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Mauritius Weather

Here are real life reports on Mauritius weather from some of our customers. If you are looking for a Mauritius holiday please just enter your details on the right and one of our experts will be delighted to help you.

Month Travelled Weather
January Very hot as expected but with a slight breeze that was cooling beautiful sunny days a very heavy showers but they were welcome as it feshened everythimg up. We did have the added excitment of an approaching cyclone which eventually ended up in Madacascar we had a tropical storm which was unbelievable and somrthing I would not have missed.
January Most days some rain in the afternoon.
January very hot & humid with ocassional heavy storms(3 in 3 weeks)
January only one day of rain
January wet, hot and sunny
January Sun and rain but hot
January Sunny
January good
January 30C most days, only 1 day of rain, after that it got hotter!
January Hot
January Gorgeous and hot (January) 34 degrees
January Sun and hot rain - it was the wet season so to be expected!
January very hot
January Mixed, but warm
January Excellent - we were really lucky.
January Fabulous for 90% and a little rainy for the rest but not an issue
January well had a few rainy days which brought out the mosquitoes in force.
January Cyclone
January great
January Very good, hovered around 30 degrees everyday, with a couple of days of rain
January Great weather apart from cyclone for couple of days but it didn't reflect negatively on the holiday.
January Good.
January Roughly about 30 degrees, mostly sunny with a few brief cloudy spells. It poured down briefly in the afternoon on a couple of days out of the fortnight, but was never an issue. It looked that the hotel (Dinarobin) was somehow sheltered from wetter weather on the mainland by Le Morne.
February Being that this was a 1 week mid February visit, the weather was surprisingly very warm and pleasant most days, on a few of these days the weather was mixed with light showers which did not last long,then the sun would again shine through, there is a welcome and constant underlying breeze which can towards dusk get quite strong, but all in all February can be a pleasant time of year to visit Mauritius and top up on that suntan.
February great
February Rained quite a lot, but also had a lot of sun. Rained solidly for 2 days, apart from that just showers. Somehow the rain isn't as bad when it's hot!
February first day thick black cloud but still manageed to burn most of the time clear blue skies short showers but didnt spoil holiday at all
February Grey sky on our wedding day. General good but some rain in Mauritius.
February We landed in the middle of a cyclone which was different but after that was very nice.
February Hot and humid
February Perfect except for our arrival day when it poured with rain.
February Quite a lot of rain,this is not normal for the island although rain is always expected the islanders sain they have never experienced rain like it.
February just had rain a couple of day but not an issue
February Excellent with only some fleeting rainstorms.
February 30 deg
February Hot with occasional clouds as expected and one tropical downpour which was fun
February Fantastic a couple of heavy downpours the first and last days and about three/four very quick showers gone before you realised it really was raining unless you were out in it!! We luckily were on the beach most of them so it wasn't a problem just roll up your towel to keep it dry for a moment or two
February Sunny 34 deg
February good 80 degrees
February It rained when we got there. The road to the hotel was flooded. The next day the sun came out and it was lovely from then on. It was very humid and rained a couple of times. Mostly it was dry, sunny, hot and humid. There were a couple of thunder storms.
February Hot,although it did rain most days for a hour.
February was good rain one day
February HOT
February Really hot except just 1 day of rain
February Perfect, nice breeze kept it bearable
February Very warm not too hot a few tropical rain showers a couple of thunder storms but this did not spoil our holiday as the rain and storms cleared very quickly . The colours of the sky were amazing even during the rain I wish I could paint it!
February Warm windy 27-30 Celsius
March agai great weather
March Great, very little rain though the weather forecast always appeared to suggest deluges.
March It's was okay
March One rainy day. Some clouds but a nice respite from the heat.
March We only had one rainy day and a couple of overcast days - temps were between 28 - 32 degrees
March Beautiful, we usually had a downpour each day for a short time but it was refreshing and cooled you down before he Sun came out again.
March Averaged 29 deg C with a light breeze and a few clouds. We had one morning of rain in 2 weeks
March Warm 29 degrees with the occasional short spell of rain
March although rainy season we had lovely weather just a few short sharp showers
March generally pretty good but some cloud & rain
March Hot, occasional thunder. But in general lovely.
March Hot, humid with the occasional tropical storm.
March Hot and sunny my ideal holiday.
March Very good. hot and balmy as you would expect with an occassional shower
March Beautiful for the majority of the time, hot and sunny. We had one day during which it rained all day.
March Warm with the occasional rain shower
March rained continously for three days but it didn't spoil our holiday
March Very good
March The day we arrived it rained all day and had, apparently, been raining all that week (Mon-Thurs); however, all the locals said this was extremely rare. Intermittently cloudy and some rainshowers over the next day or two, then we enjoyed unrelenting sunshine.
March very nice
April Bearing in mind we went in april, it was very hot particularly during the mid day - mid afternoon. slight showers but nothing at all that impacted on our holiday
April Very warm, a little cloudy at times.
April As expected, sunny with a little rain
April Mostly good - a couple of cloudy days and a couple of wet days
April Overcast for the first few days then sunny. It was a good heat.
April Some rain but otherwise beautiful and hot! 28 degrees
April Tropical
April Very hot, lots of cloud and some rain but was still very enjoyable
April Sunny
April Ok
April Good. Some cyclone warnings but they did not come to anything.
April A little mixed, mainly sunny with some cloud and showers.
April changeable, windy but warm and sunny
April rained two evenings out of the 7 but generally weather was fantastic
April It rained for the first two days and then it was hot and sunny
April Majority of it was incredible, last two or three days there was rain constantly
April Generally good with some heavy storms (they are currently going into their rainy season)
April The weather was excellent. Even though we had rain on some days, each time it only lasted an hour or so.
April Beautiful and sunny about 28 degrees most days. A couple of showers here and there.
April hot
April Perfect
April A little mixed but very warm
April Perfect!
April The weather was good, we only had one proper rainy day, and a couple of showers the rest of the time. We think this was a perfect time to travel to Mauritius, not uncomfortably hot, but still quite warm enough for enjoying the sea and sun, and suitable for sightseeing.
April Could have been hotter (but then I am a true sun worshipper). There was a bit of cloud and rain on a couple of days but only on my last day did the weather put paid to any outdoor activity. Given this is their 'Winter' as staff kept reminding me, I have no complaints at all. Glad I didn;t go week earlier though as they had a cyclone and floods in the North that resulted in fatalities by drowning. The weather was typically 'tropical' and the rain keeps the vegetation lush. Wonderful, wonderful holiday.
April mainly sunny with the odd shower but always warm.
April Sunny/cloudy most days 29 degrees. We did have 2 days of rain in a fortnight holiday.
April we had one afternoon of constant rain, other than that it was lovely. the odd bit of cloud, but a nice cooling breeze every day.
April A bit turbulent, there was a cyclone threat our first week with a fair amount of rain but brightened up and was sunny/cloudy all day. Perfect temperature due to the sea breeze
April Apart from 1 day or rain and a cyclone the weather was very good. It quite windy but still warm
April Excellent most of the time. A few very heavy downpours but on the whole very hot and sunny. We had a cyclone on the day I was leaving which reached a grade 2. There was some doubt as to whether my plane would take off but it was an amazing experience and ALL the staff coped admirably and with guests their main concern.
April Glorious, 25 degrees plus everyday
April We had good weather the sun was out everyday, we had two days when we got caught in a down pour and one day when it was a little cloudy but other that the weather was great
April Weather was hot but changeable - was cloudy most days and showers. We stayed for 14 days and 3 days were blue skies and no rain.
May good, mostly great but some rain
May one morning and one evening of rain all the rest sun all the way
May Our weather was fairly mixed. It was generally sunny but we had some overcst days and also some rain. It was still a fantastic trip and apparently this was unusual weather for this time of year. As we were going to Dubai afterwrds to be greeted with circa 40DegC we weren't too bothered!
May Breathtaking - most mornings we opened the curtains to blue sunny skies. If there was the odd cloudy morning, it soon dispersed and the temperature was always the same - just perfect.
May We went in May and the weather was typically mid to high 20's and was mainly sunny. Perfect for us. There was a small amount of cloud and wind and very occasional rain, not a problem though.
May good, i hope!!!
May Hot and sunny with some periods where it was overcast, temperatures were late 20's. There were rain showers most days which fell early evening, so didn't really affect anything.
May Warm and sunny , a little cloud from time to time but lovely to sun bathe in. Sun gone at 4.30 /5 though as moving towards winter.
May good
May Hot (not uncomfortably) with occasional brief heavy rain downpours
May Brilliant
May Sunny skies with the odd cloud but ideal temperature for us in the mid-high twenties
May couple of hours in first couple of days where there a bit of rain
May Good, a bit windy but if it wasn't for the wind the humidity could become too much
May sunny. a little rain. hot.
May very good. mid to high 20's . bit of rain but short bursts, as expected
May Considering it was their winter season, very good. Only a couple of showers all week, with more sun than cloud.
May Excellent keeping in mind its the low season. Averaged 27 degrees
May Very hot and humid.
May 95% Sunny with occasional cloud although warm from 07:00 till 16:45 when the sun set.
May Very hot (with tropical rain showers every day. It was starting their winter period
May Wonderful sunny and warm 23-28 degrees
May One full day of rain two afternoon showers but otherwise around 25 degrees and warm..
May excellent
May Normal tropical winter - a couple of days of rain otherwise warm and sunny every day
May Weather was awful, frankly. Of the ten days we were there, only three days had no rain, and 5 days had constant rain.
May Windy and Warm, typical of the time of year.
May The weather was mixed. We were staying to the South West where it apparantly gets better weather than the rest of the island, and typically it was nice and warn and sunny except the odd day where it was pouring with rain for most of the day! Out of a 2 weeks stay, maybe 2 or 3 days were rainy.
May one day of little rain in ten not to bad going. Very hot but had a nice breeze
May Good, although veryovercast nt
May The first week was perfect the second week was a bit cloudy and we had two days of rain but found this nice as an experience as we were on bikes and it was fun plus the couple of cloudy days gave us a break from the heat etc.
May First week was overcast and breezy with a few scattered showers but hot. Second week no showers, hot and breezy.
May weather great, odd shower didn't affect
May about 23 - 25 with some cloud - chilly in the evening
May Lovely climate we were there at the end of April soft breeze and glorious sunshine.
May We were there for 10 nights. When we landed it rained for the day, then apart from one or two quick torrential showers we had fantastic sunshine and little wind. All in all excellent weather.
May Very pleasant, mid to late 20's during the day and lowest of late teens in the evening. All sun, no rain.
May The weather was very warm and sunny. Some light rain showers but the sun soon came back out.
May Nice and rained a couple of times but was lovely
May as above
May warm and rained.
May Not to hot with a bit of rain
May When we arrived it was raining and we were told it was the Mauritian winter. It never rained again, It was truly lovely weather for the whole fortnight, like the best English summers days. Not uncomfortably hot, just lovely with the odd white cloud for respite.
May A couple of heavy rainshowers during the two weeks but otherwise lovely and sunny. Quite windy at times, though.
May Sunny the whole time - absolutely gorgeous!
May We didn't realise that this time of year for the Winter for Mauritus but the weather was good. Temperatures around 26-28. We have a couple of days' rain but all in all was good.
June cool but lovely
June Warm, blue sky with the odd cloud drfting across, quite windy but very warm
June We stayed for 10 nights and the weather was sunny and bright every day. We had a short burst of heavy rain on a couple of days but with the warm sun, it soon cleared over and dried everything out.
June Exactly how I wanted it, 24-28 degrees. . With a breeze
June Mostly hot and sunny
June Warm/hot, little humidity, overcast on a few days with a couple of rain showers that lasted a few seconds.
June nice and sunny
June Excellent
June Windy and warm perfect
June Changeable. During our week we had 3 days when it was overcast and raining. But when the sun came out the temperature was a very comfortable 24-26 deg and not humid.
June Very Good most days we had rain but it soon cleared up.
June Changeable but ok on the whole
June The weather was very changeable and unpredictable, on the whole it was pretty cool and overcast for most of the time we were there with some rain. There were a few days when the sun came out and really beat down which was nice. Also, it was quite windy a lot of the time. Don't let this put you off going though, we spent all the time we were there wondering around in shorts and T-Shirt, it never got too cold and we both came back with lovely tans. There is so much to see and do in Mauritius that the weather cannot put a downer on.
June perfect
June mixed: warm and cloudy and rainy or really really warm.
June only one cloudy day, usually really really warm and sunny.
June Very nice, around 23-24 degrees, virtually all day. There was a nice breeze as well, as we were right by the sea. There was the odd over cast day, but nothing to worry about.
June Mild, hot enough but not overly burning hot.
June As above
June Sunny every day, a little windy for two days. Temperature around 26 degrees.
June Very nice.This time of the year just bearable.Rained late evening.Over all really nice
June It was plesant but did rain a few days wehile we were there. Would of liked it hotter and dryer.
June weather was very good ,not too hot.
June very good
June The weather was very good in low to mid twenties and overcast at times during the day. There was a couple of days when it did rain but nothing to change the outcome and enjoyment of our holiday. My wife does not like it too sunny but was happy to sit in the sun in June in Mauritius. It may not be hot enough for everyone but it was what we wanted.
June Fab temperature, about 25 degrees, sone cloudy days with a few tropical showers
June perfect, sunny but not too hot.
June High 20s
June The weather was mixed - hours of sunshine with the occasional shower but always warm!
June Weather was mixed. Had some overcast days but it didn't spoil our fun. We explored the days it was rainy.
June Hot, not as nice as Dubai and winter so a little dark at night too soon
June It was winter so days were short - sunny, cloudy & rained a few times but overall hot in high 20s
June Good weather throughout with warm breeze. No rain during day at all, a couple of showers overnight. Over all very good. Stop over at Dubai - Extremely hot almost unbearable but definitely worth a visit. Thank goodness for aircon ! We did visit at the hight of summer so we expected this.
June 28 - 30 degrees with spots of rain - sunshine mostly
June Mostly overcast with a strong breeze
June Hot, bit cloudy at times, drizzled most days but only for an hour so fine.
June Pleasant
June Pretty good, it was their winter, a few cloudy and one rainy day. Average of about 20-25 degrees c.
June Very good generally. Warm and sunny.
June - 3 days of rain -
June Mostly fine but few days of rain and bD wind
June mostly sunny and warm, with the very odd little bit of rain.
June beautiful, high 20's
June Warm with showers every now again
June Warm so could not complain about a little rain.
June Good
July during the day its warm but not hot (which is nice if you dont like it too hot) you could still sit on the beach till late in the day. The evenings are cool and breezy and we needed cardigans or jumpers, we also had rain queit a few nights
July Mixed
July being their winter some rain always warm sunny and cloudy
July Weather was fabulous at a very comfortable 24-26 degrees. Allowed for a perfect sunset every evening.
July Great
July As expected, warm wet for 2 days then warmer than their average with a breeze to sto overheating
July 26 degrees/28 degrees with a slight breeze.
July For winter it was lovely... A few downpour and cloud but every day sunshine
July very hot although did rain frequently, but apart from one day cleared up very quickly
July pleasent, about 23 degress / prefer hotter/
July Not too hot, some rain showers, but only last about 10 mins. Became moe overcast at the end of our stay, but there were plenty of things to do indoors.
July For their winter season, most days were warm until 4ish, with eit flight rain in the evenings or over night.
July For winter in Mauritius it felt like a british summer, but warmer
July First 4 days were great and last 2 days were quite windy
July As its winter time in Mauritius we experienced temps of around 24c which was perfect.
July Very comfortable - just perfect
July Warm and sunny most of our stay.
July Ideal 25 c. Perfect for the fair skinned
July Consistently like a late UK summer, as expected as we travelled in their winter season
July Very good for winter. Mid 20s with very few showers
July We had a little rain but within minutes of the showers stopping the sun came out.
July Average - but was winter
July Sun and cloud with a little rain. Warm days, cool evenings.
July Rained every single day, three days torrentially and continually
July Good. Some rain
July 25 degrees, cloudy and rain with some sunny spells
July Warm and bright most days but many days involved showers and a couple were overcast.
July Their winter was in the mid 70s Can be a little windy but a warm wind and good for sailing , kite surfing etc
July it was lovely but the evenings were cool, Expected to see more rain than we did, it only rained twice and this was through the night went through a shower on the way back to the airport
July Mostly sunny with the odd shower. Lovely warm days like a hot English summer
July Weather was a bit of disappointment as not as warm as would have liked. The temperature was early 20C's most days, but it did rain every day except for a couple of days, sometimes only for a few minutes, one day we had rain all day. night temperatures quite cool - always need long sleeves. Quite windy in the first week.
July Warm & a little windy
July Average in Mauritius, but baking hot in Dubai on our stop over
July Mainly sunny, odd shower and at times a little breezy.
July Not great. Quite cold (20 or less) and rained a lot - all day a lot of the time
July Mixed but only one day of real rain - warm but not unbearably hot
July Great for this time of the year
July The weather was mostly low 20's, which we found very pleasant. As it was winter, most days there was often a short but heavy rain shower, which quickly cleared up.
July We were told it was the worst winter in years, would advise anyone to go during their summer
July rain, wind and sun like a bitish summer but a mauritian winter!
July Mostly rainy with some days of sun
July Very good
July Its was nice mid 20s, some days overcast and a bit cold at night but very pleasant during the day.
July The weather was good, due to the time of year we were going we knew that we would have some wet spells but when the sun was out it was very warm.
July Very disappointing. We have half a dozen "hot" days, and the rest were a mixture of cloudy and wet.
July Hot with a nice breeze
July Variable!
July Their Winter comfortable throughout the day, could have done with a cardigan at night
July We arrived to the end of an anti-cyclone! 2 days feeling a little like Cornwall with Palm Trees, then the weather changed and we had glorious sunshine for the majority of the holiday with a couple of quick tropical showers.
July The weather was beautiful, we had come from log fires and temps of 15 16, and stepped out into temps of 25 26, I HAD to buy some cool Mauritius shirts!Lovely sunny days, we had one day with winds and short showers, weather perfect!
July Very disappointing. We knew that it was winter in Mauritius but didn't realise it would be as cold as it was. Also there was a lot of persistent rain and very strong winds.
July Perfect for us, sunny, without being excessively hot.
July Mostly 24 degrees. Some cloudy days but always warm enough for us.
July Warm to very warm, lots of sunshine, but also a few days of heavy rain and wind. We knew it would be like this before we went - still came back fully relaxed and with a great tan!
August Only one rainy day - I was worried about the weather as it was their winter but the weather was surprisingly nice.
August Initially it was colder than expected however as we came to understand they were coming out of their winter season, toward the second week of the trip the weather was brilliant.
August Sunny, warm and hot, clear and hardly rained.
August Warm, some rain but nice.
August 26 degrees. Nice, comfortable level of heat.
August First 2 days rained on and off, rest of the holiday was beautiful sunshine
August Warm with an occasional strong brezze.
August One Day Of Monsoon But The Rest Of The Holiday Was Perfect
August High 20s Celsius, bit windy, hardly any rain. Perfect for us because we're from Cyprus and wanted to avoid 30-40 Celcius
August Mainly sunny with some cloud. Rained occasionally but never lasted too long. Temperatures were around 20 - 25 degrees centigrade. This was comfortable to sit out in and made it easier to sunbathe for longer.
August Partly cloudy with some rain
August It was mostly sunny and we spent most days on the beach - however it did rain a little bit on about half of the days and some days it was very windy.
August Variable!
August 24-28 degrees rained on the day we were leaving otherwise was good
August Warm generally. a bit of rain
August It was winter there in August but still averaging 26 degrees though could be quite windy at the coast
August Mostly sunny, a couple of cloudy days and one rain storm.
August Very nice
August Mostly sunny with a few cloudy/rainy days.
August Gorgeous during the day - around 26/27'C Cooler at night and you needed a cardi / jumper (although my husband was OK)
August We had 3 or 4 overcast days (out of 11) that were still very warm but not exactly sunbathing weather. The rest of the time it was glorious sunshine
August It rained for half of our holiday - which spoilt the atmosphere. We were told it would be sunny and hot. Evening were cold, and a jacket had to be worn - which was not what we had been advised or expected. Because of all the rain, we could not eat outside in the evenings, and due to the rain a ridiculous amount of frogs were at the resort which kept us awake ALL NIGHT! as they were very loud!
August we had 2 days of rain and then it was high 20.
August Partially cloudy generally warm
August Perfect hot but not too hot
August A little mixed, but this wS due to time of year.
August It was gorgeous, sunny and warm, we did have one or two days of cloudy days but it was still warm. The evening were lovely to, you do need a cardigan sometimes for the evening.
August its was hot during the day, cool at night. during the end it got cold in evening.
August good.
August average - too cold in the evenings
August The first week was mainly cloudy with a bit of rain, on the second week it rained all day on the Tuesday but then it was hot and sunny for the rest of the holiday.
August As expected mostly warm and sunny, with rain showers at times that quickly passed over.
August Cooler than we expected.
August lovely sunny days with a midday temperature around 80f. slight breeze (I hate windy holidays e.g Hilton Tobago comes to mind but this was very pleasant) kept you from getting too hot or humid. Rained, when it did mostly in the middle of the night but we did have one rainy overcast day. Not bad for a winter month.overall probably the best weather I have experienced on a tropical island
August The weather was perfect for 90% of the time. We had one day of full rain but there was so much to do in the hotel it did not spoil the holiday. Also some days were cloudy but still very warm so we were still in the pool and on the beach.
August good
August GOOD
August Some overcast days and a little rain but this did not disrupt our holiday.
August wet
August Perfect! Mid to low 20's so not too hot and not too cold in the evening - didn't need the air conditioning. Still got a tan though without worrying about burning.
August good
August Sunny with slight breeze, few clouds. Lovely weather overall.
August It was the Mauritian winter, so there was some rain but overall it was very nice.
August Some sunny spells but mainly overcast with high winds and sun showers.
August Sunny blue skies all but one day. Temperature not scorching but plenty hot enough to sit comfortably sunbathing for most of the day. Water temperature has warm enough to spend hours in without getting cold.
August Some days were rainy and cloudy but most days were sunny and warm.
August Please bare in mind that Mauritius is in its winter season at the moment, the east cost of the Island will and does experience heavy winds and you really do feel it on the East Coast. We stayed on the Northern part of the Island where the weather is significantly better, in fact it satyed sunny and very hot for most of our stay with the gentle sea breeze giving that cooling effect. We did experience some rain but as you would expect it is a tropical Island after all, even then it was still very warm. The West and South of Island, weather can be increasingly unpredictable as the heavy wind from the East Coast would tend to blow in rain clouds and overall it tends to feel cooler. If you are going to Stay in Mauritius during August try and stay North of the Island.
August Lovely Temperatures with high fast moving clouds. Temperatures were mid 20's most of the time with an occasional short sharp shower which certainly didn't ruin any of our days!
August Perfect for us. It was their "winter" season and equivalent to UK high summer weather. Sunny and warm most days and perfect for touring around or lazing on beach.
August The weather was ok. A little overcast some days but still warm. We also had quite a few rain showers but they never lasted long.
August Rained most days
August Warm, breezy, rained overnight - cool mornings. Gets dark quite early.
August We stayed in the north of the island which was ideal. We did travel around and noticed the change in climate in the south. It was very windy but perfect temperature for us as it was not too hot.
September Good. Hot, but not too hot.
September Ditto
September Warm, sunny with occasional showers
September The temperature was about 25/27c hot enough in September variable days as it is a tropical Island
September Not too good
September would be over cast in morning, but the sun would come out by late morning and was very hot. Did shower abit, but only for about half an hour if that and then it was an excuse to go to the bar and cool down.
September mostly hot & sunny, with a few showers.
September Sunny but rained in the mountains.
September Most days it was sunny and around 22C however we did have some days during the 2 weeks that was very cloudy.
September See above
September Warm during the day & the evening
September ok
September Sunny
September excellent
September Very good considering time of season
September In September which is their winter, in the north of the island it was 28 degrees every day! Perfect!
September could have been better but did not spoil honeymoon
September End of their winter so quite windy but warm to start with but overall very good. Not too hot.
September hot throughout the day and chilly in the evening
September GREAT
September Hot and sunny average 26deg
September First week awful second week excellent however still there winter
September 24-25 degrees
September lovely really good weather, with one day of rain.
September Very disappointing, only 2 days of sun in 10 days, warm, but mostly cloudy, and yes we did get rain. I think it was because we were near a range of mountains, a friend who stayed in the west had 14 days of blue sunny sky's for 14 days, at exactly the same time as us.
September Warm and sunny. Occasional short rain shower. Temperatures 22-26 on average.
September Could get cold.
September Mostly sunny, mid 20s, some cloud and a couple of days of the fortnight there was some rain.
September Overcast alot of the time but still warm but when the sun was out it was very hot.
September brilliant warm sunny
September Fab. A little chilly in the evenings. 2 weeks later, ie around now - 20 Oct - would be better.
September Nice sunny and warm
September Lovely! A bit windy near the coast line
September At times very hot but mainly very warm with interesting odd rain showers
September Generally good but a little windy. If going back again, we would choose November or December.
September Hot and sunny 90% of the time.
September The weather was ideal, remaining sunny without being too hot to be outside. Even the one brief shower of tropical rain was incredible!
September it was the end of their winter, 26-27 degrees during the day, the night it was a little bit colder.
September Windy yet warm (el nino?!)
September first few days cooler in the afternoon but later on very hot all day..a few spots of rain but not a hindrance at all. very slight wind was refreshing and needed!
September Hot & sunny, we couldn't have wished it any better.
September Hot & Sunny with a slight breeze. Just perfect.
September Windy and showery in the South, warm and dryer in the North
September It rained a lot during our holiday. It wasn't cold at all, but one minute we would be basking in the sunshine on our loungers by the pool, and the next, we'd be hiding under our towels! The rain never lasted very long, but it rained intermittently all day on some days. This was quite annoying!
September not too hot at time off year, came back with a lovely tan
September 26 sunny with a breeze
September End of Sept was transition from Winter to Summer. Temps 25ish in day, a cooler 17ish at night - need cardi/jumper. Windy, a little rain but a nice lot of warm sunshine - their winter a whole lot better than a UK summer!!
September mostly dry and hot with cloud most days which was still very pleasant as mad the heat more bearable
September While we was there it was windy and we had some rain, we had about 4 days of sunshine
September Good around 25 degrees.. With a lottle wind in the evening.
September Warm and sunny although the sea was very cold
September good
September Good but had local rain showers
September Started of rainy, cloudy but after acouple of days sun came out and it was pure sunshine for the most part of our honeymoon.
September average- for 3 days there was rain showers in the early evening and in overnight- i would not visit in sept again- i would go later
September In september the weather was changeable with a fair bit of rain. However the sun did shine daily and when the sun came out it was very hot!
September The weather was good, bit overcast some days and a little rain, mostly sunny.
September Variable. Mostly warm/hot. Cloudy but very little rain.
September 5 days of sun, 5 days of cloud.
September Weather was very hot during the day, so much so I had to keep going into the sea to cool down but it's a dry heat. We had one day where it rained a bit but it was still warm and passed again quickly. Apparently just before we arrived there had been quite a bit of rain but we had great weather.
September Good
September High 20's during the day (10 - 4.30) then cooler but didn't need a jumper
September Not as good as I thought it would be. Could of been hotter for me. As one of the locals said we had bad luck that week. Can't win them all. But it was just right for the golfers i.e.. husband son and son in law.
September Sunny each day with cloud and some rain most afternoons
September Warm and sunny but not too hot.
September very good
September Great
September We had mixed weather so had some cloudy days and showers but also had glorious sunshine and blue skies. The temperature was good, mid to late 20's every day
September Hot, cloudy at ti.es and some rain
September it was the same as our weather in northern ireland but on a good day, most days were hot and sunny, but cloudy and a bit of rain a few nites
September hot and sunny, the odd cloudy day
September Perfect conditions, not too hot.
September Didn’t realise that it was only the start of their summer so a bit cloudy
September A little disappointing. We expected it to be a few degrees warmer and was surprised by the rain!
September Pretty good. Cloud most days but sun as well. Very little rain
September better the second week
September Fantastic
September Lovely temperature only rained one afternoon.
September Amazing
September Hot and wonderful
September It was a bit hit and miss purely because there was an anticyclone while we happened to be there! It was a steady 20-21 degrees otherwise but make sure you pack a cardigan/jumper for the evenings if going in September or you will be chilly!
September Cold the first few days & chilly in the evening, I should have brought jeans & a jumper!
September a mixture: cold during the evenings and sometimes overcast during the day
September Great. Rained only once, although there were a couple of overcast days in the first week. On the whole great!
September Very mixed - 27-30 degrees with clear skies one day, cloudy & rainy the next
September Wasnt too hot, I like it very hot, was a bit cloudy but in general very nice and pleasant, it was rainning whole 2 day without even a minute break. We had lots of channels to watch. Could be more sunny to me, less cloudy.But for september wa good and we didnt expect much more.
September Went for 10 days and only had 2 full days of sun. Rest of time was overcast with some rain and sunny spells, and quite chilly.
September Good
September Hot but some days was a little over cast, but they are just going into there summer.
September Perfect - sunny
September 2 day torrential rain other than this sunny and hot. Minimum temp was 22 degrees in thhe rain
September Mixed but mostly sunny, as expected.
September Warm, but not blistering. We both got decent tans and half the days were cloud free. One day it rained the whole day, but we needed the breather after so much heat.
September Hot
September Mixed. Some rain but mostly sunny and mid 20s degrees C.
October Excellent
October Good
October Quite overcast and it did rain but mainly windy with some sun
October Good and warm.
October Excellent
October Perfect
October Mixed. Quite a lot of cloud and some rain although very warm
October warm , very pleasant
October Hot
October rained for first two days - fine afterwards
October 1 day very cloudy otherwise sunny around 28 degrees
October Sunny, windy on golf course which was pleasant. Rained a couple of days
October Cooler than we expected but nevertheless it was absolutely fine
October Warm and windy. Not really hot.
October Very nice. Warm, sunny and no clouds most days.
October 10 days of sun .
October Lovely couldn't ask for nicer weather
October Two days of rain and some overcast days but warm and when sun shone it was very hot.
October Very hot, no rain. Always a gentle breeze as to be expected on a small island.
October ! day of rain and 5 good days of sunshine
October pleasant but only about 22/23 degrees
October Day one and two had an unseasonal anti-cyclone hovering over the island which brought some rain. But hey, it was warm tropical rain and once that cleared away the weather was warm, generally sunny but not stiflingly hot.
October Fairly good - cloudy but warm
October Not brilliant. We had several days when it rained.
October Hot and sunny the first week, then we had rain, was still warmer than England.
October Second day was wet, but remaining days , cloudy with some sunshine around 28 degrees.
October Three wet days remaining days mixed sunshine and cloudy.
October Hot
October Three days of rain then sunshine and clouds, but warm.
October cloudy with rain - then sunny
October One day of rain. Remainder of time warm and mostly sunny.
October Brilliant
October MIXED
October Coming in to their summer in October, mixed days at first but still hot and got a good tan, the weather got better every day! Always go to the north of the island for the good weather though!
October Superb climate
October Mostly warm and sunny with the odd shower and occasionally cloudy.
October Great
October Hot and sunny!
October Temp average 82
October Lovely mixed
October 8 out of 10 days very good , beats the scottish rain
October Ok
October Overcast most of the time, some days we had sunny spells.
November Very good warm and sunny.
November Weather was fine just right for us.
November Average; hot but fairly cloudy with rain on a couple of days. Given the temperature you could still lay by the pool.
November Excellent weather!
November Excellent weather, we had a bit of rain - a couple of hours, then back to sunny!
November Superb
November The weather was very good as we would expect at this time of year.
November 27-28 degrees dry and sunny
November Perfect sunshine
November Cloudy most days with spells of sunshine
November 28 degrees and sunny. The only rain was at night.
November Warm and sunny
November Brilliant, except one and half days it poured due to nearby cyclone.
November really good amazing time of year to travel
November Hot
November The hottest we have ever experiences in November.
November Hot and sunny, gentle wind and occasional rain that was refreshing
November Great, sunny and hot, around 31degrees.
November Hot
November Lovely
November Brilliant
November Haven;t been yet - but hot and sunny with a little breeze I hope!
November Beutiful sunny weather for the most of the week. Although on one or two days we did have rain but it was mostly during the night so did not effect our holiday at all.
November Fantastic
November beautiful every day ,warm and sunny slight breeze .with balmy evenings
November Hot 30+C. At times a bit too hot. Only rained once during the night.
November Overcast for the first couple of days and then sunshine with a rather strong breeze. Would have been too hot without it though.
November sunny & pleasant
November When the sun was shining it was very hot but not unbearable. We also had quite a few light rain showers.
November Very average. It was sunny only 50% of the time we were there.
November Beautiful. Hot and humid with some rain showers
November Very good approx. 30deg .with a light breeze. After passing through a very heavy storm on way to hotel it was dry until our last (tenth day) which was mostly wet and a bit cooler due to the back of a cyclone.
November e had 13 great sunny warm days , last day cloudy but couldnt have had better weather
November The weather during our 10 night stay was fabulous, very sunny and very pleasantly hot.
November Good with a little rain
December whilst averaging 30 deg there were many many rain storms due to cyclones and these often closed the golf courses
December Very hot and a little windy
December initially cloudy but warm, then sunshine, few showers, but nothing prolonged
December 30 degrees day time 26 in the evening
December More rain than normal for December
December 90% excellent daily brief shower one bad day
December excellent
December Lovely - hot 30-35 degrees but not humid and a slight breeze so was perfect.
December the weather was great for us, not sunny all day but nice and warm
December Perfect
December Hot and sunny. We had two partially dull days - but they were a welcome break from the heat.
December Mixed this time at Christmas. In the past we have had perfect weather
December Beautiful!
December The weather was perfect. Beautiful sunshine in the mornings, and warm evenings. Only on one afternoon did it rain, but it lasted all of five minutes, and was rather refreshing.
December Very windy - too windy made it a bit unpleasant at times
December Nice
December Weather was in the low 30's every day and high 20's at night. There was a little rain at times but this was quite cool and refreshing and did not last for long. The only 1 long rainfall was on New years eve and although it was heavy it was still very warm
December Very good

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