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Bangkok Weather

Here are real life reports on Bangkok weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Bangkok holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January 30 to 34 degrees C
January Very good
January fantastic
January Beautiful
January Hot!
January Hot!!
January hot and humid
January Weather was fantastic
January Hot and humid
January Lovely. 1 day of rain and a little windy on a couple of days
January Good
January Amazing throughout
February Lovely and hot
February great hot sunny
February Hot and a little sticky.
February 30 degrees plus!
February Sunny and hot
February Hot, hot, hot........ lovely
February rained first night in bangkok couple showers but good
February Very warm and sunny
February Great
February Mostly really perfect beach weather, but one day of 40 degrees site seeing in Bangkok was a bit too much!!
February Hot and sunny
February Hot hot hot
February What we expexted i.e. hot & humid
February Very hot, very pleasant most of the time
February Perfect for us, very hot
February Excellent
February mostly good occasional overcast
February Very hot, with mixture of cloud and sun.
February a mixture of cloud and sunshine but very hot and humid
February Great
February HOT & SUNNY
March very good
March Overcast
March As above
March HOT!
March The weather was absolutely perfect! Very hot for walking around the city but we knew it would be.
March Very hot but bearably so.
March FIne - humid
March Extremely hot and humid.
March Very hot - 39 degrees
March Hot but smoggy so it was humid.
March It was what we hoped it would be hot
March Hot!
March Mostly extremely hot with occasional rain
April Hot at times humid. Also rained a bit.
April Very hot
April Warm. very hot and humid
April Good, hot but cloudy
April Really hot and humid. Sometimes too much so, but the Songkran water fights helped cool us off!
April hot and humid
April Weather was really hot - in the late 30's. It was bearable though.
April lovely and sunny but very hot
April 38c 100 percent humidity!
April Very hot
April As above
April too hot, hotter than vietnam
April Very hot, no rain.
May Most time sunny. Towards the end of the day they were some showers of rain
May Lovely
May Always hot and muggy. It's hard sightseeing and dressing respectfully in 40+ degrees. Everywhere is air conditioned well but the heat does take it out of you.
May Hot
May Hot!
June Same as above
June rainy
June good
June Humid
June It was very humid with thunderstorms and heavy rain through the night. Brightened up during the days. We were only there 2 days
July warm and dry spells with heavy rain at times...expected given time of year
July Could have been better. Rainy season - so expected some rain! But would have been nice to have a bit of sun as well!!
July mixed sun and rain, but as expected in rainy season
July Again, hot and sunny with short sharp bursts of rain but that only lasted for half hr per day.
July Hot some rain showers
July Mixed bag but always humid and hot regardless of rain, storm and cloud
July hot
July V hot
July wet and warm
July good
July we had a lot of cloud and thunderstorms but this was to be expected in the rainy season
July Weather was great, although it is meant to be the raining season, it usually only rained late evening or during the night. This was great as the next day was lovely and fresh.
July Hot & with little rain now & again!!
August Very good
August Hot.humid/rainy
August Tropical, mainly hot weather with spots of rain
August Humid & Cloudy
August Hot! Although it did rain a lot but it is rainy season there.
August the weather was hot, all the time. it was cloudy, but then it was rainy season. It rained about 5 times or so when we were there, but when it rained it was for short periods upto 10 minutes. as it was so hot it soon dried up
August Great - hot and sunny with the odd shower.
August good
August average, but as expected
August Humid and sunny
August as above
August Considering it was rainy season, the weather was fabulous. We only had two days of rain and it only rained for a few hours,
August hot & sunny
August hot
September Fantastic
September Hot, humid and cloudy in Bangkok and mixed sunny and cloudy in Ko Samui.
September good but some rain
September Very Hot
September bit of monsoon climate
October Beautiful sunshine for 2 weeks but humid and sticky. One unforgettable rainstorm during our stay.
October Hot.
October Mostly sunny, but we did have a few rain showers.
October rain at intervals very humid
October Warm
October Mostly warm and dry.
October hot and rainy.
October hot and humid, no rain
November Hit
November Hot
November Hot and humid
November very hot
November Hot.
November Humid and sometimes sunny.
November Good - hot and sunny with occasional rain/storms in Bangkok
November Warm - 32 to 36 degrees c every day. Cloudy most days, rained one evening. Warm at night
November Mixed. In Thailand the weather was very changeable. Dubai the weather was always hot.
November Very hot.
November Wet but warm in Bangkok some rain in Phuket
December warm, little cloudy
December hot 30
December Good although a bit cloudy in the afternoon.
December absolutly fab.
December excellent
December Warm and dry
December Same as above
December Warm and sunny.
December Sunny about 75 digrees but not humid, nice time to go New year.
December Good. Warm
December see above
December hot
December In all 3 places -North or South it was fantastic .
December It was very warm with some thuner showers.
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