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Barbados Holidays

Our Barbados holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10
This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

Rating 8/10 - Andrea W

“Very shocked at how poor alot of the areas surrounding the villa are. However the people were absolutely lovely and so helpful.”

Rating 10/10 - Sharon D

“Barbados is ok beaches are beautiful and plenty of history ”

Rating 9/10 - Victor M

“Very nice”

Rating 10/10 - Andrew N

“We liked Barbados very much, it was our first visit to a Caribbean island”

Rating 10/10 - Pamela S

“Friendly people, beautiful beaches”

Rating 10/10 - Christine A

“Good walk to shopping area from port. Lovely walkway along the front. ”

Rating 10/10 - Karen C

“Fabulous islands around the Caribbean ”

Rating 10/10 - Nicola C

“A beautiful country, lovely beaches and lovely people”

Rating 9/10 - Mandy M

“Amazing people and a very laid back chilled place”

Rating 9/10 - Pauline M

“It’s a very safe country to explore ”

Rating 10/10 - Paul J

“Pleasant holiday destination”

Rating 10/10 - Paul M

“Embarkation point for 10 night cruise”

Rating 10/10 - Alison D

“Absolutely beautiful, people are so friendly”

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Rating 10/10 - Robert J

“Beautiful place can't recommend it enough ”

Rating 9/10 - Jeffrey S

“Being an Atlantic island the sea was rougher ”

Rating 9/10 - Susan H

“Friendly people, made to feel very welcome.”

Rating 10/10 - Shaan P

“Friendly people, great beaches ”

Rating 10/10 - Mair E

“Didn’t get to see a lot of Barbados as it was our first ever cruise so spent most if the time finding our way around the ship.”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa B

“Lots to see and do Residents are very friendly”

Rating 9/10 - David G

“Lovely friendly people”

Rating 8/10 - Robert Andrew P

“Lovely very friendly ”

Rating 9/10 - John H

“Beautiful holiday destination ”

Rating 10/10 - Andreea A

“What a beautiful country with lovely welcoming people. My husband and I spend 10 days there and we were so looked after by them. We really enjoyed our holiday there.”

Rating 10/10 - Jacqui J


Rating 10/10 - Amela L

“Loved everything about Barbados.”

Rating 10/10 - Tessa G

“Lovely friendly people. Worth hiring a car to explore, although taxis seemed inexpensive.”

Rating 10/10 - Vicki O

“The BIM app re immigration had some problems which meant after filling in the forms via the app, we still had to re do it all on arrival - this was a known problem to the staff there. The country itself felt safe, clean and very welcoming. ”

Rating 10/10 - Heidi E

“Safe and beautiful and very friendly”

Rating 9/10 - Ann D

“Bit surprised at the lack of investment in the area surrounding the resort. ”

Rating 10/10 - Susan H

“Lovely welcoming friendly people”

Rating 10/10 - Christine P

“Absolutely fabulous. It's very safe and the people are extremely friendly and pleasant. ”

Rating 10/10 - Wendy W

“Such a lovely friendly country ”

Rating 9/10 - Peter R

“Beautiful country, safe and very friendly ”

Rating 8/10 - Emily T

“Beautiful beaches, lovely friendly welcoming people ”

Rating 10/10 - Jessica L

“We loved everything about Barbados, from the people, who were so friendly and welcoming, to the amazing food and restaurants with gorgeous views. We will definitely be visiting again. ”

Rating 9/10 - Mel P

“We absolutely loved Barbados ”

Rating 10/10 - Simon F

“I’ve been many times before it is very nice & chilling place to go ”

Rating 10/10 - Roger B

“Beautiful hotel, beautiful country. Nice people.”

Rating 10/10 - Stephen B

“Perfect ”

Rating 9/10 - Chris F

“Very nice ”

Rating 10/10 - Derek M

“A country you must visit!!!!!!”

Rating 10/10 - Steve B

“Excellent Covid Control”

Rating 10/10 - Martin B


Rating 10/10 - Mandy C

“Beautiful, friendly ”

Rating 9/10 - Brett N

“Friendly people, doing the best they can under COVID restrictions. Felt very safe in the country with the COVID measures in place”

Rating 10/10 - Sonia B

“Beautiful, clean, serene paradise! ”

Rating 9/10 - Matthew P

“Great resort ”

Rating 7/10 - Ruth F

“Delightful as always. ”

Rating 8/10 - Kelly M

“Resort of Dover Beach was plagued by minor drug dealings which detracted from the visit. Though they cleaned the place up from rubbish from last attending 3 yearrs ago. ”

Rating 7/10 - Kerin C

“Beautiful ”

Rating 10/10 - Vicki S

“A wonderful place”

Rating 10/10 - Andrew R


Rating 10/10 - Vilda N

“Amazing country to visit ”

Rating 10/10 - Robert Andrew P

“Lovely ”

Rating 9/10 - Kate M

“Beautiful- would definitely return.”

Rating 8/10 - Georgina B

“beautiful. Lovely people, stunning beaches and scenery ”

Rating 10/10 - James K

“Lovely friendly place ”

Rating 9/10 - Joseph K

“It was beautiful & a very well recommended hotel!! ”

Rating 10/10 - Jacqueline P

“Beautiful Island, so much to see and do, felt so welcome and safe especially at night. ”

Rating 9/10 - Fiona C

“Fantastic. Friendly welcome at airport by all staff. Likewise with everyone at Sandals Royal Barbados”

Rating 10/10 - Carol B

“We did a eastern caribbean cruise, countries all good”

Rating 9/10 - Ian P

“Very nice, friendly - lovely people”

Rating 8/10 - Richard P

“Friendly and non-threatening p0eople. Lovely beaches and ocean and, even though the weather was unsettled, it still gave us warmth and a fair measure of sun. Expensive eating out.”

Rating 10/10 - Puneet V

“It was a amazing place.”

Rating 10/10 - Nicola W

“Fabulous. Chilled, relaxed and friendly. ”

Rating 9/10 - Dermot C

“Beutiful country and people.”

Rating 9/10 - Julie N

“Felt really safe to walk around outside of the hotel complex. ”

Rating 10/10 - Derek M


Rating 10/10 - Jacqui J


Rating 10/10 - Jacqui J


Rating 10/10 - Hilary J

“Lovely beaches, shame about the seaweed at the end of the stay - nothing you can do about nauture.”

Rating 9/10 - Roger B

“Great country, lovely people”

Rating 9/10 - Alison R

“Beautiful lovely place and people pp”

Rating 10/10 - Steve B

“Have visited many times, so no surprises.”

Rating 10/10 - Simone O

“Beautiful, fun, friendly and sunny”

Rating 10/10 - Karen W

“We flew to Barbados and cruised around 9 islands which were lovely”

Rating 10/10 - Debbie B

“We stayed in Barbados after doing a Caribbean Cruise and loved all the islands.”

Rating 9/10 - Carol D

“I just love it. The island is just stunningly beautiful and I have never met such friendly people.”

Rating 9/10 - Brian T

“We love Barbados, although was not the best. we love the people.”

Rating 10/10 - Claire M

“Loved the people and the culture”

Rating 10/10 - Brenda S

“Beautiful ”

Rating 10/10 - Ian S

“Quite a run-down island actually, with many smart hotels interspersed with many many broken down houses and shacks.”

Rating 9/10 - Christine H


Rating 10/10 - Karen H

“We love Barbados and the people”

Rating 10/10 - Salim M

“Barbados is one of our favourite and most special places in the world. And we still love it!”

Rating 10/10 - Tracey R

“Love it!”

Rating 10/10 - Lucy S

“Beautiful island”

Rating 4/10 - Sharon S

“A litttle more run down Since I had last be there by t lovely people and beautiful beaches”

Rating 10/10 - Michael B

“It was a Caribbean cruise to 9 islands. All islands were friendly and picturesque”

Rating 10/10 - Catherine T

“Beautiful, great things to see and do and lovely people. ”

Rating 9/10 - Derek M

“Great island, wonderful people.”

Rating 10/10 - Clare G

“We loved Barbados, the people are so friendly, the beaches are amazing, the sea was blue and warm. There were great places to visit on the island and transport was cheap and easy to use. ”

Rating 9/10 - Holly W

“Fab again”

Rating 10/10 - Andrew R

“Visited many times”

Rating 10/10 - Charlie A

“Amazing, lovely people, great food ”

Rating 9/10 - Ann-Marie A


Rating 9/10 - Sucharitha N

“lovely people,lovely beaches ,cheap travel”

Rating 9/10 - Desmond J

“Love it 4 visit”

Rating 9/10 - Tracey R

“Love it”

Rating 6/10 - Tim A

“More expensive ”

Rating 9/10 - Mike P

“Increasingly expensive,particularly alcohol Taxi service is good but controls movements to its own convenience not yours. Insist on what you want or change company.”

Rating 5/10 - Holly W

“Wonderful country ”

Rating 10/10 - Nicholas H

“Beautiful country, lovely people and the hotel was great”

Rating 10/10 - Christopher I

“Great location on the west coast & lovely people”

Rating 10/10 - Derek H

“Very nice island felt very safe the people are very proud very polite i recommend you go”

Rating 10/10 - Stephen S

“ Excellent hotel would recommend and would go back again ”

Rating 10/10 - Bob W

“Wonderful.Could not fault it”

Rating 9/10 - Jennifer R

“Beautiful place to go on holiday. Locals are friendly and relaxed.”

Rating 10/10 - Carol M

“The white sanded beaches that you dream of. The island has many historical cultural places to visit, offers various levels of accomodation, the people are so hospitable took me back to a time when everyone helped each other. Shops, restaurants bars to suit all tastes. ”

Rating 10/10 - Larry F

“Love Barbados ”

Rating 9/10 - Tim A

“Love the people and atmosphere ”

Rating 5/10 - Derek M


Rating 8/10 - Kay A

“The embarkation port is very disappointing ”

Rating 10/10 - Philip C

“One of our favourite destinations”

Rating 9/10 - Hilary T

“Travelled on cruise so visited various countries only one port was a let down and that was Tortola, it was a complete waste of time as the port was under construction !!!!”

Rating 5/10 - Nicola M

“Loved it - very relaxing and beautiful weather”

Rating 10/10 - David L

“Loved it - will be returning”

Rating 9/10 - David W

“Great place with lovely people”

Rating 9/10 - Beverley Y


Rating 9/10 - Stephanie K

“Very nice and locals all very friendly, seems a very overpriced though for what you get ”

Rating 7/10 - Linda S

“this is the third time of visiting the island so we know lots of the areas but amaised by the buildings going up on the west side ”

Rating 10/10 - Charn G

“Beautiful country with great, friendly locals. I have been recommending it non-stop!”

Rating 10/10 - Helen F

“Barbados is great for getting out and about the island. A 'Raggae' bus stopped just outside our hotel and we were able to travel around the island as the locals do! A great experience! Most locals were very friendly and receptive to tourists, which made the experience even better. (Watch out for Taxi fares, most are honourable, but always agree these before getting in!)”

Rating 10/10 - Bradley H

“Loved it!”

Rating 8/10 - Graham W

“As expected. A little busier than other islands and since I last visited over 10 years ago.”

Rating 9/10 - Sabrina M

“Barbados is a lovely island which anyone who loves, sun, beach and good food, will enjoy. There is also a vibrant nightlife.”

Rating 10/10 - Mark W

“beautiful place”

Rating 10/10 - Vivien S

“Always exceptional”

Rating 9/10 - Roger B

“Lovely country, lovely people”

Rating 9/10 - Jean M

“beautiful people lovely country”

Rating 9/10 - Vanessa R

“Loved it”

Rating 9/10 - Derek M


Rating 10/10 - Steve B

“Exactly like the brochure - great island, good hotel, great food and dring, and supberb people.”

Rating 9/10 - Gavin S

“People were friendly and felt safe all the time”

Rating 5/10 - Holly W

“Beautiful country”

Rating 10/10 - Michelle A

“blue sea, white sand and palm trees just as advertised”

Rating 8/10 - Georgina S


Rating 10/10 - Tristan P

“Genuinely friendly people, very accommodating. the isl;and has a very safe feeling, the relaxed vibe made for an excellent holiday”

Rating 10/10 - John S

“Lovely and friendly beautiful beaches ”

Rating 9/10 - Keith B

“wonderfull friendly people ”

Rating 10/10 - Sharon R

“Laid back , colourful and very beautiful ESP the people ”

Rating 9/10 - Seema M


Rating 10/10 - Nonie D

“Loved the people and the beaches. Very friendly limited hassle on the beaches. Great snorkelling close to shore so safe for kids to learn.”

Rating 9/10 - Gareth J

“Very friendly, beautiful beaches, relaxing”

Rating 9/10 - Sally W

“loved it!”

Rating 10/10 - Sue D

“Lovely, very friendly, food and bottled water super expensive.”

Rating 7/10 - Maggie W

“It is a couple of years since we had been before so looking for sun and relaxation.”

Rating 10/10 - Jodie C

“Friendliest Caribbean Island I've been to, beautiful beaches”

Rating 9/10 - Patricia I

“We loved it, the people are amazing, really lovely.”

Rating 9/10 - Ernest S

“Safe surroundings and friendly people.”

Rating 10/10 - Sean L

“Barbados is a great Island. Amazing beaches, great food and drink and all Bajan people are so friendly and welcoming”

Rating 5/10 - Salim M


Rating 10/10 - Cathy H

“amazes me that not many people leave their hotel - the real place is wonderful”

Rating 4/10 - Kirtes H

“Beautiful. We went at the right time as there was lots of events happening. ”

Rating 7/10 - Ian B

“All the locals we met were friendly.”

Rating 8/10 - Jean F


Rating 9/10 - Karol O

“Fantastic,extremely friendly people .”

Rating 8/10 - Georgene W

“friendly, fun,beautiful”

Rating 9/10 - Bruce C

“Bit scruffy outside the tourist areas, plenty to do for 7-10 days”

Rating 9/10 - Glen M


Rating 9/10 - Eileen G

“beautiful, friendly, also went on a carribean cruise wich was excelent”

Rating 9/10 - Mark G

“Barbados is a wonderful island. ”

Rating 9/10 - Mary K

“Lovely destination,friendly welcoming people”

Rating 8/10 - Mary W

“Really enjoyed Barbados and it ticked the boxes for all age groups on the family holiday - great location”

Rating 10/10 - David M

“was a caribbean cruise with celebrity”

Rating 5/10 - Marc D

“Lovely we have been there 6 times”

Rating 10/10 - Hayley C

“Two very different locations, NY was all go but Barbados very laid back. Both amazing and exceeded our expectations. We esp[ecially warmed to the locals in Barbados, nothing was too much trouble, we will definitely return.”

Rating 9/10 - Carmen G

“Wonderful and friendly”

Rating 8/10 - Elaine M

“Barbados/saint Lucia great for weather and beaches though shan't towns outside the complex.”

Rating 10/10 - Susan H

“A very nice country when there for a wedding”

Rating 10/10 - Susan B

“Brilliant weather lovely people and very warm sea”

Rating 10/10 - Sue B

“Loved it, people are so hospitable everywhere on the island and the security is first class”

Rating 10/10 - Simon G

“A great place to go to! the people are so friendly. lots of things to see and do.”

Rating 9/10 - Dugal N

“Beautiful, expensive”

Rating 9/10 - Jonathan M

“Extremely friendly and welcoming people and natural settings of paradise”

Rating 9/10 - Louise C

“yes out side the resort you are a bit of a mael tiket....”

Rating 9/10 - Neil R

“nice and warm but not a great deal to do”

Rating 9/10 - Eileen G

“very friendly, and beautiful beaches”

Rating 8/10 - Jackie F

“Beautiful, very friendly people”

Rating 9/10 - Lynne W

“Very friendly, safe, excellent service received, ”

Rating 9/10 - Irina B

“The hotel was the best in comparison with everything that is possible to find on the island”

Rating 10/10 - Tracey R

“love it been there before”

Rating 8/10 - Pam H

“Superb - 1st holiday i have taken in years where i actually feel relaxed, revived and rejuvenated.”

Rating 9/10 - Simon W

“Absolutely lovely. ”

Rating 10/10 - Harpreet J

“Beautiful island. Fantastic nightlife. Offers something for everyone, couples, families and friends who want to experience the vibrant night life. Bajans are some of the friendliest and warmest people from the Carribean. Great excursions on offer. Food is delicious (esp fresh fish/seafood). Many restaurants available for travellers with different budgets. Althoough pricey, The Cliff Restaurant is a favourite and worth every penny!”

Rating 8/10 - Andrew H

“Loved the Mango Bay hotel. A quiet resort was perfect for relaxing after our big day and after the hustle and bustle of NYC”

Rating 8/10 - Neil D

“not as good as Thailand. South of Island a bit rough and the west coast full of expensive hotels”

Rating 9/10 - Mike M

“Too expensive to eat out. There is no option on the list of destinations covering our cruise in the Grenadines, which was the main part. Sugar Cane Club and Royal Clipper also not listed.”

Rating 10/10 - Kevin O

“fantastic destination to relax and very clean”

Rating 8/10 - Ronald B

“It was Paradise”

Rating 6/10 - Tim A

“been here six times now still love the place and people”

Rating 8/10 - Laurence H

“Very pleasant.Great golf but everything expensive.”

Rating 8/10 - Jon D

“fantastic weather for jan”

Rating 10/10 - Beverly B

“we visited 5 countries in the Caribbean, my favourites being Grenada, St Lucia and Antigua.”

Rating 9/10 - Paul W

“Great food, weather and friendly people, just a bit expensive.”

Rating 10/10 - Jan S

“Lovely - service interesting!”

Rating 8/10 - Phil C

“Beautifull people and island”

Rating 9/10 - Graham H

“Really enjoyed the people , very hospitable and made me feel very welcome”

Rating 9/10 - Sharron M

“Fantastic, the people there are great, very friendly, and we felt totally at ease walking around different areas, markets,local bars and eateries, etc.”

Rating 5/10 - Charlotte B

“Lovely place would go again”

Rating 10/10 - Jenny Y

“Loved it, 5th visit! Great friendly people and good and cheap transport.”

Rating 9/10 - Gary N

“Very green, lush and hilly - very attractive”

Rating 10/10 - Natalie B

“amazing, very friendly population”

Rating 9/10 - Doug S

“Very nice island and the people were very friendly”

Rating 7/10 - Zoe D

“loved it, v friendly”

Rating 10/10 - Sonia B

“it was great hotel was great , people where great”

Rating 9/10 - James B

“Nice island not over crowded”

Rating 8/10 - Louise R

“Great time might go again next year if you are able to get us a good deal. Send us an e-mail when you think the time is right to book.”

Rating 9/10 - Funmi D

“Holiday as a whole was excellent. Mango Bay resort is highly recommended. The staff were nice and friendly and the food was very something to look forward to. Overall, very lovely honeymoon for us and we'll be going back in the future.”

Rating 7/10 - Jackie M

“Stayed in Mango Bay resort - lovely friendly small hotel”

Rating 9/10 - Caroline J

“Wonderful- we've never been anywhere where people were so consistently friendly and what a cool culture!”

Rating 9/10 - Janette W

“We were a bit dissapointed in Barbados. Have been to better islands”

Rating 10/10 - Jenny Y

“Fabulous people, weather and holiday in general all great.”

Rating 10/10 - Russell D

“The holiday was simply perfect! ”

Rating 9/10 - Simon L

“loved barbados weather great would go back.”

Rating 10/10 - Paul D

“They are so laid back you have to relax”

Rating 9/10 - Stephen H

“Very friendly and happy to help”

Rating 9/10 - John W


Rating 8/10 - Kirstin M

“Only given below average rating because of the amount of rain the first week...still had a fantastic time... barbados was a amazing holiday.... swimming with the turtles a must...”

Rating 9/10 - Jenny Y

“Lovely safe feeling. Local people very welcoming, nothing is too much trouble.”

Barbados Holidays

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