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Hestasport Cottages, Iceland

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Description & Facilities


3 Stars

Hotel Type:

Vacation Home Or Villa


LGTBIQ friendly
Children get free accommodation, meals payable on the spot
Early Check-in
Early departure
Non-smoking establishment
Self check-in


Car park
Check-in hour 15:00
Multilingual staff
Smoke detector
Toaster 1
Oven 1
Dining area 1
Grill/BBQ 1
Hot tub
Horse riding (fee)

7 Timber framed cottages sleeps 2-6. Perfect location for viewing the Northern Lights in winter and midnight sun in the summer.

They are nestled together up a hill only and short walking distance from the centre of Varmahlíð.  for grovery store, swimming pool, restaurant and petrol station.

Hot tub

Riding tours on Icelandic Horses



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Hestasport Cottages
Flight Time
3 hours (approximately)

Weather reviews from customers who visited Iceland in

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"We were there in January between 0 & -4 with feels like temperatures much lower. We were lucky to see Iceland covered in snow, so picturesque!!"
"Mostly in the minus figures temperature wise lowest was -14, the day that was above 0 it rained very heavily"
"Very cold and Sadly no snow, it rained ☹️. There was plenty of snow on the ground when we arrived but the rain washed most of it away."
"Uncharacteristically warm for the time of year."
"Cold and dark, but that’s what you expect in January!"
"Snowing as expected"
"Cold as one would expect, we missed the rain until the day we were returning home. A blizzard thrown in and the odd snow shower. A lovely blue sky to go with the cold temperature."
"Cold but sunny , snowy at times ."
"We had strong winds , snow and cloud so did not see the northern lights, but that’s luck of the draw."
"Snowing! Which made everything look so beautiful. Some days the temperature did drop to as low as -15 but providing you take lots of warm layers it isn’t too much of a problem."
"snowing, sunny, cold - everything you would expect"
"Windy, rainy, -9"
"cold but if you prepare and buy the right gear you'll br fine as we were"
"Not the greatest rained most days but for the time of year it was warm"
"Not as cold as I expected. We had a few flurries of snow and the pavements were sometimes icy."
"It was cold but not too cold. Was very snowey but it was not the same as the snow at home which I loved"
"Snow -11."


"The weather was cold and changeable but manageable with a warm coat and hats , gloves ect."
"It was cold, we were lucky & had lovely sunshine, and snow. The wind was biting!"
"Not nearly as cold as I was expecting. During the day above 2 degrees every day. Cold wind at night but not dreadful."
"Cold mostly clear wind added bite to temperature"
"Cold as you would expect but we were lucky to have clear blue skies on two of the four days and little wind."
"Good for February"
"Really cold and windy Plenty of snow"
"had a storm come through for 2 of our days which meant we couldn't get out to se the northern light which was a bit gutting but on the up side we had so much snow to play with"
"Unpredictable and wild"
"Wet and very windy"
"SNOWY! worst snow in 50 years, and we were thrilled!!!!"
"A mixture of rain for first 24 hours but then snow showers the remainder or our stay which was brilliant as kids love playing in it."
"Sunny minus 1 bit windy few snow showers, windy and snowy sunday"
"one min rain, next snow and next dry and warm - but we really liked it"
"Weather wasn’t too bad, drizzly and cold but no worse than the UK!"
"Cold but not bone chilling"
"February 2023. Mildly cold, the weather changes rapidly sometimes several times is one day."
"cold! nobody mentioned the arctic gale force winds which made the temperature seem about 20 degres colder than it actually was! We had 2 trips cancelled due to the weather - nobody on our week saw the Northern lights and it was unlikely that anyone would the following week either - its not really made clear that seeing the Northern lights is a 50/50 situation - they very much promote it as if its a definite or you would be extremely unlucky not to see them. I think Iceland should be more honest - but I don't think that will happen! Despte this we stil enjoyed the trip and would go back - but in the Summer!"


"Temperate with a few sunny days and blue skies as well."
"Very cold"
"Cold with a bit of snow - perfect!"
"For the 5 days we were there in March, the skies were clear with lovely sunshine. The daytime temperatures hovered around 0 degrees, and one day was much colder, but we took lots of layers of thermals, so we kept warm. We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights."
"Vast blue skies with beautiful sunshine. It was cold, so we recommend lots of thermal layers !!"
"snowing and cold"


"cold but sunny ,slight rain"
"Changeable, cold, wet, bright, windy. What you would expect really so we had all the necessary layers and raincoats etc."


"Mixture of sunshine and cloud! Only rain was on last day on way to airport!"
"The weather was surprisingly good. We didn't need umbrellas all week."
"As expected, cold a bit wet and a little bit of snow, great."


"Wet and cold, little sunshine"


"Poor - cold and showery"
"As above"


"Rained last couple of days, otherwise lovely"
"Great time of the year... July/ August"
"Mixture of sunshine and showers."
"Windier than we expected apparently this summer has not been good We were lucky if did not rain."




"Dry, cold but sunny"
"Cold and dry, we were told it’s usually much wetter"
"Unfortunately wet almost for the entire stay, however for the one trip out to view the Northern Lights the rain abated and we were treated to the most exceptional display. A once in a life time occurance."
"For the time of October it was very good very little rain coupled with blue sunny skies."
"1 day rain 2 days fine in mid October."
"Cold as expected but mostly dry and bright"
"Quite mild for time of year"
"Cold, but not too cold. Some high winds, clouds. But we wanted to experience the countryside and part of this experience is the weather."
"Crisp cold but sunny first day. Second day cloudy and a dusting of snow which soon cleared to cloud and sun. Then is was cloudy and raining. Very mixed weather."
"Everything, often all at once! But mainly snow and sunshine with a little rain one day."


"You name it, we had it. In the week we were there we experienced strong winds, rain, sleet, snowfall, sunshine, cold, mild - sometimes all in one day!!"
"as above"
"Snowy, cold, just what we hoped for really."
"Cloudy and snow didn't see lights but had a wonderful time anyway. Lots of excursion."
"Cold but blue sky days."
"Cold but not as cold as we expected it to be :)"
"cold! as expected but actually colder than I thought. It was dry and that's what we were hoping for"
"Obviously it was cold. We had one day of bad weather but otherwise it was lovely."
"Cold but dry"
"cold and overcast"
"Snowy, did not see the Northern Lights."
"Not as cold as I thought, windy at times and quite a lot of rain."
"Very cold but we expected this"


"The weather was very cold. About -5 however feels a lot colder when it’s windy. Definitely need to layer up!"
"A mix of wintery and bright."
"Cold and snowy"
"Very cold in iceland. But if wrapped up you were fine."
"Very very cold with a lot of snow to start with, then warmed up slightly and rained very hard and most of the snow melted within a few hours. Snow expecred this time of year but not so much rain."
"Snowy, which was perfect!"
"Extremely cold watching northern lights minus 18 plus windchill but he cares when you see the lights and no problem getting around 20 cms snow"
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Hestasport Cottages, Iceland

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