabulous"
"sun every day,one downpour at night"
"Mixed, rain/wind 4-5 days first week but lovely after that"
"Good - some rain"
"Amazing, sometimes a little too hot when there wasn’t a breeze. But you can easily cool down in the sea or air conditioned rooms. The sea water is warm too, which is lovely."
"Sunny and very hot"
"28-30C every day. Only one afternoon with rain in 14 days"
"Mixed. 70 % good 30%rain!"
"Hot sunny and very pleasant"
"Full sun 8 days, 2 days rain"
"Sunny every day apart from one day of cloud."
"First time in 4 years no rain, so hot hot hot!!!"
"perfect just the right. Not to hot not to cold warm breeze in the evening. Impressive storm as we left."
"Excellent. 31 degrees."
"perfect..no rain..sunshine every day"
"Pretty good most days. Even when it was a bit cloudy it was still hot."
"Beautiful. It felt hotter than the temperature said it was and high factor sunscreen is a must."
"Very good-occasional shower"
"Hot! Huge, amazing thunder storm one evening."
"Beautiful. Travelled in February. Sea a little choppy for a few days. Only rained once for a few minutes."
"Very hot , slightly cloudy most days"
"Hot & Sunny"
"lovely and hot but a few storms and a couple of cloudy days, but eased us into the beautiful sunshine gradually."
"Warm, dry and (mostly) sunny. Temp varied from 29 to 32 daytime and 27 to 29 overnight. Mostly clear blue skies with virtually no humidity."
"Loevely and hot and sunny."
"Wonderful 31 in day 28 at night"
"Amazing, averaged around 32/35 degrees every day"
"We had a few storms but nothing to ruin our stay"
"Sunny all the time. In the 30’s during the day and high 20’s at night"
"Very warm - temperature didn't go below 27°"
"Sunny, hot"
"Around 31 degrees"
"Fabulous weather"
"Great , hot every day , lovely breeze and a few cloudier days but this was a welcome relief as so hot!"
"bit windy and cloudy, sunshine most of the time, but heavy rain on the Wednesday afternoon and rain on Thursday afternoon from 3.30 to 5"
"Absolutely beautiful, sunshine everyday"


"The weather was hot."
"Very Good"
"Nice & hot."
"Very hot"
"30 + and humid, beautiful blue skies and perfect sunsets. Water temp was 30 degrees"
"Very hot and sunny. Heavy showers on the last day as on the cusp of the start of the rainy season."
"Overall hot and sunny, occasional showers but these are over very quickly."
"Hot hot hot!"
"Sunny and hot"
"Weather was perfect but be aware of extreme UV need good sun cream"
"Beautiful sunshine every day. 30c+."
"Beautiful sunny days with temperatures around 32 degrees. Only rain we saw was when we were tucked up in bed so in my book it was perfect weather"
"Warm and humid"
"1 rain shower for 10 minutes on our 1st day then sunshine with little cloud after that. 28C+ every day"
"Very good"
"Hot hot hot. Tropical and perfect"
"Weather was really hot and sunny. Saw very little rain but when it came it was very refreshing."
"34 degrees all holiday 20 mins of rain"
"Mostly fine but with some showers and a little windy."
"Hot! 34 degrees full sun, we had 1 cloudy morning and a ‘rain shower’ which didn’t really amount to anything"
"14 days of sunshine"
"Hot and sunny"
"Hot and sunny every day"
"One overcast day in 14"
"30 degrees and sunny"
"Hot & warm! Few showers"
"perfect, hot hot hot! no rain"
"Very good"
"We went at Easter. The weather was perfect. But it definitely got more humid as we got closer to April."
"A little drizzly for the first day but the sun came out and was perfect from then on."
"mixed mostly hot with a couple of thunder storm days"
"Blue sky and hot every day"
"Very hot."
"Hot. Hot. Hot… loved it"
"Perfect, warm and sunny every day."
"hot, had a couple of storms but short lived"
"A bit unsettled at times for March but still very warm and sunny for the most part."
"Ironically for March, it wasn't fantastic, although we are assured this was really unusual."
"Superb we had 2 rain showers but did not disturb our holiday at all."
"Hot and humid, perfect for tanning, swimming, snorkelling etc"
"Very hot and sunny, with a slight breeze."
"Beautiful was lovely just to have a sea breeze now and again had to rain showers both were during the night."
"Hot - Clear blue skys with the odd thunderstorm that you could see rolling in from the other atols."
"Hot, in the 30s and it did rain torrentially a few times."
"little rain. last day overcast"
"very good apart from shower on last day"
"The weather was amazing during our stay, clear blue sky and not a rain cloud in sight."
"Second part rained every afternoon for no more than hour"
"Sunny, 30+ degrees, no rain"
"Fantastic very hot"
"Very Good"
"Mostly sunny but some cloud each day, we had 2 very short rain showers, Warm every day."
"Awesome, bar one day!"
"Weather was absolutely fantastic average day temperature 32° at night, about 29°."
"Sunny & hot :)"
"33 degrees and sunshine"
"great all week. hot, sunny, just perfect for some winter sun."
"Very good. Sunny almost all of the time. One short shower during the day."
"Slight breeze in the first week taking the edge off the heat. One day it rained for a few hours. Second week perfect."
"Hot Hot Hot"
"30c most of the time. Always sunny. Could not have dreamt for more"
"Very hot"
"We were looking at a very stormy forecast , we did have an unusual amount of rain, but the sun was hot if not intermittently."
"Very good, 33 degrees every day"
"Fantastic. Hot and sunny with a great breeze coming off the ocean."
"Beautiful and sunny every day, around 32 degrees"
"Great throughout"
"Amazing, beautiful sunshine 8 days out of 9 and just one cloudy day."
"Very hot"
"Weather was sunny 32 degrees for last wrrk in march. Only 1 day overcast with a little rain."
"Rainy patches on first two days but otherwise clear"
"very good, everyday 30 - 35 degrees"
"30 degrees everyday!"
"Very good"
"Perfect weather , very hot every day. Maybe only issue was humidity was high , but then its tropical !"
"Fantastic - just one day of heavy rain and storms."
"Very Mixed, cloudy, sunny and one day where it rained all day."
"Very hot"
"too hot !!!"
"Too hot! Only complaint!"
"Storm one night, perfect sun otherwise."
"Sun all the way"
"Hot hot hot"
"Sunny and warm"
"Very nice. Sunshine. Between 29 and 31 degrees."
"Very hot mostly clear skies some cloud and an occasional breeze"
"Very hot & sunny"
"Consistently good with sea breezes to keep humidity down"
"really good"


"Every day, the sun shone, as you would expect. Temperatures were between 32/34 degrees centigrade. Too hot at times to sunbathe. Warm seas and shaded areas were very useful at these times"
"Perfect apart from one afternoon/evening which was quite fun as thunderstorms"
"Lovely and hot"
"30 degrees most days"
"Tropical thunderstorms 3 times during the 5 day stay"
"Sun, Sun, Sun and more sun"
"Bloody gorgeous"
"Lovely. Sunny and hot."
"Very hot and sunny. Had tsunami warning whilst there though due to the earthquake in Indonesia"
"hot and sunny"
"Hot, clear blue skies most days. Average Temperature about 32. Humid at night."
"Very very hot during in the day, high sun factor necessary. still hot and humid at night.had a couple of rain storms but only lasted for a short period."
"4 rainy days, but no complaints"
"32 degrees C. Windy towards the end with one storm that shook the water villa. Otherwise beautiful clear sky"
"plenty of sunshine, a few heavy showers at night"
"Mostly good, some rain and cloud but overall very hot and sunny."
"cloudy, sunny with some rain. Sun was very strong even when cloudy."
"very good!! 2 days of showers which only lasted 2 hours and were mainly in the evenings. Temperature daily was 30-32 degrees but did feel much warmer than this. Long hours of sunshine (7am-7pm) and very humid in evenings."
"Weather was sunny - showers in the evening - for an hour or so"
"Perfect -"
"Weather was so good"
"32 degrees, 40 degrees with the humidity"
"Superb we had thunderstorms but it didn't spoil the holiday"
"Everyday apart from the last day of our 14 night holiday was sunny, with just one day when it rained at night! Our last day was still hot but overcast, but still managed to get sun burn, own fault."
"Great, not as great as usual for that time of yr but these days its unpredictabls"
"Really good"
"Very hot"
"Perfect. Sunny, not much cloud average of around 32-36 Degrees"
"OK five days of cloud then five sunny"
"Very warm but its a dry heat, absolutely perfect"
"Very hot"
"We stayed for a week and probably had an average temp of 34 degress all week. We heard one thunder storm in the distance which was rather incredible and one morning of light rain which did not detract from the holiday."
"31 degrees"
"Beautiful weather, a couple of overcast days however this didnt spoil it at all."
"sunny and hot all week."
"Hot, hot & hot!"
"in 16 nights we had mostly wall to wall sunshine. One thunder storm and a couple of days with cloud cover. Honestly though its a break from the heat!"
"A little rainier than expected, but wonderful nonetheless"
"Really hot"
"hot, hot, hot!"
"Mixed but only what you can expect from the Maldives as they approach their rainy season."
"Brilliant, one day of rain, but otherwise perfect."
"very good for most of the 14 nights"
"Perfect, some sunny days, some overcast and a great thunderstorm."
"Excellent - all sunshine"
"Hot & Sunny"
"Fantastic only a few hours of rain on one day in the whole 10. Better then the last time we went in October."
"It was hot and humid. We had a thunderstorm but really enjoyed watching it."
"lovely and sunny for 2 whole weeks"
"1 day it poured with raain but it didn't stop us using the hot tub! 5 days of sunshine!"
"Hot quite humid but a few days there was a lovely breeze"
"Not going till next year"
"Very hot but wonderful"
"Mix of stormy and beautiful sunshine. Always hot"
"Very hot and humid"
"Mixed, some beautiful hot and blue days and a few grey with some rain. Had the biggest storm I've ever experienced, even the staff commented on how violent it was (and unusual!)"
"Mainly beautiful. Occasional winds and downpours."
"Very hot and humid - we had a few days were it was a bit unsettled."
"Very hot day and night"
"Generally good, although we thought rainy season had come early this yr as a few rainy days, storms a few evening to. So plenty of thunder and lightning but it picked up"
"Very good most days, really warm with just a couple of rain showers."
"The weather was hot ever day even on the odd day when it was cloudy"
"Was bit warm in afternoon. It was very pleasant in evenings."
"Very hot, we had a couple of days where there were thunder storms & heavy rain, but cleared within a couple of hours and was hot again.The temperatures was around 38 but felt hotter. Definitely need a good suncream and something to use as a cover up. I love hot weather, but spent most of the time in the shade or in the water."
"Unfortunately a 4 out of 6 days were very stormy and so the ocean was very choppy so excursions were cancelled and we were unable to snorkel due to the bad weather."
"Really hot had a few thunderstorms first day or two but after that was amazing"
"Very hot 33c most days a cooling breeze"
"Sunny the majority of our holiday just a few storms which were mostly when we were asleep."
"Hot humid some rain and a pleasant breeze to keep the heat bearable."
"Very good"
"perfect in maldives 30+, no rain and a slight breeze :)"
"May is the start of the rainy season but not so much as to spoil the holiday. The showers were heavy but quick."
"Weather was lovely & hot, it rained a few times as it was the start of the wet season but overall there was more sunny days than rain"
"Hot, sunny"
"hot with a few showers"
"Sunny for most of the 2 weeks"
"Very Hot but enjoyable"
"Extremly hot"
"the weather was hot and humid , enjoyed this very much"
"Very hot at over 30c daily Mid April, it retains the heat at night, very warm.We had two or three short showers which cleared the air and reduced the humidity which was never uncomfortable."
"Typically Tropical"
"Weather was amazing, a bit cloudy on arrival but sunny. Rain for 3 mins one afternoon. Couple more showers but nothing to impact on stay."
"really good, nice and hot and barely any rain or storms"
"Had 2 days of rain but still very warm."
"Hot but a few thunder storms on a couple of the nights but didn't ruin the holiday"
"Sunny and hot."
"The weather was superb. Temp range between 26 and 32 most days. Sunny with minimum cloud cover. Wind picked up towards the end with one 30 min rain shower as the season started to change a bit."
"Beauty weather, we had a 10 minute rainfall late one afternoon but 10 minutes later you wouldn't have known it had rained! Perfect weather!"
"Great sunny every day"
"Humid and hot, barely any clouds. Couple of rain showers at night"
"Hot and some rains"
"It rained for the first 5 days. We experienced a cyclone on the Monday evening which was exciting. After 5 days the weather was gorgeous! We still tanned through the clouds though and we could always sit out for part of the day."
"Mid 30s, sunny/cloudy, thunderstorm on the last day."
"Very very hot - almost too hot in April."
"storm the night we got there,storm the night before we left, in between very hot ans sunny"
"Humid hot"
"extremely hot all the time, even in the evening"
"perfect 12 out of 14 days"
"Very Hot"
"Amazing. We had sunshine everyday except our last day which was cloudy. Thunderstorms every night which we loved!"
"most days good"
"Boiling hot every single day"


"It was hot in day and warm at night"
"Very hot"
"A few storms mainly during the night rest of the time lovely"
"Fabulous 30 degrees everyday with pretty much cloudless skies. One heavy tropical storm on the second day of the holiday which was in the early hours of the morning."
"Monsoon season but rain was brief and temperatures stayed around 30degrees"
"Mixed. Some days very sunny, some days windy and rainy. But Always Hot and very enjoyable."
"It was just getting into their rainey season but we had mostly sun. It did rain several times over our 2 weeks but often late at night (with thunder and lightening out at sea) and when during the day it was over quickly and dried up within minutes"
"Weather was fantastic for the 2 weeks we where there. It only rained a bit in the evenings for just a few days"
"Mixed. Sunny, cloudy, windy, and some rain"
"Very hot and really sunny."
"2 days of rain and wind but didn't spoil the holiday."
"Mixed weather but the rain we did have was nice to have a few cooler days otherwise very hot."
"1 week was hot and 1 week it was raining due to the season."
"Amazing weather,very hot ,"
"Great but changeable!"
"Low 30's, Sunny all week apart form 20 mins on our last day which was not a problem as I was in the spa having a massage!"
"Unfortunately the monsoon season had stared and we had a few days of stormy weather with lots of rain"
"Apart from the huge storm first night couldn’t be faulted"
"Very Hot"
"Better than expected..30-34 degrees during the day, sunny spells"
"Sunny all 7 days"
"Hot and sunny every day."
"Very warm, day and night. No jumpers required! Some days were overcast but it was still around 28 / 29 degrees all the time. It did rain on a couple of days but they were short, sharp showers and again the temp remained the same. The rain did not interfere with the holiday at all."
"Hot with occasional spout of rain. The day we were set to leave there was heavy"
"Mixed, but enough sun"
"Sunshine every day, very hot, pleasant breeze in the evenings"
"Very hot!"
"Very hot"
"Hot and sunny"
"Very hot and very windy, which abated a bit on the last two days."
"Average. Was warm but often overcast with some rain."
"Not good - monsoon came early"
"As we expected. Mostly hot and sunny with occasional rain"
"Tropical - rain and sun. Generally around 30 degrees, Less humid than Seychelles"
"1st 3 days changeable, last 4 really sunny, but all week 30 degrees, sea about the same"
"Weather was good given the time of year a couple of days we had thunderstorms but nothing to detract from the holiday"
"Weather was great. Very hot. Although it was the rainy season we only got 2 days rain out of 10 so we didn't do too bad!"
"Hit and sunny"
"Mixed but as expected in May."
"Perfect 37 C"
"Warm with a few rain showers"
"Hot & humid"
"27 to 30 , very hot since 8 am to 6 pm. Very few rain even in May"
"Sunny & hot as we'd expected."
"We knew this was the rainy season and we did have three days of rain, but the other six days were fabupous"
"Very good some stormy days"
"We went in late May/ early June and we felt lucky with the weather. It rained most days for a couple of hours and was sunshine the rest of the time! There was one day when it rained the whole time but it was still so hot and the place is so beautiful it did not matter, you can still snorkel or go to the spa or make the most of the cocktail menu!"
"hot and wet with sunny intervals"
"generally good"
"went 1st may to 13th may. Weather was around 30-35. rained three days (usually inthe night or early morning) But half hour later everythings was dry and super hot again"
"Sri Lanka was humid and sunny, the Maldives was lovely for three days but then we had solid rain for three days too, it didnt ruin it as the rooms,bar and restaurant are amazing but if you're a sun seeker/tan fanatic it was a shame!"
"Sunny, cloudy, high winds, light rain and heavy rain. Felt like we experienced all the options! We still had a great time."
"Good weather , one day of rain but we had booked the spa and we welcomed the break from the sun."
"Hot .... rain on 1 day"
"Mainly sunny but far more rain than expected, rained mist days & for 3 days solidly."
"very hot, one day of rainfall"
"It was 31, 32 degrees every day. We had two bouts of rain, one where it rained all night and a brief shower one evening"
"31-32 degrees each day"
"most days were hot and sunny. Some days were hot and cloudy and we have a day and a half which was very wet. We stayed for 2 weeks"
"Storm on day of arrival , otherwise sunny everyday. Excellent weather conditions"
"Hot hot hot. We got lucky with the weather, only one day of heavy rain in two weeks at the start of the wet season."
"Most days were hot and sunny. Some days were hot and cloudy and we have a day and a half which was very wet. We stayed for 2 weeks"
"very hot,humid"
"pre monsoon! so hot 31degrees average a few hours of rain and wind. but sea breeze great too1 Would go this time of year again as didn't bake!"
"rained sometimes"
"Generally very good, some breeze and 1 rainy day due to a cyclone in the area"
"Could not have been better. One storm, and it was through the night. No other rain."
"3 days or so overcast but the rest of the 2 weeks were great sunshine and 32 degrees"
"The weather was excellent for the first few days. We were then advised by the barman that the weather would change on the 21st of May because the Monsoon season would start then. Sure enough he was dead right. Cloud and rain for the remainder of our stay."
"Quite hot not as hot as Dubai"
"good; rained a little every other day, otherwise very hot sun"
"Very sunny and humid One day a little rain and overcast"
"Excellent, one shower that lasted for 3hrs during our 10 night stay, 32 degrees and bright sunshine for the rest"
"First 7 days very hot with loads of sunshine, last 3 days off and on with rain, but again we knew what to expect going at that time of year"
"3 wet days 7 nice days."
"The weather was great. hot and sunny everyday. Although the week we went can be hit or miss, we certainly never saw any rain, a litte cloud but not much"
"Poor - Monsoon"
"Generally good with the odd torrential downpour, but it was the wet season afterall!"
"Mostly sunny, couple of rainy days which was nice as it wasn't too hot then... :)"
"Sunny everyday, around 30-35c. Rained 2 nights but didnt bother us as we were sleeping, I think this aloud the sky to clear for the day and the sun to shine."
"Beautiful apart from last 4 days but that was ok for me not being a sun worshipper"
"realy hot but did rain allot as rainy season but in no way a problem was relief from the heat for myself"
"Lot of rain than expected"
"Less than perfect unfortunately"
"mixed with some rain"
"humid, cloudy, some sun, rain and thunderstorms"
"Not great very stormy and a freak cyclone hit us!"
"On and off sunny and cloudy with some rain occasionally"


"Hot, sunny and humid, apart from 2 days where is rained for an hour"
"We ve been there during the rainy season but in 10 days that we spent there it didn't rain at all. Beautiful weather"
"perfect for the 2 weeks even in monsoon season"
"Weather was beautiful! Hot and sunny just how we like it! Even the short rain showers were warm and never lasted more than 10 minutes."
"amazing, sunny and not too much rain."
"In the week I had few days of rain which did spoil the holiay slightly and the evenings were quite cool"
"very hot"
"Majority of days were sunny with a cooling breeze."
"Ideal temperatures of around 30 t0 32 degrees. Strong showers, often thundery most days, but only lasting a short while, often no more than 15-20mins. Really helps clear the air actually!"
"I was concerned about the weather as we were going in monsoon season, but apart from some rain and cloud on the day we arrived we had sunshine everyday for the rest of our holiday - wouldn't worry about going at this time of year again."
"Beautiful, sunny every day but not too hot prob in the late 20's, early 30's. Cooler in the evenings but still quite warm."
"It was supposed to be the rainy season, but we only had rain one day in 2 weeks"
"Monsoon season! Lots of rain, lots of sunshine, lots of cloud, lots of thunder but got a very good tan through the cloud! The UV rays were exceptional."
"As we expected, very hot. Some welcomed rain during a couple of the of the evenings."
"Brilliant everyday - we arrived on 17/6 - probably average 33-35 degrees"
"A bit hit and miss but still great"
"Very good. Only a couple of stormy showers. Overall - beautiful blue skies"
"Hot but had rain a couple of days but it was good to cool down for a while"
"Mixed. It was their rainy season and we had a couple of days of rain, a few overcast days but mainly sunny."
"Hot but not too hot"
"It was boiling hot and sunny we had one afternoon of rain where we just went in the pool. Any other rain was whilst we were sleeping! In the evening we also got to watch amazing lighting across the sea!"
"Sunny and not unbearable weather"
"Hot and sunny with rain and wind in the evenings"
"Hot and sunny in the main."
"Sunny with humid rain spells hardly lasting any tine"
"Beautiful...hot and sunny with a welcome breeze"
"Perfect, it rained on our last evening and the morning we left. It was very humid but manageable."
"Weather was amazing"
"It rained every day but this was not a problem for us."
"In the Maldives it is the rainy season however we have some wonderful weather a bit of rain but the temperature was always 30° with loved every minute we stayed for 10 days"
"Monsoon season - rain most days for at least 3 hours and overnight. It made the water cloudier and brought in the jellyfish but not really a hindrance on our holiday."
"Sri Lanka party humid and maldives rained slightly but still hot"
"very hot and humid monsoon rain in the afternoon for a short while"
"Warm between 29-31 degrees, but was their rainy season so had rain on a few days. Rain warm though!! But windy and sea was choppy for our journey to and from the resort."
"Mixed but mostly dry and sunny"
"Warms as always with occasional but short lived storms"
"Hot with occasional rain."
"Hot and Sunny. Occassional heavy showers but short lived. Average temp 33C"
"Generally sunny every day, just a few rain showers for around 10 minutes on two out of the nine days we were there and a little windy at night but that was refreshing. These comments relate to the Baros island but we heard from other guests that the weather was not as good on other islands at the same time of year."
"Unfortunatly it rained for pretty much the whole time we were there! But it was still a lovely destination."
"Mixed with Sunny days and Monsoon days"
"Some days overcast with occasional short showers. Other days blue skies. Always very warm"
"33c everyday and not a single cloud in sight"
"The weather was on the whole very good. We did experience monsoon rain and winds at some point during the day or night, but as we had travelled in June we expected this. It didn't affect the enjoyment of the holiday at all."
"Weather hot did rain but for 15 mins then back on the beach."
"Weary good"
"We visited during the rainy season. Out of 7 days we had approximately 2 days worth of rain."
"Mostly Sunny with a few tropical showers."
"very hot!"
"Concidering we went during their rainy season our first week was excellent sunshine, not a single cloud. Temperatures late twenties. Evenings lovely and warm too, didn't need many clothes. Second week we did experience the odd afternoon shower, which lasted a couple of minutes, but still warm, but not a problem if already in the pool!"
"Very nice most of the time. Had a couple of dull days with light warm rain!"
"really good we had a little rain overnight but nothing to worry about and it was expected due to the time we visited"
"Hot and sunny for 2/3 of our holiday. Rained a few times on the other days."
"very good little bit of rain"
"Perfect, even the tropical rain we had for a short while."
"1 day of sun, 5 days of pure non stop rain"
"very good other than a couple of cloudy days"
"We travelled on 1st June 2015 (wet season),so we expected some rain during our stay. It was dry on arrival, but in the afternoon it quickly turned in to a thunderstorm and continued for 2 days solid. After those two days of solid rain we did not experience any further rain during our stay, although it did rain occassionally during the night. The remainder of the holiday was enjoyed with temperatures around 35 degrees during the day, and probably about 28 degrees in the evenings."
"Predominantly sunny, and warm. a few clouds in the early afternoon. a couple of afternoons stayed overcast but still very warm. a couple of showers through the week (heavy)"
"Hot! In June the weather was mainly sunny, very humid and occasionally overcast. We did have one thunderstorm at night."
"Chucking down with rain when we arrived. But from the next day, gorgeous weather."
"Hot. A few clouds, which was sometimes a welcome break. The odd thunderstorm but they never lasted long and the were often quite exciting."
"Excellent - suggestions of rain never happened"
"Hot, with intermitant rain which only last about 10 mins at a time."
"Very good"
"Clear, warm just perfect"
"Hot and sunny"
"Perfect - although it rained on our last day."
"Hot and sunny, with a short rainstorm on the last afternoon!"
"Hot and sunny for the majority of our stay."


"Stormy some days. Rainy sometimes. Hot and sunny. Very warm evenings."
"Hot, and on occasion very wet, but it cleared up quickly"
"Perfect for us: cloudy, rainy yet warm."
"cloudy slightly rainy with a few good days"
"We had two consecutive days of rain in the first week. Pretty heavy rain at times. We then had extremely hot and humid weather for the remainder of our holiday with the occasional 6am downpour. These lasted all of 10 minutes. There were a few clouds at times and there's always dark clouds out at sea but no more rain. We think for low-season that we got off lightly, however annoying it was."
"When we arrived on 6/7 it was overcast and we were concerned. However the sun came through and the 6th and 7th were both sunny days - perfect. Tropical storm hit on 8th and lasted the whole day. Sun then came out for the rest of the holiday, intermittent cloud cover but nothing to concern us and we came back with great tans. The locals stated that we were very luck with the weather that week."
"Despite it being Monsoon season the weather was very good. Only rained twice."
"had a couple of days of rain but otherwise very sunny"
"We had a few days of beautiful sunshine which then turned to wet downpours. We lost a full day of our holiday and some afternoons, but that makes you get up early to appreciate the abundent sunshine. It is rainy season!"
"Better than expected. Very few showers"
"Sun sun sun"
"as we tried a differant time of year than usual and went in July we expected it to rain at least half of the time but for two and a half weeks we saw no rain the the last four day we has some"
"The weather on arrival was grey and wet and plane's to the Islands were cancelled but we had booked a boat so it was fine but a bit rough. For the whole two weeks after that it was glorious with only one evening of rain."
"Constant 30 degrees. Most days were sunny with only 1 day of heavy rain which lasted a few hours and one evening of overnight rain. Locals did say that the weather was unusual for the time of year and more accurately represented what you would typically see in February. A different experience to 2007 where we travelled at the same time and had 5 days of non-stop rain."
"Was good bit of rain"
"Typically tropical"
"30 degrees constantly, a little cloud and the odd spell of rain 30 minutes before clearing"
"Weather was mixed, rained everyday, but we only had one full day of rain out of 13 night. We still went to the pool everyday. The humidity was quite bad."
"First day cloudy and some rain, after that sun sun sun"
"July Very hot base I like it, however made bearable with the strong wind/breeze, umbrellas for shade and occasional cooling off thunderstorms"
"2 weeks in the Maldives and the weather was excellent. It was sunny the full two weeks with only about 2 or 3 showers which from recollection did not last long. There was no wind over the 2 weeks which was great for lying on the beach but not if you are a windsurfer!"
"mixed but mainly hot and sunny"
"Hot and sunny"
"Fantastic hot snd sunny!"
"We loved the weather when we where there, it was very hot and humid. We where there for 12days and we seen rain 3 times, once during the day for an hour and twice during the evening. There was 2days that it was overcast, abit cloudy. I still managed to sunbathe for the whole day and get I got a great tan at the end of the holiday. We then went to Dubai for 6days and the weather was perfect as well, it was hot but bearable, we walked around the shops and streets with no unbearable heat it was managable. We sunbathed and it was perfect, with a dipin the pool to cool down."
"Low Season so we expect storms at night but by morning the sun was out and all was well."
"perfect 30-32c the water was 30c and even at 18 meters it was 29c evening rain at times"
"Sunny and hot just had a few rain showers on our last 2 days but they didnt last long."
"Very sunny, lovely and hot but not too hot. Monsoon one long morning but no big deal."
"Hot and sunny!"
"Sunny with some high cloud."
"lovely - very hot!"
"Weather was lovely this time of year."
"Rained 7 out if 9 days"
"hot and sunny very lucky with that."
"Reasonable. 4 days of stormy weather out of 10."
"pretty good"
"Perfect, one afternoon of rain, which we spent enjoying in the sea!"
"It was mixed - rainy on and off for much of the week with a couple of blue sky days A couple of days we had gray skies and drizzle all day"
"Mostly good, a couple of cloudy days which was expected for the time of year"
"Great - 6 days of plain sun and 2 of sun combined with some clouds/storms."
"Hot, sunny, revitalizing."
"Fantastic, hot and sunny."
"Few showers but on the whole great sunny day and a steady 30 degrees"
"Really hot bar two days rain even then still hot !!"
"Cloudy most days... sunny for two out of the seven"
"few showers ,to be expected for that time of year!"
"Up and down, but still managed to get a good tan!"
"Hot in 1st half and a bit of rain in 2nd half as it is the rainy season but it was only for 30 mins apart from one late afternoon which lasted 2 hrs as a storm."
"2 weeks of sunshine, rained in the evening whilst in bed...result."
"Fantatsic - clear blue sky almost all days. One spell of rain for a cuople of hours in the evening on one day but still warm and pleasant."
"Overll, excellent."
"Perfect. Sunshine with some clouds for all but 2 days with one day of rain and the other slightly overcast."
"Mainly sunny and a constant 28-30 degrees for the 2 weeks. A bit of rain on a couple of days but it was the rainy season, so was to be expected."
"Lovely- one evening of showers, but sunny and hot for the remainder."
"Over 30 degrees all the time!"
"Started a bit hazy, a few showers duiing the evenings. Otherwise glorious sunshine"
"Very warm, perfect conditions for snorkelling."
"Very warm. First 2 days partial cloud but cleared for remainder of week."
"Very hot and sunny, high temperatures"
"We had a bit of rain , as expected but it was very refreshing and we were aware that it can rain this time of year."
"A little rainy at times but we knew to expect this due to the time of year but it was still lovely and warm and it didn't hamper relaxing on the beach or snorkelling/diving."
"Fantastic. Clear blue skies, lovely gentle evening breeze. Only a couple of very short rain showers."
"Weather was fab!! Only 1 shower and 1 nighttime storm. Really hot."
"Brilliant weather"
"Absolutely Fabulous"
"Mixed. Thunder storms on 2 days. Hot on other days"
"it was very hot and sunny but not to the extent that it was unbearable. it was perfect to sit in all day and go swimming in any time of the day"
"late 20s. breezy rained whole day 1 day. then shot sharp showers"
"Really hot and not as rainy as I'd ex9ected"
"Most day's it was very very hot, it did rain for 2 days however it was still very hot even with the rain !"
"Although it was classed as rainy season it only rained for 10 minutes one morning, and it was still 30+ dgerees and sunny. The weather was perfect, averaging 34 degrees, with water a cool 29; even at 18m deep!"
"13days of sunshine."
"For rainy season there was no rain it was very hot and humid"
"Great weather every day, thankfully we did not experience any rain storms."
"The first week was mostly dry and hot but overcast with cloudy skies and quite windy. The second week was calmer with blue skies and sunshine. There were a couple of thunder and lightning storms at night with very heavy rain."
"first day was rain, and i cant complain about the rest it was beautiful clear sunny sky for 2 weeks. some days it was to hot to lay about but still come back with a lovely golden tan."


"Hot -- 30 degrees 2 weeks solid, 2 days it rained."
"Good except for a few rainy days."
"Rained most days, but only for a short while then was very hot"
"As it was the rainy season we were expecting the worst but apart from a couple of storms generally very warm & dry."
"Perfect - very hot all day, a few storms at night."
"Hot and sunny for the whole trip"
"even though I was monsoon season, it didnt rain once during the day and was very very hot! but it did rain a few times at night"
"Weather was warm and sunny."
"warm 32 C everyday,clear skies one bad day out of 6, evening storm surges"
"Rain at night, very hot in the day time"
"just missed a thunderstorm when we landed, perfect weather for the rest of the week. around 30 degrees with a nice breeze through the day."
"weather not good"
"Hot, loved it"
"30 degrees plus, it rained a few times for a couple of minutes but it was then very hot and you would have never known it rained"
"rained about 4 days but only a couple were complete wash out. other than that about perfect"
"Very good - although we went in off season (August/September), only had 2 cloudy days out of 14 days and very little rain during the day."
"Rained 4 days out of 7 :("
"The Weather was wonderful, it wasn't to hot the temperatures were just right and comfortable to be. As for the rain it was raining mainly in the evenings but then it didn't really effect our honeymoon at all, we enjoyed our time out there."
"It was windy for a couple of days, with some cloud and a couple of torrential rain showers but these cleared through quickly. Otherwise hot and sunny- just like the brochures!"
"Hot mostly some rain due to time of year visited"
"Hot - a few days of cloudy weather/ a day of rain but didn’t impact the activities we could do - the sea was still warm!"
"amazing, 30 - 35 degrees everyday with a sea breeze. it was superb"
"Boiling hot! We had one rain shower which lasted 3 mins and then the sun was straight back out."
"Hot and rain"
"Wonderful- only 1 night of rain ☔️"
"1 afternoon of rain but expected due to time of year. Perfect sunshine and 30-32 deg"
"Hot, Sunny, cloudy and thunderstorms"
"Terrible the day we arrived, very heavy prolonged rain & severe winds, then next few days rain quite heavy on & off with still some wind, then wind calmed , very cloudy but warm enough to swim etc, lat day we saw blue skies"
"Out of 7 days, it rained constantly all of the Thursday and the Friday and was quite heavy rain but we didn't mind too much as we were in such a lovely resort!"
"We had some fantastically rainy, windy days and then other calm, blue-skied days - a good mix over the two weeks."
"Very sunny"
"Absolutely dreadful"
"a real mix considering it was the rainy season. For the most part though, it was glorious with a day of clouds. If it did rain it was for about 30 minutes and then back to business with the sun! Nice breeze to take the edge of the suns heat too."
"well, considering its one of the southern most points of the maldives, it wasnt surprising that it was a bit windy. This came as a pleasant relief considering the sun! There were 2 days from the 6 that rained, proper rain i mean, horizontal rain, but for the most time it was sunny, warm but a few clouds"
"We caught the end of the rainy season so apart from most days having heavy rain when the sun came out it was glorious and we got enough to get a good tan"
"Occasional days of cloud and rain but when sunny very hot"
"Sunny with occasional rain"
"It rained alot which was unusal"
"Some heavy rain in first few days. Hot and sunny after that."
"sunny, cloudy and a little rainy"
"Rainy,windy and hot"
"Occasionally stormy, mostly fine."
"Mostly very warm/hot and sunny a few rainy days"
"Hot in the day, we did have some rain but it really didn't matter."
"Tail end of monsoon season for three day but the rest was beautiful sunshine"
"Sunshine and clouds around 30 degrees but windier than anticipated"
"Initially very wet, then after 3 days of rain the next 4 days were sunny with the odd shower. The following 3 days returned to rainy weather, then the sun reappeared for the last few days."
"Amazing, sun & blue sky for 14 glorious days."
"Very bright sun with occasional rainy showers."
"Above expectations"
"First 3 days were a bit grey and rainy, but the last 7 days were sunny and warm"
"29 degrees most days. A few days it rained but it lasted 5 minutes"
"Very good"
"For the 1st 4 days of our 2 week stay at Kuredu Island Resort the weather was good - sunshine every day and rain most nights. For the rest of our holiday the weather was not good - heavy rain just about every day with a tiny break of high clouds but no blue sky on a couple of the days. Unfortunately this bad weather affected the viz on our diving. The bad weather did not detract from the otherwise good time we had there as we come from a place where it is hot and sunny so the change was welcomed. In the past years we have been to the Maldives we have been very lucky with the weather - the possible bad weather was not unexpected."
"It was the wet season but of the 12 days we were there , there were only 3 days were we had to adjust our plans for the day. Most of the time it rained in the evening. I was not expecting the winds though, they were very strong at times, especially at night"
"The weather was everything we expected as we had looked at forecasts beforehand - overall very warm with some humidity during the day and mild and comfortable in the evening. We had a wee bit of rain - but we were in the maldives and it was warm rain."
"A bit of rain"
"We were there for a week and 4/7 days were rainy."
"Hot and sunny ideal weather"
"Very hot"
"A little rain , sunny then for rest of holiday"
"week 1 hot and sunny, week 2 cloudy and wet."


"Rainy went in monsoon season"
"14 days wall to wall sunshine.....which in our experience is unusual"
"Got lucky with 27-29c daily"
"V. Warm usually sunny, some cloud, occasional bursts of heavy rain"
"Very hot with some rain, however this only lasted an hour or so and passed by."
"Very hot"
"beautiful most of the time but some tropical rain but still warm"
"Warm, some rain but usually later on in the day."
"It was the rainy season but we only had two periods of rain which did not last long otherwise temperatures in low 30s"
"It was a mixture of rain, cloud and sunshine"
"Great for 1st 8/9 days, then deteriorated after that."
"some rain but not that it was a problem rest was brilliant"
"unfortunately mostly windy and wet"
"Only one day of rain, so better than average for this time of year."
"Sunny all week."
"sunny for 10 days, raining for final 3 days"
"Excellent, but getting bad while leaving."
"30c pretty much all of the time with 1 hour of rain"
"as above"
"Fantastic weather considering it was the tail end of monsoon season. Beautiful sunshine every day and temperature of 30 degrees"
"Sunny with a breeze."
"Weather was great, despite it being the rainy season!!"
"Very hot"
"Raining 95% of the time but we still loved it!"
"Hot and sunny"
"Fairly good"
"Hot and would rain occasionally but never long enough to spoil the day"
"So so ,,but warm"
"hot and sunny, could't have been more perfect considering it was supposed to be monsoon season, only one storm during the night."
"very good ,very little rain"
"as above"
"Some rainy days some hot and a bit windy. But we did go in september"
"It rained for 5 days out of 7"
"very hot some rain but great"
"1st week was great 2nd week it didn't stop raining."
"The weather was mixed, rain wind and sunny."
"5 days of good weather and 2 days of rains."
"A little rain but 30 degrees every day and when the sun was able to break through it was very hot."
"Very good"
"One day it rained but rest of the time sunny"
"fantastic-only 10 minutes of rain even though this was the wet season"
"Brilliant. Sunny and hot. It rained 3 times throughout our holiday for about 10 minutes each time so can't complain."
"Mostly overcast, fair bit of rain. The odd day of sunshine."
"Excellent. Just changed as we arrived, luckily for us!!"
"Good weather , very warm."
"hot and sunny, couple of showers"
"rainy but we new it was either or not as we have been so many times !!"
"Rained 5 days all day but we did have 5 days of very hot sun"
"We went in rainy season so we knew we may have a bit of rain. It did rain for 3 days."
"We had alot of rain, more rain than sunshine throughout the 11 days we were there"
"10 days of non stop sunshine"
"Very Hot"
"Cloudy the first week but hot and sunny the second"
"considering we went in the rainy season, we had 2 drops the first week, and about 10 mins the second week, was scorching"
"Rain for 3 days then bright sunshine for the remainder."
"Always warm even at night."
"Sunny and overcast during the day and rain with thunderstorms at night. Perfect!"
"30 Degrees during the day 25 degrees during the night."
"Very hot"
"Excelletn 85 to 90 degree's everyday"
"We really got lucky with the weather as locals had said it was raining for a straight 3 months previous to our arrival. We had 30 degrees & sunshine every day."
"One day overcast. Warm, and sunny with some cloudy days"
"Warm. Cloud cover, which actually stopped you from the sizzling sun. Rain most days from all day, to 15 mins but didn't affect my holiday"
"It was nice and warm at 28 to 30C. We did not have much full sunshine days and it was mostly cloudy with rain showers."
"Better than expected considering we travelled in rainy season"
"Mostly beautiful. Some stormy days"
"Fabulous, 32 degrees and only half a day of rain."
"Very good, rained a few days but overall the weather was good"
"Ranging from sunny and cloudy. Small rain showers only lashing 5-10 minutes."
"Lovely for saying it was rainy season."
"Very good apart from a couple of down pours but didn't last long at all."
"The weather was 32ish degrees with occasional showers"
"fabulous in October. Some rain during the day on occasion but perfect blue skies afterwards. Some heavy rain overnight but, who cares when you're sleeping!!"
"BRILLIANT! The weather G_Ds were on our side."
"It was cloudy and rained a few days."
"Beautiful weather one afternoon of rain but even that was beautiful to watch."
"We were very lucky with the weather, only one morning of rain and a couple of showers."
"Weather was perfect for 7 of the 9 days we were there, the other two days it rained heavily but we didn't mind so much."
"Hot and sunny"
"no complaints!"
"Perfect for the first week, it rained a couple of nights/late afternoon the second week."
"First week was overcast and breezy but very warm. Second week, wow hot hot hot"
"Maldives - Some showers for the first 3 days but these passed in about 10 minutes. The last 4 days were beautiful with temperatures around 35. Dubai - Hot!"
"we love the maldives as a retreat where we may unwind"
"Rained 6 days out of 10,"
"Warm and sunny. Occasional rain showers"
"Hot and sunny 30 degrees."
"3 days wind and rain for about an hour rest of time sunny and warm evening"
"Great 31 degrees"
"Good - had one bad day of rain but I have been to asia a few times before and am aware of the climate."
"There were a few rainy / overcast days, but several bright blue sunny days too."
"Perfect weather, it rained once at night"
"The weather was perfect."
"As the Maldives is in a tropical region we did expect rain on occasions in our case probably half a day at the most. This did not detract from the holiday and in this case it was welcome as it was quite hot."
"very hot and rained every day. A couple of days it was all day but it didn't put us off"
"2days rain out of 16"
"Hot but not too hot - just perfect"
"some rain rest of the time perfect"
"Hot every day little patchs of rain but nothing much"
"Very warm just coming out of the monsoon season. Rain kept itself to the night time"


"Very hot. Rained twice whilst we was there after lunch and once through the night but didn't ruin it at all"
"The weather was HOT. We did have rain the last 4 days but that was very welcome and it didn’t effect out holiday."
"30 degrees, mainly sunny. A few rainstorms but these were mostly at night."
"Very good"
"Very hot with heavy showers most days but over very quickly"
"Fantastic with a couple of heavy showers"
"Sunny/Cloudy/a little rain but always very warm"
"It was always very warm and humid but we did get a bit of rain on and off. This was expected because of the time of the year."
"mixed,mainly cloudy but still warm regardless"
"Sun, wind and rain"
"A little rain & lots of sunshine"
"Although we have some rain and the skies were overcast for a couple of days, it was warm and general good."
"Mixed, more rain than expected"
"Sunny most days, rained a few days"
"Amazing 29 degrees just perfect."
"Hit and miss, had only one fully rainy day which didnt bother us and as we had own pool and the rain is warm we still enjoyed the holiday. Except the last day, the seaplane had to land at an island that wasn't developed yet and had to wait for other seaplane guests to arrive via speedboat, we both had to get off and wait in the shelter but the sea sickness was really bad so preferred the rain to sitting on the plane."
"sunny mostly, one or two rains showers, hot but not uncomfortable."
"Hot! Sunny. Some showers(heavy), mainly at night"
"Fair. Half rain and half sun. But I understand the amount of rain we had was unusual for that time of year. Weather didn't spoil holiday - just relaxed in jacuzzi instead!!"
"The wether was brilliant, occasional rain showers didn't ruin our experience at all."
"It was mixed due to us travelling during the rainy season, but overall good."
"Hot hot hot !"
"Hot, around 30-35 daily."
"The weather was sunny, very hot 30C + from the day we landed up until the day we flew off our idyllic island which was around the 11th November. Two weeks prior to our arrival the island had suffered torrential rain non stop - so we were very very lucky."
"It did rain most of the week but it was also 32 degrees everyday."
"Very good. Hot and sunny until the last day"
"It was great. Some rain - to e expected - but overall it was brilliant"
"Hot & sunny with a nice breeze. One full Day of stormy rain and a couple more rainy episodes but mostly beautiful."
"Weather was lovely, it rained in the evening twice I think but that didnt worry us as we were in bed by then."
"Just right."
"32-35 during the day, 9 out of 10 days hot and sunny, 1 day - cloudy. 1 night of rain, cleared by day."
"Changeable, but still really nice."
"Although it rained occasionally for the first few days, it was still hot."
"It was really hit but unfortunately it rained quite a lot. Didn’t spoil the holiday though"
"Overcast in first week, sunny the next."
"Fab, rained occasionally but this was mainly in the evening and certainly did not bother us one iota"
"Changeable - but unusual for time of year by all accounts"
"The forecast was 40 degrees one day but average was 27 degrees to 34 degrees and in 10 nights we had 1 hour of rain - just a light downpour."
"38-42 degrees every day, no rain, no wind, perfect."
"Only had 2 hours of rain during the 11 days"
"Weather particularly bad for the Maldives they had the worst prolonged rain for 5 years, never saw the sun for a full week, very windy but still warm. Good job we went for 14 days, probably saw the sun for 5 days. A big let down."
"Hot and mostly sunny. The odd downpour but it was refreshing"
"Brilliant for 8/9 days. Rained on one day"
"Perfect and sunny for 11 days, overcast one day."
"weather somtimes rained but that was fine"
"hot hot hot"
"Cloudy only 2 out of the 14 days spent there. perfect for a sand and sea relaxing holiday."
"fantastic very hot"
"very hot"
"not so good! first time in 5yrs so cannot complain, still better than being in UK."
"not so good! did not mar our holiday though!"
"We had two days when it rained, but other than that it was perfect"
"Absolutely perfect in every way."
"Cloudy on the first day but then was lovely and sunny."
"The sun was shining everyday and a strong wind most days. On our side of the island the wind was strong but that was lovely as it stopped us getting too hot in the beautiful sun. We also had one night with a quick storm, which was very dramatic and amazing to be in the middle of at 3am."
"very good"
"Very hot and sunny with a few afternoon thunder storms"
"Hot and sunny!"
"Very friendly"
"Hot, hot, hot"
"Rain for 2 x full days out of the week, which was disappointing. Largely nice otherwise, sunny with some clouds. Always warm"
"Overall, good - few showers, but nothing too bad."
"Very good 99% of the time."
"Warm and sunny with some short showers"
"Perfect, sunshine back to back for 14 days"
"Weater - sunny for star of the week and then rained for a couple of days in the Maldives but good overall"
"the weather was very good around 30 degrees heavy rain during night which didn't affect us."
"We had a sun most of days but raining for few days"
"beautiful apart from 1 day of rain"
"The weather in October was perfect, mainly blue skies with only a few outbreaks of cloud. There was rain on the last day but only for a few minutes before the sun came out again. The temperature was around 30 degrees and the sun very strong between 10.30am and 4pm so a high factor suncream is necessary."
"Nice and warm"
"Rain for the first 2 days (but still warm) and then lovely sunshine and about 32 degrees."
"Hot, with occasional heavy rainfall, but mainly sunny"
"Beautiful and hot"
"Only had one half hour shower in 12 days"


"one rainy day"
"Beautiful in the high 20's"
"Mostly very hot and sunny with a few storms, as you would expect"
"Excellent, but very windy on one side of theisland"
"Very hot but had a few days rain."
"Hot, sunny with a few heavy showers/storms"
"Mainly sunny around 30 degrees day and night. A few showers but it was still hot."
"Mixed in November but always warm"
"Great most days hot/sunny and raining only at night. few days of down pours but didnt effect the holiday at all"
"It actually rained ALL day for two days The rest of the time it was beautiful and sunny"
"Mixed. Think we got the edge of the typhoon."
"Rained 2 out of 8 days"
"November normally meant to be good but we got hit with monsoons and 9 days of rain :("
"Ok, humid but rainy"
"sunny and very hot. we went at the end of November and even tho it says on internet that that is the wettest month of the year there we had nothing but glorious sunshine for 10 days!!! thank you Lana, you have done an amazing job!"
"Very good!"
"Hot and sunny. Only a couple of daytime showers. A couple of storms during the evening."
"Had a few showers the first week but the second week was beautiful."
"Initially cloudy with some rain but after a couple of days it was wall to wall sunshine and we ended up wanting a nice cool rain shower to break it up a bit."
"showers the first week but beautiful the second."
"Overall beautiful hot sunny days Some tropical rainstorms which was to be expected towards end monsoon season."
"A lot of rain, cloudy / overcast. Weather changed throughout the day but it rained everyday. Some blue sky but it didn’t stay for long over 7 days…"
"A mixture, sometimes sunny, mainly cloudy and sunny but had a few days of rain"
"Hot, more rain than anticipated but wasn't a problem"
"Very good and suited us well."
"again bit more rain than anticipated but fine"
"Hot and sunny"
"Warm, showers, cloud, and rain."
"very good"
"A mixture of hot & sunny plus downpours of rain in 2nd week. (the monsoon season ended a bit late this year."
"Hot and sunny with the odd shower"
"Great. It was hot and sunny everyday with only one thunderstorm (which was a great experience in itself to watch!) the whole time we were there!"
"very good for the time of year"
"Really nice"
"rainy :("
"Rained a couple of days but still warm 😀"
"fantastic! besides a little warm rain on one afternoon only sunshine, hot, perfect beach weather"
"Mainly sunny and hot, occasional showers and cloud"
"One day of rain out of 3."
"Sunny, warm, paradise"
"Generally good, a little changeable"
"Very hot and quite humid. The daytime temperature was at least 30 degrees C during the 2 weeks we were there. We had a couple of thunderstorms and tropical showers during the early evening but these were quite an exciting experience in themselves."
"Mixed very hot also down pour of rain"
"Generally good, however the island experienced a Monsoon on the last 3 days of our stay which resulted in us missing our plane and being delayed 24hrs. Kuoni did put us up in another hotel closer to Mali airport. So they did there best."
"Varied, sunshine, showers tropical storms even a cyclone !"
"Beautiful after a couple of cloudy days"
"30 degree heat everyday, full sunshine, a little cloud here and there but still so lovely and warm, seek shade most the time anyway and still got a lovely tan"
"Hot but mostly cloudy, windy and rainy"
"30c majority of the time with a nice breeze. Rain a couple of times late evening."
"Sunny and hot. Two cloudy and raining days."
"Perfect - sunny everyday"
"Mostly good, but did have a few days of rain/cloud"
"Sumny with a lovely sea breeze"
"hot with some rain"
"Bright and clear when we arrived about 30 degrees. Then it clouded over although still hot and pleasant to sit in"
"We had brilliant weather - early 30s but with humidity it was near 40s. We had 2 half days of rain but it soon cleared up"
"Some rain, manly dry and very warm. Humidity can be oppressive at times."
"Beautiful, 1 small rain shower, otherwise perfect."
"Fairly rainy but with pleasant temperatures"
"Good but a rained on a few days, one being all day."
"Beautiful only a couple of days rain but that didn't bother us"
"Sunny with heavy rain spells"
"Was very humid and rainy but some days was amazing and beautiful sunny"
"excellent. lots of mosquitos though!"
"Mixed, always warm but some heavy showers and strong winds."
"Raining, windy, sunshine. Very mixed for early December."
"Great! 1 rainy day in the week but other than that was brilliant"
"Rainin a bit to much!"
"Blazing sun 1 day of rain"
"Sunny most of the time with some cloud and the occassional bit of rain"
"Warm- not hot. Cloudy mostly with some occasional sun"
"Beatiful, high 20's"
"The weather was great!"
"A bit wetter than we thought it would be but also saw nice weather"
"very hot"
"Very good,rained a couple of times but nothing to worry about"
"Not a cloud in the sky - I experienced glorious sunshine for my entire trip."
"Would always recommend checking weather patterns for the area. It was great when we visited but the rainy season had just finished and we were told about significant storms just a week before"
"First few days Rain."
"Maldives was just perfect at around 30 to 31 degrees, nice and hot . Sri Lanka was very hot at about 35 degrees. Cooler in the hills."
"The weather was lovely and hot. We went at the beginning of December. It rained slightly almost everyday but only for half hour or so. Some days it was overcast but still bright and hot"
"pretty good a little rain but nothing much"
"Hot, around 30 most of the time. A thunderstorm and even that was amazing to watch"
"Weather was mixed some rain but equal amounts of sun and temperature was still high 20’s"
"Hot and sunny"
"Great , hot and sunny"
"Fantastic 30 degrees every day"
"It was very hot and sunny most days with a few rainy days"
"Bit stormy for 3 days then lovely sunshine and showers"


"Perfect. Sunshine all the way"
"Not as good as expected"
"Perfect - hot all week, had 2 rain showers which were brief"
"a bit overcast with rain then fab"
"Clear blue skies 37 degrees. Water temperature 29 degrees."
"Hot and sunny. Cloudy but still hot and quite windy at times with some tropical rain."
"Hot - 30 degrees, one 5 minute shower"
"As expected topical but still sunny and hot"
"mixed sunshine and rain in equal amounts"
"Ok but rained quite a lot ."
"Sunny, overcast and some storms"
"Very nice, some short rain."
"Rained nearly every day but not for long"
"Hot and sunny with some humidity."
"Really warm and sunny"
"Fantastic,warm and sunny except the day we kept ,it rained."
"Very good."
"beautiful - hot and sunny"
"good-very hot"
"Some cloud, some rain !! Most of the time sunny."
"Perfect apart from one stormy day."
"Beautiful sunny blue skies. The odd bit of rain and cloud"
"Had 2 full days of rain and then sunshine"
"Hot sun all day. I seem to remember that we had the odd 2 minute shower but memories of that are vague. The island wa squite windy with a hot breeze. This actually made the heat bearable. We could not wera bare feet on the decking for fear of burning or feet Fabulous"
"Great 30 degrees 10 minutes rain."
"Sunny & warm"
"rain first few day but great thereafter"
"great in the maldives a lot of rain in sri lanka"
"Fantastic, hot and very sunny all the time."
"Brilliant all of the duration"
"one day of rain, otherwise glorious weather"
"Lovely , sunny and hot everyday"
"As expected; sunshine-y days with a little breeze. Heavy rain for a few hours on a couple of days but cleared as quickly as it came."
"First 3-4 days were very windy and wet. Remainder of the time, the weather was perfect - around 30-33 degress"
"unfortuantely it rained 6 out of the 9 days we were there quite badly!"
"Weather was warm but not too hot. Perfect weather"
"Bliss 30+ at all times"
"Mainly very dry and warm, the odd tropical shower in the evening."
"Cloudy for a couple of days, and then pleasantely hot with infrequent showers."
"Lovely - hot and sunny."
"Very good"
"80% of the time the weather was fantastic, 20% we had storms and/or rain"
"Always, rained a couple of times but always warm and mainly hot and sunny."
"Very warm and nice."
"Warm and nice"
"Mixed rain clouds sun"
"excellent, but weather changed last day of holiday"
"Good temperature, rained a few times"
"Good for most of the time, one day of rain and a bit windy but overall good for December"
"Wet. Unfortunate timing really, because it doesn't usually rain quite like it did during the time of our visit."
"Hot and sunny everyday except for one but it didn't spoil our holiday at all."
"Mostly sunny, occasional shower. Was quite windy."

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Denise S Eastbourne

Only criticism…too many Russian instagramers! Jane hit the spot again! Fabulous island!


The service we received from Paula during booking and before the start of our trip was amazing - she couldn’t do enough! Cora Cora is simply paradise - the island, the rooms, the food were 10/10 - the staff were even better!
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