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Bangkok Holiday Reviews

Our Bangkok holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"Amazing country. The culture is worth experiencing." rating 9/10, Siham D

"Such a fascinating city." rating 10/10, Rebecca C

"Really nice city to go and see" rating 9/10, Pratik S

"Same as above " rating 10/10, Shari B

"We have spend many Christmas holidays here. We love the people, food and culture." rating 8/10, Peter W

"Same as for Phuket" rating 9/10, Jane G

"Great" rating 10/10, Sandra B

"- Bangkok on the other hand must be an acquired taste - noisy smelly and slightly disturbing - many people out to rip you off. Salil hotel was adequate" rating 9/10, Colin K

"It was as expected - Bangkok was fast paced and Ko Samui the complete opposite." rating 9/10, Sarah C

"as above" rating 10/10, John C

"Amazing place. So much to do and see in just 2 weeks. " rating 9/10, Therese R

"Chaing mai - favourite " rating 10/10, Lisa S

"Great to see the capital city and had lots of fun here" rating 10/10, Kara T

"As above" rating 9/10, Stephen S

"Amazing place, great people, great holiday" rating 9/10, Paul B

"Interesting.People very friendly.Like Singapore was 45 years ago!" rating 9/10, David C

"Visited last year, same hotel" rating 8/10, Peter W

"Bangkok is busy busy busy and v hot " rating 10/10, Colin & Melissa W

"Very different experience from our luxury resort in Hua Hin. Bangkok is huge with millions of people. Traffic is chaotic and it takes hours to travel anywhere by car. Amazing city though with multi million pound buildings built everywhere, then poverty stricken shacks beside them. The contrast is extreme." rating 10/10, Sean O

"Nice people, interesting country" rating 10/10, Sarah D

"Very busy and different which is what we wanted. We did 5 days and were warned by many this would be too long. We wanted to do a lot of sightseeing so this worked well for us. There is a lot of scamming around for tourists so you have to be quite savvy and cynical. Having said that, it felt very normal being there and I always felt safe. It's a beautiful culture and I can see why people move there!" rating 5/10, Penny J

"Fantastic - will definitely return " rating 10/10, Kate D

"Glad we saw it. Not sure that we would stay in Bangkok again." rating 10/10, Carrie M

"Absolutely loved it. Wished we hadnt been full board" rating 9/10, Pamela B

"We went to Bankgok, Phuket, Elephant Hills, Krabi and Dubai. All destinations were excellent in their own way and provided great variety for our holiday" rating 10/10, Oliver T

"Never been here but had read and heard much. " rating 8/10, James O

"Interesting, little busy for us" rating 10/10, Lynn Y

"good" rating 7/10, Tarunkumar P

"Thailand is an amazing beautiful country that has such friendly people" rating 10/10, Amy F

"very busy and hectic city. If you love the buzz of the city this is the place to be. Horrendous traffic though, people were very friendly." rating 9/10, Yogisha H

"Extremely busy and crowded. Streets lined with markets and food vendors, massage parlours trying to sell; however getting around by train is very easy and there is so much to do here. Nightlife is great and we had a great time!" rating 9/10, Nicola S

"Thailand is a beautiful country with very different traditions and customs which make it even more exotic." rating 9/10, Fay S

"Very busy, easy to get around. Protesters had closed the road just up from the hotel, was peaceful protest, although the day before we left three people were shot, not in our area though as far as we were aware. People were very friendly and helpful" rating 8/10, Jan H

"A great city" rating 9/10, Neil H

"We love Thaialnd having being going here for 30 plus years." rating 8/10, Peter W

"Great experience " rating 9/10, Anne-Marie M

"again local people very friendly" rating 9/10, Kelly C

"Love Thailand and have family living there." rating 10/10, Dianne W

"great" rating 9/10, Sibtain M

"would only go again as a stop over but a very interesting city." rating 10/10, Jane H

"The same as above" rating 10/10, Kasia P

"nice place to visit" rating 10/10, Sinead D

"Country was amazing, people were friendly, restaurant choices and markets and islands were all worthy of note" rating 7/10, Miral S

"the people are lovely but much more expensive now and becoming very westerised" rating 10/10, Moira M

"a really fast city plenty of shops and friendly people." rating 8/10, George H

"Busy, Manic, Worth the visit" rating 10/10, Lee G

"land of smiles" rating 10/10, Philip B

"Bangkok and Hue Hin. It was what we hoped it would be. Althoguh Hui Hin was abit quiet." rating 10/10, Wendy C

"Interesting, very busy! Lovely people" rating 9/10, Mark S

"very busy but so much to see and do, if you can travel by sky train as the traffic can get very busy, leave enough time to get to places." rating 10/10, Coralie S

"Very busy with gridlock traffic, however, the main tourist sights very good but over crowded." rating 10/10, Jackie H

"we travelled on to Krabi then Koh Samui" rating 9/10, Lee M

"Tourists watch out!!! Great sightseeing temples, canal etc" rating 9/10, Sandy E

"There was nothing wrong with Bangkok and we certainly had fun. I think we picked the wrong time to go since it was a 2-day public holiday for the King's Birthday and all of the main attractions were closed. Everyone was very friendly though and it was good to see the local people amidst the celebrations." rating 5/10, Claire S

"very busy! interesting and lots to do!" rating 10/10, Joanne N

"Bangkok is hectic, heavy traffic, lots of pedestrians. Great food. Friendly people." rating 9/10, Steve B

"Exotic, lots of contrast." rating 9/10, Zhenia S

"This was our second time to Thailand, and we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. 5 star all the way." rating 10/10, Sue S

"Thailand was great, a very fun and relaxed place! " rating 10/10, Stewart L

"The counrty is wonderful, both Bangkok and Koi Samui" rating 8/10, Claire R

"Beautiful " rating 9/10, Kalpna C

"Fantastic city, would love to go back." rating 10/10, Neal S

"We really enjoyed Bangkok. Lots to do and we could easily have spent more time there." rating 10/10, Robert S

"We now know why everyone who has been to Thailand raves about it. Thai people are friendly and Thailand offered wonderful food. Bangkok is very busy with lots of things to see and do. Premier Holidays/Tour East who arranged our transport and tours in Thailand were fantastic." rating 10/10, Ann P

"Interesting two days...but I don't think we'll hurry back." rating 10/10, Andy F

"We were in Bangkok for 2 days then Koh Samui and Phuket for 5 days each." rating 9/10, Paul W

"Favorite destination" rating 9/10, Bension N

"everything we wanted things to do and relaxing time as well" rating 10/10, Rebecca T

"Lovely country and people" rating 9/10, Kim D

"Loved it" rating 10/10, Alan W

"The Thai people we met were very polite and seemed pleased to see us. The road system between Bangkok - where we stayed a few days before moving to Hua Hin - is excellent." rating 9/10, Nigel E

"This was our first trip to Asia and we all loved it .This will be the first of many ." rating 10/10, Andrea H

"Been twice before, still loved it third time!" rating 10/10, Amy D

"very busy city" rating 9/10, Jo K

"been thailand before and love it " rating 10/10, Donald H

"Got ripped off going to see the pingpong shows. Stated 300baht each outside but when the bill came it was 3800 baht. Ruined the rest of stay in Bangkok." rating 10/10, Heidi H

"Loved Thailand very friendly" rating 8/10, Nick D

"We really enjoyed our stay, we did several organised tours as well as expolring on our own. The Royal Orchid Sheraton was a great base for this." rating 9/10, Barrie B

"Very busy" rating 7/10, Sonia B

"Wonderful sightseeing." rating 9/10, Choiyen L

"great" rating 7/10, David C

"It was a hugely diverse country, rich in history and culture. On the whole the people were humble and friendly." rating 9/10, Adriano D

"As above" rating 8/10, Lianne S

"nice people,buitiful shoreline a bit seedy in places" rating 9/10, Cliff G

"Thailand was intersting and hot& humid.Lovely people" rating 7/10, Marc K

"Nice people, nice food, good value for money.Enjoyed the culture" rating 9/10, Robert B

"Very friendly, never felt intimidated or unwelcome by locals. It really is the land of smiles." rating 8/10, David H

"Great Country, fabulous people" rating 10/10, Geoff J

"Crazy City and pleased we made the stop-over." rating 10/10, Tony A

"Thailand best holiday fantastic" rating 8/10, Donna C

"Great for a couple of days" rating 9/10, Elizabeth C

"Loved it " rating 8/10, Caroline R

"Very different in a good way. Busy/bustling/brilliant." rating 10/10, Darren W

"Very busy, lots to do. Easy to get around, night markets are an experience. People friendly. Always barter on everything and with transport get a price first. Grand Palace is worth a look we took a long boat up the river to it. Dont let anyone tell you the Palace is closed. All the people want is for you to visit familys shops. It is open every day." rating 9/10, Julie B

"good" rating 9/10, Shully L

"Great country as we like to keep busy, lots to do apart from early in the morning!!!" rating 8/10, Leigh W

"On Thailand as a whole - fantastic place: warm, friendly, cheap. On Bangkok as a city - 2-3 days is enough" rating 9/10, Martin F

"Lovely people & truly marvellous hotel(Dusit Thani)" rating 10/10, Kassandra R

"6th trip to Thailand" rating 9/10, Neil D

"Busy, exciting, fascinating... Loved it." rating 10/10, Sarah A

"Amazing country, totally different way of life! saw & did some amazing things! Deff worth a visit!!" rating 8/10, Amy C

"very interesting and lots of culture and colour. Thouht Bangkok and Chaing Mai were worth visiting but dissappointed with Phuket, dirty and shoddy beach and surrounding area....Kamala was aghost town and most places closed around beach area. those that were open were ramshackle...would not recommend to anyone. Phi Phi etc very nice. Mariot very nice oasis but not a great location." rating 9/10, Derek W

"It was our first visit to Asia and we thought Thailand was amazing." rating 9/10, Catherine H

"Loved it. For beautiful beaches and very helpful people, cheap amazing food." rating 10/10, Ruth W

"LOVED IT" rating 9/10, Chris M

"Loved Bangkok, was very disappointed with Phuket. Karon, our resort was like being in Spain and very tacky and even the island trips were extremely busy with tourists and tourist stalls." rating 9/10, Sarah-Jane F

"fantastic" rating 10/10, John S

"the most wounderful place i have ever visited. i was traveling alone and i was treated amasingly well by all hotel staff and my kuoni rep who was such great company on my tours." rating 10/10, Sheila S

"Friendly people, great food, lots to do, would definitely go back." rating 10/10, Susan Q

"I like thailand" rating 8/10, Paul H

"this holiday was excellent, well worth booking through holidays please, the agent was very good and all went well" rating 10/10, Amit H

"Bangkok very hectic but saw little sign of local unrest." rating 8/10, Lee B

"Everywhere we went we were treated very well and never felt we were being ripped off as sometimes happens on holiday" rating 9/10, Susan I

"lovely people totally unaffected by any problems " rating 9/10, Caroline W

"Very friendly lovely scenery brilliant beaches. Couldnt have asked for more." rating 8/10, David R

"Not the best place for people requiring assitance as English is not widely spoken by the locals but beautiful serene and peaceful area" rating 9/10, Liz B

"Spoke poor english in Bangkok" rating 9/10, Geoffrey W

"Fabulous holiday taking in some memorable places." rating 8/10, Jayne S


"Banyan Tree excellant location All great" rating 10/10, Milan P

"a friendly welcoming culture" rating 9/10, Jackie H

"Loved the Thai people and the culture, will have to go back again soon" rating 9/10, Mary W

"Thailand is a beautiful and interesting country with fantasic people. We will definitely go back." rating 9/10, Michael B

"Khao Lak is fairly quiet, so we hired a car for a few days to expolore the area. We then went to Cambodia and stayed at the Victoria Angkor where we had a great time, next door there is a place called the 'Pub Village' which is a great place to eat at night and it is really lively. Overall well worth a visit." rating 9/10, Philip C

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