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St Lucia Weather

Here are real life reports on St Lucia weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a St Lucia holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Gorgeous
January Very good.
January Hot, everyday
January Very pleasant - warm (28-29C) and sunny enough by day for swimming and sunbathing but cool enough to sleep comfortably at night.Occasional showers of heavy rain but dried up quickly and most rainfall was at night.
January it rained about five days on and off but we loved it,especialy when visiting botanical gardens.when your on holiday on such a wonderful island who cares?
January <p>The weather was great, really hot and sunny! There were a few rain showers and one day it rained quite a bit but it was warm-ish rain and quite refreshing really!</p>
January Hot and sunny short rain showers occasionally
January great
January Hot, sunny
January Perfect! Hot & sunny every day
January Warm,28/30C very wet at times , more cloud than I expected
January The weather was sunny the majority of the time with a couple of cloudy days and the odd tropical storm but was always a nice temperature.
February Warm, Quite windy at times, a few showers
February Sunshine all the way, very hot and the cool sea breeze was fabulous
February A little rainy but doesn't last for long, sunny and hot most days.
February As expected
February A bit rainy, but didn't impact on our holiday
February Some rain but warm
February Good
February Warm and sunny
February good
February nice
February good although some quick showers
February 1st 2 days cloud and rain - improved as the holiday went on
March hot
March Could have been better. Quite cloudy with regular rain showers
March Good mostly ,we were aware that it might rain at times.
March lovely
March Generally the weather was hot and sunny. We had a morning of rain but it was still warm and the sun came through later in the afternoon.
March It was cloudier in St Lucia than in Antigua. One of the days turned quite windy and stormy with the sea becoming choppy. But it was lovely again the next day and we were fine in our 3 walled bedroom in Jade Mountain!
March A little disappointing. Warm but rained nearly every day
March Weather was hot, late 20's. We did have rain showers most days but they passed over quickly.
March Fantastic - hotbut with nice breezes and coll enough to sleep at night without air con on.
March Hot, sunny with a few mornings of rain
March Perfect
March 29 degrees every day, beautiful sunshine most of the time but a couple of cloudy mornings.
March Very good
March 27-31 degrees
March Very hot ,some rain but soon drys up very quickly.
April Hot and sunny.
April We had about 10 minutes rain each day but this cleared the air and freshened everything.
April See comment above
April rained a couple of times
April rained a couple of times
April Fantastic! A few rain showers, but they were a nice cooling break
April Mainly Sunny
April Gorgeous
April min 26degC, hight 32degC. The weather was stunning.
April Hot and sunny with a nice breeze.
April Weather was exceptionally rainy the last few days and they have had exceptionally bad weather for the last couple of weeks.
April Very hot.
April Rained very heavily daily for most of the day and night.
April Very hot, couple of random showers lasting 10 mins.
May It rained for the first 5 days non stop, morning, afternoon and evening, which was a real shame. The weather improved as the next week came, but was still pretty disappointing for a Caribbean holiday in May.
May good, odd showers while in the pool bar !!
May Superb. Around 33. One day it rained a few hours on and off and another day the very odd shower but it stopped nothing and was quite refreshing. Best weather (to my taste) for the past few holidays I have had. I like it hot with lots of sun!
May Amazing - hot but with a cool breeze. very little rain and if there was rain in was a short sharp shower. very little cloudy. cool nights
May hot and sunny throughout with an occasional early morning, shortlived, shower.
May as above
May mostly sunny, always hot
May Very hot, fabulous
May Glorious!
May very humid but nice breeze from time to time
May Very hot, we had one day of rain but was otherwise lovely
May Very hot 35 degrees minimum each day and only a couple of showery rain
May hot!
June Great
June Great
June Hot, cloudy and windy some days
June Windy but hot with a little rain. It was the start of the hurricane season when we visited.
June Sunny, hot and less rainfall than in previous years!
June Unfortunately it rained a lot but it did not impact on the holiday.
June Hot hot hot :)
June It was humid but a bit overcast most of the time. The day we arrived it poured with rain for 48 hours but then cleared up. We did have some beautiful sunny days too. A couple more showers after the initial downpour but these cleared very quickly.
June Hot but not too hot.
July Hot! which is great for a Beach holiday. We had heavy rain on some days also.
July There were 2 or 3 sharp showers lasting no more than 10 minutes over a 14 day period. Otherwise it was mostly very sunny. Terrific considering it was the rainy season.
July Hot, sunny but a few rainy days
July Manageably hot, around 30C but quite rainy
July Really good, hot, rained but rain was neededin the morning at times but apart from that weather was always hot over there.
July Amazing
July Quite good most of the time. A good few showers but it was the rainy season and it did not affect the holiday.
July Hot, sunny. Very occasional liquid sun (light rain).
August Humid but sunny every day.
August Bit unsettled for the first few days but sunny and clear the rest of our stay
August Great!
August 2 days very heavy rain
August Good
August Generally excellent. Hot most days with a little cloud cover and spells of hard showers (which were actually refreshing!!) Unfortunatly however we did manage to experience a hurricane on the last day of our trip which was particularly unpleasant
August The weather was beautiful except for two days when we had rain. However, on these days it was still extremely hot and would clear by late afternoon. To be honest, the rain was needed to clear the humidity. The days following the rainy spells were beautiful and certaonly didn't feel too put out by it.
August Good
August Ditto!
August As above
August Better than I expected.
August Very hot, a couple of days of rain but this didnt bother us as it didnt affect any activities we were doing too much.
August More rain than the past two years - very tropical due to Hurricane Earl swirling about the Carribbean but we don't mind the rain - out of the 10 days we had heavy rain this year on 5 - but it was still okay.
August Ranged from warm to fairly hot. Mostly sunshine or slightly overcast, only a few light showers in St Lucia.
September Very hot, slight showers for a couple of days
September Good, few rainy days as expected for the season
September Better than expected, only shortperiodsof rain and not all days
September Didn't stop raining for the first three days. On and off for the next three. Then it was nice and bright for the last four.
September Hot and sunny with some thunder storms
September Very hot - even the locals said it was hot so it must have been! We were lucky that there wasn't much rain until the day we were leaving.
September Excellent. Sure, we had bursts of rain for the first few days (Sept 1st to 4th) then a heatwave.
September It did rain, but mainly in the night, and if at all in the day was only for a short time.
September Beautiful
October Changeable! - experienced hurricane tomas - but either side, sunny and dry -
October Perfect, bit overcast at times but kept it cooler
October Not being clairvoyant I do not know what the weather is like as I am still in the UK. Please check your records and reassure me that we are due to travel on the 4th October this year when I will be in a position to comply with your request upon my return,
October Treated us very well. Very humid though
October On the whole very good.
October Weather was good 34 degrees
October Great!very hot,just right,some showers but didn't spoil our trip!
October It rained a bit but nothing to dampen the holiday.
October Tropical, always warm/hot, some warm rain
October Humid, rain with sunny periods
October Gorgeous. Usual expected storms but they never lasted for long.
November Very hot with occasional rain
November Very Good
November nice
November Perfect
November Marvellous
November Very hot
November Hot
November Very hot and sunny. Some showers. Quite humid.
November Very good. Hot, with a few sharp rain showers, but these didn't detract from the holiday.
November The weather was wonderful during Nov. 2015, not too hot (around 25 degC), no rain, and long sunny days.
November Mixed, always hot but a little rain most days
November Overcast but Sunny. It rained heavily twice but it didn't take anything away
November 31 degrees every day, occassional cloud and short shower. wasn't an issue though
November perfect, sun with light winds. rained twice but not significant.
November Good, a little rain but to be expected in November
November It was very warm weather. Very pleasant. Not too hot. Sometimes it is raining for a little while. But it wasn't a problem, because it was very warm still. Sometimes a bit windy in the evenings.
November Suuny with out breaks of rain
December Lovely and hot
December Lovely although we had more rain than you would expect at that time co year
December Fantastic...28-30 degress every day...a light breeze...a little rain but it was warm and went awy as quickly as it came
December v good
December delightful, warm breezes, some sudden showers but refreshing
December Not too bad, it was hot, but was always a bit overcast/cloudy on the afternoon, rained one afternoon, but not for long
December Sunny & cloudy but always warm Only 1 big rainstorm which was dramatic and very quickly over.
December Sunny every day
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