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Mauritius Holiday Reviews

Our Mauritius holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.0 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"Stunning lovely people too " rating 10/10, Alan T

"Beautiful country would highly recommend lots of history, lots to do and very friendly people" rating 9/10, Andy W

"beautiful" rating 9/10, Sandra S

"Loved the island. Nice and relaxed." rating 10/10, Hazel J

"Ditto" rating 10/10, Hazel J

"The villages that we travelled through from the airport to our resort seemed very poor, otherwise didn’t leave the complex " rating 9/10, Brigid M

"Lovely" rating 9/10, Ioanna A

"Beautiful beaches and sea " rating 10/10, Pippa W

"Country was very diverse and people friendly and welcoming felt relaxed and comfortable to explore local areas" rating 9/10, Sadasiven V

"Beautiful place, not a lot to do." rating 10/10, Pravjit H

"Loved it. The winter temp was perfect for me. Speaking French and English was very easy and a good balance of coast and land exploration. " rating 10/10, Emma D

"Lush very green" rating 9/10, Lynn H

"This was all our choice as we had been before and love the local food and warm welcome -" rating 9/10, David G

"Beautiful " rating 10/10, Chris G

"Wonderful country x" rating 10/10, Marie C

"Beautiful & friendly country..an absolute paradise setting" rating 9/10, Emma G

"Beautiful island, lovely people." rating 9/10, Shirley M

"Amazing" rating 10/10, Zoie S

"Beautiful country, with stunning white sand beaches and azure waters. " rating 10/10, Steve J

"Beautiful country - some impressive scenery, friendly locals and welcoming culture. " rating 10/10, Andrew T

"Fabulous, friendly people, beautiful location, wonderful food" rating 10/10, Julie J

"Beautiful country, wild & green with amazing people" rating 10/10, Emma K

"The country was beautiful. The people were very nice (however service is very slow). Its a very long way away but it was charming." rating 8/10, Jana C

"Beautiful, friendly, my 2nd visit, the first to the South and this time the North. I think the North is my preference." rating 9/10, Susan L

"Mauritius is a beautiful country and the people are very friendly we will definitely return. " rating 9/10, Tina S

"Loved it. Great customer service EVERYWHERE. " rating 10/10, Ray M

"Absolute paradise" rating 10/10, Toby C

"Typical tropical island, very luscious, but expensive" rating 9/10, Christine R

"Lovely people, beautiful country with lots to do if you wish." rating 10/10, Laura B

"Beautiful Island" rating 9/10, Tracey B

"We only did a couple of trips but Grand Baie was stunning and if we went to Mauritius again we would head closer to that area." rating 10/10, Andrew W

"We have been 5 times before and as usual it was excellent. Prices in the hotels are becoming very expensive.Greed is now there." rating 9/10, Chris G

"Very attractive and affluent" rating 9/10, Neil O

"People so freindly" rating 9/10, Peter O

"Lovely Island" rating 10/10, Andrew R

"The people are very friendly and it's very beautiful " rating 9/10, Deborah C

"Have been once before many years ago. Safe, warm and a direct flight." rating 8/10, Pete M

"Beautiful! Would definitely go back!! " rating 10/10, Laura F

"Very humid but beautiful and green" rating 5/10, Gareth O

"Tourist spots pretty much a paradise." rating 9/10, John D

"A beautiful country to visit " rating 10/10, Carole F

"Beautiful country." rating 10/10, Alan T

"Clean very beautiful beaches " rating 6/10, Leslie S

"Beautiful with some stunning scenery, everyone very polite and helpful ready to andwer questions" rating 10/10, Chrismarie N

"Warm friendly and humble people ,beautiful island full of great culture ,food , and weather " rating 10/10, Louise S

"It was a beautiful place, but very poor. " rating 9/10, Marie H

"Good airport and wonderful people." rating 10/10, Carl R

"Beautiful country, stunning coastlines and mountain scenery and very friendly staff and locals" rating 9/10, Helen J

"The country was very scenic and beautiful." rating 10/10, Lee W

"Beautiful country with very friendly people " rating 8/10, Lyndsey S

"Beautiful, very kind people. Governed entirely by the tourist industry, should have seen more of the real Mauritius but we were so relaxed we were a little lazy!!" rating 9/10, Anna R

"Transportation is a bit expensive. I mean money compare to distance, quality, etc..." rating 10/10, Georgi K

"Lovely and relaxing " rating 10/10, Lushin G

"Beautiful country, gentle laid back people, no-one harasses you, very easy holiday destination to go to for the whole family. " rating 9/10, Laura R

"Small, elegant, beautiful and a must visit." rating 10/10, Duncan G

"People are very helpful and nothing is too much.Lots to see." rating 9/10, Natwarlal M

"Mauritius is a beautiful country. The country itself is rather poor but it's nature is beautiful and the people are very kind. The water in particular was stunning and so was the diving. " rating 9/10, My Ha L

"As above" rating 9/10, My Ha L

"Beautiful Island." rating 10/10, Andy G

"Lovely very Friendly People" rating 8/10, Rosemarie Q

"Similar to Hawaii" rating 10/10, Michael G

"as above" rating 10/10, Michael G

"Beautiful island. Bigger than expected but easy enough to get around" rating 9/10, Daniel K

"Very welcoming especially when collected by Sega Tour operator. Was given a garland of flowers at the airport." rating 9/10, Craig L

"Beutiful" rating 9/10, Mark H

"Beautiful Trou aux biches hotel 5th time returning fab staff beautiful surroundings and rooms huge with wonderful food and fantastic attentive service " rating 10/10, Joanna J

"Amazing country, lovely people and the hotel was exceptional" rating 8/10, Rob B

"Beautiful,stunning sea life and snorkelling. Everyone was so friendly." rating 10/10, Michelle S

"Loved it. Relaxing, low key and friendly." rating 10/10, Cathy B

"Fantastic place to visit lots to see and some great trips to go on. " rating 10/10, Paul H

"Very laid back country and people very friendly." rating 10/10, Susan B

"Friendly people" rating 9/10, James T

"Amazing all the way, its a must to go back and see more." rating 10/10, Vince C

"I was looking forward to the water sport opportunities and the good weather. I unfortunately had sunstroke so was not able to do very much." rating 8/10, Mark N

"Never been before. Looking forward t oa very belated honeymoon. All inclusive , good hotel and nice weather hoped to have it all." rating 8/10, Matt A

"We have been before 4 years ago staying next door at Tamassa. Enjoyed the island and Bel Ombre. Enjoyed the watersports" rating 8/10, Karly H

"Beautiful country with very friendly, courteous people." rating 10/10, Alan T

"Never been, hoped for good weather, good beach hotel and excellent all inclusive" rating 8/10, Ben R

"Looking forward to the hotel and sunshine. Not looking to do any sightseeing." rating 8/10, Clive C

"Hoping to find a well run family hotel with good facilities and sunshine" rating 8/10, Abi P

"Okay - not the paradise island as we had hoped. Unlikely to return" rating 9/10, Trudy M

"Brilliant " rating 9/10, Margo F

"Wonderful people, interesting country, lovely food. Glad we got there before it gets overdeveloped" rating 9/10, Penny K

"Fab." rating 10/10, Robert M

"Nice country - have been before so knew what to expect." rating 9/10, Peter H

"Beautiful place " rating 5/10, Sarah B

"AMAZING " rating 8/10, Adrian M

"Resorts idyllic, country a little scruffy, reminded us of the Caribbean." rating 10/10, Peter S

"Beautiful, expensive, cold in their winter (our summer)." rating 9/10, Rachel S

"Beautiful beaches and sea. " rating 10/10, Phil A

"Friendly people, with lots to do" rating 9/10, Henry H

"Good. a bit Caribbean feeling" rating 8/10, Andrew G

"Beautiful " rating 10/10, Karen R

"Beautiful country with the most friendliest and happiest people. Perfect if you want to try your hand at water sports, whether you are an or novice. " rating 10/10, Sharon B

"Mauritius is a wonderful place to visit. The people are really nice, and the Shandrani spa is amazing. They just couldn't do enough for us." rating 10/10, Pete P

"Fantastic destination. People were lovely. " rating 10/10, Anthea R

"No we were tired after our holiday in Namibia so just relaxed and enjoyed the lovely hotel" rating 9/10, Alan B

"Lovely country" rating 10/10, Kathleen H

"fab destination" rating 9/10, Wendy P

"Beautiful, with friendly people" rating 10/10, Chris J

"Very green and beautiful beaches." rating 9/10, Sally I

"very nice allot to do" rating 5/10, Joe N

"Very Nice to visit" rating 10/10, Pete H

"Beautiful, I just needed a bounty bar to complete the picture." rating 9/10, Adrian H

"Absolutely stunning. " rating 9/10, Tina S

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Alexandra W

"We mostly were water based so not much exploring of the island but we loved it and enjoyed the trip." rating 9/10, Jane R

"Simply beautiful" rating 9/10, Michael P

"Mauritius is a lovely island with lots to do. There are lovely beaches and great trips out to the islands. Also lovely scenery and the people are lovely and friendly." rating 9/10, Mary M

"very nice, very hot" rating 9/10, Pavan G

"A very pleasant place with lovely people but a long way to go to for winter sun." rating 9/10, John O

"A wonderful friendly beautiful island with all year round lovely climate" rating 10/10, Stephen G

"The country was beautiful and the people very friendly. The beaches were beautiful and kept clean and to a very high degree" rating 9/10, Keith B

"Nice, civilised and good amenities such as shopping centres" rating 9/10, Claire C

"Well organised. White sands took care of our transfers. Carried our luggage for us and took us right to the check in desk upon departure" rating 9/10, Amit S

"Amazing and the people we met were so warm and friendly" rating 10/10, Brenda C

"Beautiful" rating 5/10, Susan F

"Nice but probably wouldnt return" rating 9/10, Patricia T

"Absolutely stunning. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and a warm welcome everywhere." rating 10/10, Adrian B

"Amazing" rating 10/10, Stefan P

"Beautiful, hot and well worth a visit! " rating 9/10, Vicky C

"Amazing" rating 10/10, Rowland S

"Pleasant laid back approach to life" rating 9/10, Olwen R

"its beautifully " rating 9/10, Carol L

"loved it. holiday could have been longer" rating 10/10, Christine W

"Absolutely amazing, a stunning place to visit." rating 10/10, Yvonne F

" Interesting and diverse country. Dramatic mountain range and lovely beaches. " rating 9/10, Sara O

"Lovely country, very beautiful. The locals were so friendly and helpful. " rating 10/10, Adam Y

"Beautiful country with fantastic places to see and lovely people. The perfect honeymoon destination" rating 10/10, Su S

"Picture perfect, white sands and clear blue seas. Lots of sights to see, fantastic catamaran trip. Laid back culture," rating 10/10, Zoe L

"We'd been there before for our honeymoon. It is great because there is alot more to do there than just sit on a sun bed and admire the white sand and turquoise sea." rating 9/10, Catherine G

"Lovely place and people" rating 9/10, Chris P

"The Mauritian people we meet were lovely and very friendly." rating 9/10, Alexandra N

"Beautiful country, good roads and friendly people. Lots of places to visit and generally very clean. " rating 10/10, Bernice G

"Lovely place,lovely people,wishI was still there." rating 10/10, Mike S

"as expected" rating 9/10, Rachel R

"Most friendly country ever. White sand tours were exceptional" rating 10/10, Laura T

"2 trips done..boat trip round the East and also South West Tour (private tour). Fantastic" rating 10/10, Graham C

"We decided on this island as it offered a good range of excursions, lovely accommodation and a very well priced wedding venue " rating 9/10, Kevin G

"Lovely country. Stunting views. Beautiful beaches. Friendly and helpful people. " rating 8/10, Wendy O

"We choose this location for our honeymoon and we were not disappointed. The location and the hotel were perfect." rating 7/10, Wayne R

"Perfect honeymoon destination – beautiful country, nice people and amazingly friendly people." rating 9/10, Forhad H

"Beautiful beaches. Warm, calm sea. Amazing food and very friendly people" rating 10/10, Melissa C

"Lovely relaxing island,people are very friendly and proud of their island." rating 9/10, Anita M

"Very friendly and welcoming" rating 10/10, Jeff S

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Janos Z

"lovely country and very friendly people. " rating 9/10, John W

"Never been but wanted an excellent hotel with good food and privacy. " rating 9/10, Lynne G

"Beautiful Country with warm and friendly people" rating 10/10, Philip D

"Lovely country people are very friendly and the views are stunning!" rating 5/10, Jason D

"Sugar Beach as excellent hotel. Otherwise a quiet country. Few day trips of in terest, as is the deep sea fishing. However no decent restaurants outside of the hotel. If you want a relaxing holiday then Mauritius is a good choice." rating 9/10, Steve B

"Excellent place to visit , very freindly" rating 9/10, Ray M

"Would have preffered to have known that the hotel was more for the German tourist." rating 10/10, Simon C

"Everything we had hoped for. The people are so friendly." rating 9/10, Sue G

"Amazing" rating 9/10, Serena D

"We loved this place & our hotel in particular. The Mauritian people are lovely and can't do enough to help " rating 9/10, Ros R

"Wonderful country which we would love to visit again and again and again. People absolutely amazing nothing was ever too much" rating 9/10, Melissa D

"Beautiful." rating 10/10, Rebecca L

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Karina K

"Very nice people, a poor country, not easy to travel long distances by local transport, but the not sunny weather makes up for that. " rating 9/10, Pauline G

"Everything we dreamed it would be and more" rating 10/10, Stefan P

"Perfect honeymoon destination. Beautiful." rating 10/10, Sharif A

"Very warm and friendly country " rating 9/10, Helen C

"Beautiful island - loved it" rating 9/10, Sara B

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Arun R

"Very nice" rating 9/10, Oriabure O

"great country" rating 9/10, Jitesh P

"Stunningly pretty with lots of exciting excursions." rating 9/10, Oliver R

"Absolutely beautiful. " rating 10/10, Paranie S

"Fantastic, amazingly friendly people and welcoming.Stunning destination" rating 9/10, Erica M

"We didn't see much of the country as we stayed in the resort most of the time. " rating 9/10, Wendy K

"beautiful, Amazing, Wonderfull." rating 10/10, Stephen P

"Lovely place" rating 8/10, Zeynep I

"A small and friendly island with plenty of things to see" rating 9/10, Avril J

"Beautiful beaches" rating 10/10, Claire D

"Very friendly people and the best service we received over many years of travel." rating 10/10, Merlon T

"Relaxed, friendly, green." rating 10/10, Siobhan M

"Fabulous" rating 9/10, Alison F

"Mauritius was a beautiful island. " rating 10/10, Janine H

"wonderful place didnt want to leave " rating 10/10, Iain M

"loved it" rating 10/10, Hussain A

"Great holiday location, will definitely go again." rating 9/10, Paul C

"Like paradise" rating 10/10, Joanna J

"It is beautiful country to relax in and take in the scenery. " rating 9/10, Jim H

"Beautiful , would definitely return." rating 10/10, Nicola R

"It was very green & beautiful with friendly locals." rating 7/10, Lee S

"Better than expected - great new airport and new roads and infrastruture. Still had tropical charm. people friendly and food fantastic." rating 10/10, Tarah M

"Beautiful resort, wonderful island and great people." rating 10/10, Daniel P

"Country was beautiful, experience of a lifetime (although we want to go back next year!) so much to experience, Walking with Lions, Swimming with wild Dolphins, fishing, snorkelling, barbeques on a nearby Island and the landscape is amazing." rating 10/10, Julie B

"Beautiful country, friendly people but not a place to self drive, the only good thing about the traffic is that it drives on the left-hand side (quite a lot of the time)" rating 10/10, Barbara P

"The food, the hotel room services, and the country security at night was not good. " rating 5/10, Habib F

"Lovely very picturesque in places, quite a lot of history! Besides the dodo!! Ha ha ! Very friendly people" rating 10/10, Patricia W

"it was brilliant wish the holiday was longer!" rating 10/10, Sally B

"much more built up now than on our previous visits. Excellent airport" rating 10/10, Juliette T

"Great relaxing laid back country" rating 10/10, John M

"An engaging country with the right mix of african/asian fusion, that kept you entertained the whole way through." rating 10/10, Louisa L

"We love Mauritius - that was our 5th visit" rating 9/10, Deric W

"really nice" rating 8/10, Andrea H

"Great friendly people, lovely food." rating 5/10, Varsha B

"Lovely country" rating 5/10, Varsha B

"Lovely people, good service. " rating 9/10, David P

"really enjoyed the variety of the island with beaches and things to see as well" rating 8/10, John O

"Beautiful island. Nice weather in September without being too hot!" rating 9/10, Richard F

"Friendly people with a very diverse (rich and poor) community" rating 8/10, Philip E

"Plenty to 'do and see' if you want to. NorthWest coast best for their winter time and East best for their summertime according to locals." rating 9/10, David O

"Beautiful country, really friendly people and so many different things to see and do." rating 9/10, Emma H

"beautiful, friendly safe country" rating 8/10, Simon L

"People Very Friendly" rating 9/10, James D

"Excelled country, very friendly people with beautiful scenery" rating 10/10, Mez P

"Absolutely beautiful." rating 10/10, Ravi J

"Lovely " rating 9/10, Louisa S

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Mark M

"All three of us found it to be a beautiful country and a lot to offer " rating 10/10, Anita J

"Lovely climate, lovely people." rating 8/10, Angela W

"The south of the country was extremely beautiful, lots of forests and mountains. The north was a little disappointing in particularly around the grand baie area. The people were very friendly, lovely service in restaurants and shops. Not a place for bargain shopping, the so called factory shops are actually expensive. For a relaxing holiday this was perfect." rating 9/10, Carol H

"Loved it." rating 9/10, Nicky G

"Was a beautiful place and the people we very friendly. " rating 9/10, Joanne B

"Stunning country, the people were lovely" rating 9/10, Thomas C

"Very diverse cultures set on a beautiful island. We had an amazing time based in a resort but taking various trips to see the island." rating 9/10, Michael S

"beatiful country, friendly people....just perfect." rating 9/10, Laura M

"Beautiful Island. Warm and friendly people. Not to 'touristy' in the South West which suited me very well. Food and beverage were very good and the service welcoming and organised." rating 9/10, Susan L

"beauiful island and friendly locals" rating 8/10, Richard G

"We cannot wait to go back." rating 8/10, Helen C

"Magnificent" rating 9/10, Joanne G

"didnt see much apart from the resort" rating 9/10, Robert G

"Beautiful tropical island" rating 9/10, Steven S

"Lovely Island, very green and lush." rating 8/10, Tracey B

"Lovely country,everyone so friendly" rating 10/10, Dennis L

"Wonderful Friendloy people" rating 10/10, Colin L

"Amazing,we are now looking to potentially buy a holiday home there." rating 10/10, Dylan J

"Did not really see much outside the hotel but thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience" rating 9/10, Stephanie B

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Vienna W

"Beautiful, paradise island." rating 9/10, Tara S

"beautiful, green lush beach lovely" rating 9/10, Renata B

"beautiful -my homeland" rating 9/10, Josiane W

"It is a lovely island" rating 10/10, Lynne C

"Absolutely beautiful - a real paradise!" rating 10/10, Lara K

"Very friendly and safe" rating 8/10, John S

"Didn't go out much so no extra comments" rating 9/10, Nicholas L

"Seems to be rapidly developing, felt safe when out from resort, prices reasonable, clean and efficiently run" rating 10/10, Ken H

"The resort was superb, surprised it wasn't ranked any higher than what it is as it was absolutely brilliant. The island itself has a mix of beauty and poverty, but you will find that wherever you go" rating 9/10, Jose D

"We only went on one day excursion throughout the 2 weeks. That was ideal as it is a small island and a lot can be covered in a day. " rating 10/10, Nick D

"Lots of traffic!" rating 9/10, Anthony B

"Since our last visit 4 years ago, there has been significant financial investment in the infrastructure and corporate footprint." rating 9/10, David T

"Great to be somewhere warm, by the sea and have so many non english" rating 8/10, Janet K

"Amazing " rating 5/10, Christopher D

"beautiful island, very friendly people." rating 7/10, Joan W

"very beautiful island" rating 9/10, Nadiya C

"Really enjoyed the resort and the stay on Mauritius, although we wouldn't come again as feel the isn't much more to see." rating 9/10, Phillipa M

"Wonderful loved it" rating 10/10, Joanna J

"Really beautiful country and the locals were very friendly" rating 10/10, Peter Q

"Beautiful settings and surroundings when we went on trips. Very kind people." rating 9/10, Lydia F

"Beautiful destination, excellent honeymoon choice. Not just a beach destination. Very friendly people" rating 8/10, Matthew B

"Very beautiful, and very pleasant people" rating 9/10, Neil S

"Interesting and diverse, would recommend for South Africans looking for a 7 - 10 day holiday not too far from home" rating 10/10, Theocharis M

"Very pretty, and staff lovely. We just mainly stayed in the resort so can't give too much general feedback" rating 10/10, Steven W

"Lovely" rating 9/10, Tracey R

"Beautiful! Fabulous beaches, blue skies, palm trees... Local people are extremely friendly. Can't fault it!" rating 9/10, Jo O

"lovely, with interesting places to see. Great scenery " rating 10/10, Arthur H

"very nice...nice people& good safe island" rating 9/10, John R

"lovely hotel been to mauritius three times and had great holidays" rating 10/10, Donald C

"very nice people friendly" rating 9/10, Jimmy K

"beautiful hotels, poorer communities" rating 10/10, Bailie H

"Beautiful." rating 10/10, Wendy H

"Very green, people very friendly" rating 9/10, Kim M

"Lovely island but there was very little to do in the resort we stayed in. " rating 8/10, Karen C

"Very nice" rating 10/10, Gail M

"Love people and interesting country" rating 9/10, Emma T

"The weather was perfect, no malaria tablets or innoculations required. Beautiful." rating 10/10, John S

"Great Place" rating 10/10, Michael G

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, David B

"Beautiful place to go for a wedding, honeymoon or a relaxing holiday. I would though for long haul flights look to go business class." rating 9/10, Brian W

"Gorgeous" rating 9/10, Tim B

"We love Mauritius.The people are welcoming and friendly, the food is amazing and the beaches are beautiful." rating 8/10, Lynn R

"as above" rating 8/10, Lynn R

"2nd time to go for holiday " rating 9/10, David B

"Friendly" rating 10/10, Cheryl L

"we did a 2 centre holiday at mauritius and dubia" rating 9/10, Keith C

"Beautiful country, stunning scenery and the friendliest people I have ever been lucky to have met" rating 9/10, Colin T

"Loved walking around Grand Baie. Very friendly people." rating 8/10, Dave P

"it was amazing, beautiful beaches for relaxing and lots to do if you want some adventure. " rating 10/10, Jola T

"Definitely worth making the effort to see the islands and other coasts" rating 7/10, Lisa G

"Welcoming and friendly staff at the resort and locals. Lots to see and do. Really interesting and beautiful place to visit." rating 9/10, Helen B

"Not quite how i imagined it to be" rating 7/10, Gary B

"nice" rating 9/10, Stacy M

"Mauritius is a beautiful country with very friendly people! There is lots to see and do and we will definately be going back. " rating 9/10, Nicki O

"Lovely beaches and friendly people. Excellent small zoo!" rating 9/10, Laurie K

"Beautiful Island with lovely people . High standard of food and great destination for our honeymoon." rating 8/10, Eddie W

"It was great" rating 10/10, Anthony J

"Lovely scenery.Very relaxed outside the built up areas. Quite windy on the East coast." rating 10/10, Sarah V

"Beautiful island - lots to see and enjoy but a perfect place to sit back and relax." rating 10/10, Jill I

"We loved Mauritius." rating 9/10, Philip B

"lovely country but not what we expected. " rating 9/10, Zahida B

"lovely clean well kept country with very friendly people" rating 8/10, Chris I

"Absolutely beautiful" rating 9/10, Lisa P

"have been many times before - love the people and service" rating 10/10, Will W

"We didnt go out of the Hotel much to explore" rating 10/10, Rena W

"Very friendly people. Beautiful island." rating 8/10, Michelle M

"loved it " rating 9/10, Dennis S

"Mahebourg where we were staying was a bit disappointing. Beach very gritty, sand sharp and unable to walk on without shoes. " rating 7/10, Ann L

"nice" rating 9/10, Elena A

"We went at a great time and had perfect weather. Mauritius is a nice island that is not yet too touristy. We went on three full day trips to explore the island and booked with a service in Grand Baie which was cheaper than the hotel." rating 9/10, Cathy M

"Beautiful country and beautiful people" rating 9/10, Carley H

"Womderful." rating 9/10, Don H

"Beautiful and the people very friendly" rating 8/10, Christina M

"didnt see much of it" rating 8/10, Julie S

"Lovely people and scenery." rating 8/10, Frank T

"Beautiful island excellent service at Hotels" rating 9/10, David S

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Lynn S

"Not much to do outside resort mainly beach holiday " rating 10/10, Michael J

"What a beautiful country! We would love to go back some day (when we can afford it!)" rating 10/10, Jenna R

"lovely" rating 9/10, Natalie K

"lovely" rating 9/10, Gill J

"Beautiful" rating 7/10, Stewart M

"Absolutely fantastic , the beaches are the most incredible I've ever seen. " rating 9/10, Susanne S

"See above" rating 9/10, Susanne S

"Lovely country, has a micro climate that means the weather can vary around the island on the same day. But very worth while going around. DO not book through the reps but hire a car and do it yourself, you see so much more. Vastly cheaper (You could hire a car for 3 days the price of one trip!)" rating 9/10, Wendy C

"lovely" rating 9/10, Adam W

"Lovely country, very generous friendly people. Some of the most stunning views I've ever seen." rating 9/10, Chris H

"Le Morne peninsula is beautiful and peaceful, perfect for a honeymoon. Fantastic people, treated us like royalty at all times!" rating 9/10, Donna J

"beautiful" rating 9/10, Sunita D

"Lovely country, locals friendly, hotel beautiful." rating 10/10, Kim C

"An amazing country, would recommend visiting here. " rating 5/10, Gemma D

"Mauritius is a culturally vibrant, beautiful island with a diverse natural environment. The people are friendly and welcoming, a wonderful destination to choose for a honeymoon." rating 10/10, Donna P

"We found the people very friendly." rating 7/10, Angie H

"Nice countryside. Friendly people" rating 9/10, Achin P

"Absolutely beautiful, although a little rainy at time" rating 7/10, Kirsty B

"beautiful landscape - " rating 9/10, Raj L

"beautiful country and peaople" rating 10/10, Mark J

"Lovely " rating 10/10, Jenny D

"beautiful, very friendly" rating 9/10, Malcolm E

"a very beautiful place with very friendly people." rating 10/10, Tim A

"Beautiful" rating 10/10, Lindsey S

"Very self sufficient, people wrere very attentive,knowledgeable about their island" rating 9/10, David K

"It is a gorgeous country with such amazingly hospitable people" rating 5/10, Polly B

"Beautiful" rating 8/10, Keith B

"Beautiful, Friendly island which is reflected in their people." rating 10/10, Julie G

"Loved it. visited islands on north, botanical gardens, walk with the lions wished it was a bit closer!" rating 9/10, Jeremy C

"Havent been yet 2010!!!!" rating 9/10, Craig C

"Lovely and green, nice temperature with friendly people." rating 8/10, Eleanor C

"Quite different from all the other places we have been, perhaps because it is geographically isolated from the rest of the world. Very suitable for families, and couples who want a laid back, relaxing holiday, not as much for young people looking for nightlife. Excellent food." rating 8/10, Maria E

"fantastic" rating 10/10, Smita P

"Ok - similar to every other tropical country really" rating 9/10, James M

"Second visit to Mauritius, so no surprises. Well disciplined people, who take a lot of pride in whatever they do. " rating 9/10, Keith S

"Loved it and would return." rating 8/10, Karen O

"Lovely" rating 9/10, Sarah T

"Nice, friendly people." rating 9/10, Susan S

"Green (see below), clean with friendly efficient people." rating 8/10, Rod T

"Beutiful" rating 9/10, Zlatomir S

"beautiful but starting to be overdeveloped with hotels in parts!" rating 9/10, Louise J

"stayed on resort beautiful" rating 10/10, Elizabeth F

"Excellent as always" rating 9/10, John H

"Flora & fauna exceptional. However, surprised that the villages are so tatty and poor looking. People are extremely friendly, and we felt safe." rating 9/10, Sue H

"Beautiful country and very friendly people" rating 9/10, Julie S

"Loved it we swam with dolphins and ventured out on other excursions , went to see Le Tropical which was one of your choices, Silver Beach by far much much better" rating 10/10, Angela R

"Loved it." rating 8/10, Sandra P

"everyone very friendly" rating 10/10, David G

"Mauritius is lovely and green, the hotel complex was gorgeous." rating 8/10, Neil H

"very nice would go back again" rating 9/10, Matt S

"fantastic, always something to do. " rating 9/10, Fred G

"Pure paradise" rating 8/10, Lucy C

"Whilst the towns and villages on the drive to the hotel are fairly basic, the hotel is set apart and the area is beautiful. The steep rock face of Le Morne behind the hotel is as impressive and beautiful as the vistas from the beach." rating 10/10, Llywelyn E

"Lovely" rating 8/10, Lindsey C

"A beautiful country with great weather" rating 7/10, Rebecca S

"Beautiful. Mauritians very friendly. Only down-side were the beach-hawkers, who were irritating." rating 9/10, Jo S

"Great, lots to do and see. Good roads, very busy in Port Louis and again very friendly wherever we went." rating 10/10, Joanne D

"Mauritius is a beautiful island with so much to see and do. It's not just a beach holiday. the different cultures on the island make for a memorable stay." rating 9/10, Clair W

"Great people " rating 9/10, Tom J

"An amazing place - beautiful scenery, excellent food and extremely friendly people" rating 10/10, Jack W

"beautiful and friendly but hotel expensive compared to other places" rating 9/10, Nicola B

"Beautiful country, very friendly people." rating 10/10, Sarah W

"Perhaps for a younger set (we are in our 70's) and honeymooners, but we had a very nice time. Maybe 10 days would have been enough as we were not taking advantage of the watersports etc." rating 8/10, Brian B

"Small comment about SA airlines. the flight to Cape town (12hours) the plane was old with no individual screens...sort of come to expect that now as the minimum...everything else was absolutely perfect, Karen is a star and extremely helpful throughout the booking and afterwards" rating 10/10, Wayne B

"simply stunning" rating 10/10, Candice P

"Lots of sights to see and places to go." rating 9/10, Andy O

"liked it." rating 8/10, Lee B

"beautiful" rating 10/10, Jaivanan T

"absolutely loved our holiday even though the weather was not great. " rating 10/10, Lucy T

"We stayed Legends it was absolutley amazing, big thanks to Luke Skinner at Holidays Please for arranging everything and excellent service. " rating 9/10, Darshan P

"Perfect, especially the staff at the hotel" rating 9/10, Karen H

"We were married at Le Maurica and the service was fantastic. It was a lovely, relaxed yet beautiful wedding and as a bonus- totally stress free!" rating 9/10, Leah H

"hotel and facilities excellent, sea not so great for swimming and as rather windy and not that warm did not swim as much as we would have liked to." rating 8/10, Maureen S

"Mauritius was ok, but Dubai was not that impressive. " rating 9/10, Richard C

"The resort (Bell Mare PLage) was fantastic, with the facilities and staff going some way to make up for our disappointment regarding the weather. " rating 5/10, Richard C

"It was a beautiful country." rating 5/10, Kathy K

"Le Victoria Hotel is excelllent withh lovely staff." rating 9/10, Elena M

"Very nice place to visit, people are friendly, all in all, very pleased." rating 8/10, Sam M

"Excellent holiday as always in Mauritius. Dubai was an eye opener and definitely worth a stop over, incredible city. " rating 9/10, John S

"Hotel was lovely,very relaxing" rating 9/10, Scott M

"It was a great honeymoon and this was made possible from all the help we received from Holiday Please and Beachcomber group. We would recommend the travel agent and the island to everyone a great combination. Only downside for us was the agents representing British Airways and Mauritius airport. The whole set up is a joke." rating 9/10, George M

"Very friendly and welcoming. Were treated like royalty all the way through. Fantastic. Best holiday we have ever had." rating 10/10, Emily L

"An amazing place to go with 5* service" rating 10/10, Paul L

"The holiday of a lifetime - can't wait to go back!" rating 10/10, Lisa W

"Loved the people , they couldnt do enough for us" rating 9/10, Lisa W

"oved the people , lifestyle" rating 9/10, Keith S

"An excellent hotel, service excellent without being over facing. Food superb, plenty of choice in all the restaurants. Golf course fantastic, a true difficult test. All in all an excellent break, and a hotel i would definately return to, and i don't say that very often." rating 9/10, Tim M

"Very nice people. Very green island with prety views." rating 5/10, Thelma B

"Nice country and the people are very pleasant. Stayed at the Oberoi Hotel. Very pretty and the accommodation was good. Food expensive - if you don't hire a car, not much option to go elsewhere to eat as by the time you pay for the taxi, you are back to square one with staying at the hotel." rating 7/10, Thelma B

"Great place would love to go back." rating 9/10, Alan P

"Loved everything" rating 9/10, Stephen M

"Great island" rating 2/10, Claire R

"We would recommend it to other hoilday makers " rating 8/10, Catherine P

"Beautiful country" rating 10/10, Emma A

"Mauritius is a great holiday destination. The people make you very welcome, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip." rating 9/10, Jenny Y

"Perfect in every way." rating 9/10, John J

"A lovely part of mauritius fab hotel" rating 9/10, Janice A

"Loved it - had a lovely time." rating 9/10, Sally R

"I didn't like the fact that the birds were able to help themselves to food. The side walls of the restaurant were open, so that the birds could fly in and out whenever they felt peckish! " rating 8/10, Elizabeth L

"Friendly and very welcoming in gerneral" rating 9/10, Jane H

"staff a lttle distracted but very friendly" rating 8/10, Steve M

"Loved Anguilla. Very laid back even for the Caribbean." rating 8/10, Les P

"was such a lovely place and perfect for honeymoon. Just peace, quiet and relaxing, but if looking for adventure then there isnt anything outside the complex at all. Food was amazing and a really chilled place." rating 8/10, Emma B

"Mauritius was very beautiful did some trips to the south of the island and was very impressedv" rating 8/10, Emma H

"The people are lovely and very helpful, we felt very safe where ever we travelled." rating 9/10, Jane R

"People so friendly and genuine, without exception. Either at the hotel, or in the local towns, some of the nicest in the world" rating 9/10, Gail O

"Driving in Mauritius is not reccomended - apart from that, everyone we had contact with was very nice and respectful." rating 9/10, Dave W

"The staff were all very welcoming at the Dinarobin" rating 8/10, Stuart H

"Fully inclusive was just so relaxing. Great sports/gyms at both venues, so you could 'try' to work off some of the food & alcohol! The Mauritians were wonderful hosts - very friendly people and the whole island was stunning. make use of the massage facilities if you can - most enjoyable!!!" rating 8/10, Jennifer B

"Very friendly" rating 9/10, Adrian L

"The Oberoi hotel in Mauritius was one of the best i have ever been to. Its fantastic, book half board if you go and plan to eat there all the time. We did go out but came straight back as we were so spoiled with the food and service and gorgeous surroundings." rating 10/10, Julie D


"We really enjoyed our holiday. Would definitely recommend getting a honeymoon suite at the hotel as the private large balcony for sunbathing on was amazing." rating 9/10, Kaye B


"Love the island and the people." rating 9/10, Anne H

"lovely place, v friendly staff" rating 8/10, Sarah C

"The east coast was windy this time of year that made it slightly too cold at times when the sun was behind clouds. Everyone we met so lovely and friendly, and hawkers on the beach and markets weren't pushy at all. We couldn't get them to haggle!! The island is really picturesque and has a good balance of relaxation and sight seeing." rating 10/10, Paul W

"The people in mauritius are very pleasant and helpful, during the transfers airport and activities the drivers were very informative and pleasant to speak to. We went on a dolphin trip a boat trip and an island trip, all staff on all excursions were very happy and pleasant superb all round." rating 10/10, Paul B

"Beautiful place - felt like paradise." rating 10/10, Clare H

"Very friendly people and a great place to visit" rating 9/10, Stephen B

"Beautiful and fascinating. Fantastic food, diverse people, magical surroundings." rating 9/10, Julie J

"hired bikes and got off hotel well worth it - looking at buying house there" rating 9/10, Jonathan H

"Very nice people, kind and helpful! The landscape of the island was really lovely, very green!" rating 10/10, Caroline K

"On arrival at Mauritius airport, whilst some of our fellow passengers who although were booked to stay at the same hotel by another tour company, had to endure the transfers by mini bus, unlike my party whose holiday was booked with Holidayplease, enjoyed the transfers by private car. Another great reason for booking with Holidayplease. " rating 9/10, John W

"loved it" rating 9/10, Allison G

"Mauritius is a stunning island, with an amazing landscape and many interesting places to visit. We found the Mauritian people to be very welcoming and friendly." rating 10/10, Julie S

"beautiful country, scenery was amazing." rating 9/10, Kelly M

"Mauritius hasnt got the 'wow' factor. Countryside is all sugar plantations" rating 8/10, Val K

"Did not go out of the hotel except to go diving which was not bad but not as good as the Maldives." rating 8/10, Christine G

"Around the hotel and beach area's it was paradise as you would expect. But go into towm or inland and you realise how poor alot of people are. Everyone was really friendly though." rating 10/10, Hayley E

"People very warm and friendly. Service brilliant - overall excellent. Golf very good and water sports. Overall no complaints - apart from the travel. " rating 9/10, Helen E

"Signage on roads was dreadful - very difficult to find places." rating 10/10, Kate B

"Saw most of the Island on trips from the hotel. Standard of living poor but not as bad as Sri Lanka who we compared it with." rating 9/10, Alan C

"Excellant hotel - made up fpr the weather." rating 8/10, Alan C

"Kenya & Mauritius were great as the locals were lovely. Mauritius did seem a little like just another beach holiday but again it was still great to visit. " rating 10/10, Gudrun H

"Different to what I expected. Thought it would be a more humid climate. The people were generaly friendly outside the resort but I was surprised at the amount of poverty. The taxi drivers were eager for your business but there service was generally good." rating 9/10, Jean C

"We were surprised at the lack of a nightlife outside the hotels, possibly because of where we were staying." rating 8/10, Peter D

"Would deffinitely recomend the Dinarobin" rating 10/10, Matthew B

"Very friendly; kids club good " rating 10/10, Ian S

"Extremely friendly people and very safe." rating 10/10, Sam T

"Lombok - Nice people very gentle, the island is fairly poor but the locals all seem happy. " rating 10/10, Steve D

"very nice country indeed!" rating 9/10, Repeinder K

"its was fab, me & my husband enjoyed everthing about the place, the sight seeing ,the views the hotel was very good." rating 9/10, Harvinder G

"lovely " rating 10/10, Paul B

"friendly people-country felt safe" rating 10/10, Lesley K

"the hotel was great, the staff were very friendly and helpful. The hotel was very clean, the food was lovely in the a la carte resturant, we only ate at the buffett resturant twice but did not like it so much as there wasnt a lot of things we liked. There was evening entertainment every night. It was a nice and relaxing holiday and would go again" rating 8/10, Hayley O

"Laid back, nice people. Restaurant close at 2230, and take aways, like Mcdonalds close by 2100. Flight was long and probably the worst part by far." rating 10/10, Ali K

"Loved everything about Mauritius" rating 8/10, Ricky R

"Beautiful country" rating 10/10, Kim D

"Would recommend the Dinarobin Hotel - it was exceptional!" rating 9/10, Gavin S

"Mauritius - culture seemed very laid back and it was easy to adapt!" rating 9/10, Gavin S

"enviable" rating 9/10, Mike P

"Silver beach was a fantastic budget hotel with really good service" rating 8/10, Stuart R

"My family and I had a wonderful, memorable holiday. The rooms were spacious, the childrens club and facilities were superb." rating 10/10, Arun K

"There is so much to do in Mauritius, it is the perfect combination of a beach holiday with lots of sightseeing, under-sea walking, shopping, culture, dolphin watching and a whole range of water sports!" rating 9/10, Mandip R

"We stayed all inclusive - but not at one of the 'exclusive' resorts. The staff treated their guests like family and were helpful, but not intrusive. Balcony faced away from the sun and it would have been nice to have a quiet couple of hours at the end of the day sitting out there with a cold drink and a book - that was our only 'slightly downside'. We loved it!" rating 8/10, Mia I

"Both very safe and welcoming" rating 9/10, Sonia L

"We had a fantastic time in a lovely hotel and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We attended a friend's wedding which took place on the beach and was extremely romantic. Mauritius is definitely a place to recommend!" rating 10/10, Gail C

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