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Mexico Holidays

Our Mexico holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.2 out of 10
This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

Rating 10/10 - Jon C

“ Brilliant relaxing holiday with plenty to do if you fancy it. Great value for money for the quality of accommodation, food and drink”

Rating 9/10 - Sharon W

“Yes lots to see and do”

Rating 8/10 - Jackie H

“3rd visit to Mexico we love our holidays there.”

Rating 10/10 - Huw T

“A very relaxing resort with great service. Right on the beach”

Rating 10/10 - Elizabeth M

“Beautiful location 90 mins from Cancun. Set amongst such greenery with direct acess to beach.”

Rating 9/10 - Tracy Q

“Loved the holiday to Mexico.”

Rating 9/10 - Eric H

“It was a trip in 2 halves - San Jose del Cabo which was Pacific Ocean and then Mayan and Aztec ruins in Yucatan and Mexico City”

Rating 10/10 - Sandie S

“The mexico cancun airport service for baggage reclaim was awful- 2.5 hours. 19-15 bags at a time with 10 min delay before the next delivery of bags. No explanation or apology and nobody around to ask. After a 10 hour flight with passengers tired and eager to travel on to the hotel was very frustrating and passengers were getting very irritated.”

Rating 10/10 - Ash D

“Lovely country and Cancun was great. We stayed at the hotel for the hole duration as we found the excursions to be extremely expensive. Even a couples massage at the hotel was circa $600! ”

Rating 10/10 - Jemma W

“Lovely places to stay. We stayed in both Cancun and Tulum and the hotels were very accommodating and the taxi service etc was very good.”

Rating 9/10 - Simon L

“Great area to visit ”

Rating 10/10 - Kartik M

“Very big country, foresty”

Rating 10/10 - Wendy I

“Lovey, stayed in Cancun, took a ferry trip to Las Malares an Island nearby to Cancun lovely typical villages and beaches . We went on the local bus really enjoyed. The port are was buzzing with tourist but the locals were friendly. Stayed out late one to experience Coco Bongos great show but felt alittle over priced. Hotel we couldnt fsult great choice in the restuarnts also visted the small restaurants which were all good, Italian, japenese best to book them as they are small . ”

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Rating 10/10 - Judith E

“Although we had a really good holiday and found the people to be lovely and very helpful there was an extremely scary event took place at our hotel, a hit took place and a Mexican was shot dead in the hotel grounds, it was an awfully scary event and thankfully no one else was hurt.”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa R

“Beautiful ”

Rating 9/10 - Isabella P

“It is a beautiful country and the people make everyone feel welcome.”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa M

“Lovely country very warm and the people are very kind and welcoming ”

Rating 10/10 - Sunil M

“Very friendly and welcoming ”

Rating 10/10 - Steve J

“Great place to visit ”

Rating 10/10 - Julie G

“The resort was beautiful, the grounds were immaculately well kept, the staff worked very hard.”

Rating 8/10 - Justina C

“Great country with great people, but be prepared it’s very expensive in shops and restaurants in the tourist areas.”

Rating 9/10 - Paul H

“Lovely country poor beach and but bad seaweed problem at this hotel and generally through the area”

Rating 10/10 - Claire R

“Very friendly! Trips and souvenirs were highly priced”

Rating 10/10 - Amanda F

“Amazing ”

Rating 8/10 - Elizabeth L

“Love Mexico it has something for everyone ”

Rating 8/10 - Peter R

“3rd time in Mexico, very welcoming, fantastic people who want to make you have a great holiday ”

Rating 10/10 - George I

“Beautiful country. Not our first time. We love going back. ”

Rating 10/10 - Lynne B

“It was beautiful ”

Rating 10/10 - Rose H

“Lovely place to visit”

Rating 10/10 - Scott H

“Very nice people, couldn't do enough for us. The costs of imported goods is quite expensive. Items which are Mexican made are reasonable.”

Rating 10/10 - Debbie T

“Fantastic experience all round”

Rating 10/10 - Kirstee D

“I found the country generally to be very expensive and if you wish to visit near by playa del carmen I would recommend a collectivo one way and taxi back. ”

Rating 10/10 - Katherine F

“All the staff and local people were very friendly send gave great service. we felt safe and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of everything from food, drinks, to roads and transfers.”

Rating 5/10 - Katrina P

“Love mexico and the culture of the people there. ”

Rating 10/10 - Zoe B

“We didn’t see much as didn’t leave the resort! But loved the jungle/rain forest location and the people were all so lovely.”

Rating 10/10 - Pauline M

“Country was so clean ”

Rating 10/10 - Scott R

“Fantastic country with great people.”

Rating 9/10 - Charlotte G


Rating 10/10 - Samantha B

“Beautiful place”

Rating 8/10 - Matthew S

“Local staff and people not very friendly ”

Rating 9/10 - Fiona P

“Lovely Country with kivrly people.”

Rating 10/10 - Michael C

“The part of Mexico we were in, Cancun, we liked very much. Despite scares in the press, we felt safe. The people are very friendly. On one occasion, we took the bus to downtown Cancun, but got off at the wrong stop. It was a little disturbing with not many locals speaking English, and us, and a few others, obviously tourists. A kind man explained where we were, and what had happened, and how to get back on the bus. Apparently, the owners of some shops here, and the bus driver, have an "arrangement", so the tourists get off here...!”

Rating 10/10 - Andrew C

“Mexico is a beautiful country with fantastic beaches”

Rating 10/10 - Mathew H

“Beautiful country! The food, the culture, the history and the people are all incredible ”

Rating 9/10 - Sophie A

“It was our first time in Mexico and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. It was the whole package for us and we had a great time. The people, food and weather all hit the spot. The option of being able to just stay on the resort using either the pools or the beach was excellent and also being able to head into Playa del Carmen via a short cab ride or going on a day trip to Chichen Itza was a fantastic mix of things to do for our 7 night holiday.”

Rating 10/10 - Mukesh P

“Beautiful country with very friendly people ”

Rating 9/10 - Veronica T

“Beautiful country and very friendly people”

Rating 10/10 - Tracy D

“Country very poor and violent . A shooting of 2 tourists has taken place near by just before we arrived ”

Rating 10/10 - Anja C

“Was my 4th trip so was expecting the airport chaos!”

Rating 9/10 - Sarah P

“The country was lovely ”

Rating 9/10 - Isobel E

“Interesting lovely country to visit. Long way, but worth seeing Pacific coast”

Rating 10/10 - Loraine S

“Mexicans care passionately about their heritage and I came away knowing so much more about them than I read in a book beforehand. Very friendly, felt safe out & about.”

Rating 10/10 - Jo H

“The Cancun area of Mexico really will not give a feeling of Mexico, It is all about tourism”

Rating 10/10 - Phil H

“Great country with lots to do for all in the Playa Del Carmen area”

Rating 10/10 - Abigail G

“Fascinating. Welcoming and a lot safer than I thought.”

Rating 9/10 - Michael S

“We enjoyed the resort”

Rating 9/10 - Adrian N

“Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is a great holiday destination. ”

Rating 9/10 - Peter A

“Very good, we enjoyed the country and the mexican locals.”

Rating 10/10 - Charlotte D

“So much to say - very vibrant, amazing country. Friendly people, so much variety of things to see and do. Felt completely safe.”

Rating 10/10 - Margaret W

“Was actually a cruise so stopped off at 3 ports on the Mexican cost..”

Rating 10/10 - Hannah R

“Amazing country- we loved it ”

Rating 10/10 - Emma L

“Had a beautiful holiday... friendly tour guides ”

Rating 9/10 - Eric T

“Great country”

Rating 10/10 - Lauren C


Rating 7/10 - Brett H


Rating 10/10 - Sandra I

“resort beautiful lots for children to do family orienated. WIFI charge too much $35 per week per device games room pay for. XCARET PARK excellent went 5 times.short walk thru a tunnel.room near trees. cleaning different times.”

Rating 10/10 - Jacqui J


Rating 10/10 - Lorraine Y

“Riviera Maya is a beautiful country and happy friendly people, lots to do and see and I would highly recommend”

Rating 10/10 - Susan C

“Amazing holiday, lovely people and beautiful location ”

Rating 10/10 - Chelsea H


Rating 10/10 - Liisa T

“Lovely country, very arty & creative vibe, lovely people but we did have trouble sometimes communicating as we didn’t speak Spanish & they struggled with English. Mostly lovely though, amazing water/nature parks, superb hotel complexes. Sadly country is suffering from seaweed problem (too much of it) which made couple of beaches we visited stink & couldn’t swim there. So plan Cenote or water park visit & pool!”

Rating 8/10 - Sarah W

“Have been to several Caribbean countries like the beaches, weather and all inclusive.”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah F

“amazing ”

Rating 10/10 - Jennifer S

“Lovely place”

Rating 8/10 - Tammy C

“Didn’t see outside the resort other than day trips , surrounding areas lovely ”

Rating 10/10 - Jon C

“Beautiful amid friendly”

Rating 1/10 - Sylvia D

“Great beaches, great weather”

Rating 10/10 - Steve Y

“our third visit and seems to tick all of the right boxes. Security on this trip seemed more evident though ensuring tourists were accounted for on leaving hotel areas. ”

Rating 10/10 - Sue F

“Been before but can’t get bored just love it. People & culture so interesting ”

Rating 10/10 - Rebecca C

“Amazing, I'd recommend it to anyone”

Rating 9/10 - Charlotte W

“A country of two extremes for the rich and poor but very friendly either way. ”

Rating 9/10 - Jacqueline A


Rating 9/10 - Stef C

“Nice country, been before a number of times. Know what to expect.”

Rating 9/10 - Theresa F

“Our favourite place ”

Rating 10/10 - George I

“Beautiful country and lovely people ”

Rating 10/10 - Karen D


Rating 9/10 - Emma M

“Surprised by how 1st world Cancun was ”

Rating 10/10 - Philip P

“One of the friendliest countries we’ve visited, everyone was so happy to talk and always wanted to make our stay perfect. ”

Rating 10/10 - Brian A

“Didn't see a great deal of it but our hotel was superb ”

Rating 10/10 - Sharon G

“Absolutely loved Mexico, Cancun. The Mexicans are ever so friendly and they make you feel very much at home and a part of their family. Looking forward to visiting again. ”

Rating 8/10 - Fiona M

“Very friendly people - very tip driven”

Rating 5/10 - Vinod T

“Beautiful resort, extremely friendly staff, welcoming people. ”

Rating 10/10 - Sarah T

“Beautiful country may try a different time of year to the tropical season next time ”

Rating 5/10 - Joanne B


Rating 10/10 - Ian H

“Lovely with friendly people”

Rating 9/10 - Richard C


Rating 9/10 - Deanne W

“Lovely friendly people, great holiday location ”

Rating 10/10 - Jess L

“Loved the holiday ”

Rating 9/10 - Denise W

“We loved Mexico and its people,mourn resort was wonderful and safe to go out exploring without any hassle.”

Rating 10/10 - Murray F

“Didn’t travel about,but the people at the resort were very friendly ”

Rating 9/10 - Suzie R

“we only had one day in Mexico - we would love to go back and visit more of the country”

Rating 10/10 - Brian A


Rating 10/10 - Geeta K

“Amazing country with the friendliest people”

Rating 10/10 - Geeta K

“As above”

Rating 10/10 - Steve W

“Fantastic country and wonderful people.”

Rating 10/10 - Mark F

“Friendly people top destination”

Rating 10/10 - Laura C

“Amazing! My favourite place”

Rating 10/10 - Scott F

“Our Favourite destination. ”

Rating 10/10 - Pam F

“Very friendly and Happy people and make you very welcome.”

Rating 9/10 - Jeremy A

“We only travelled out of resort once, so would bot have a rounded view point, however, the Mexicans we met where friendly”

Rating 9/10 - Karen H

“Expensive for the location Lovely weather despite small bursts of rain Safe and clean ”

Rating 5/10 - Ruth S

“Country very lush with lots to do”

Rating 5/10 - Zara H

“The parts I saw were clean ”

Rating 9/10 - Peter A


Rating 9/10 - Chris C

“Nice friendly people”

Rating 10/10 - Keith B

“The country was beautiful and the people so friendly. ”

Rating 10/10 - Phil M

“Very relaxed and relaxing, very humid in July”

Rating 8/10 - Catherine W


Rating 9/10 - Eddie S

“Not so good outside of the resort”

Rating 10/10 - James S

“Fabulous hotel, beach, service !!”

Rating 10/10 - Lucy M

“Amazing country - definitely one to visit so many different things to see and do! ”

Rating 9/10 - Zoe D

“Beautiful! Had my wedding on the beach and couldn't have hoped for a better setting. Everything was perfect.”

Rating 10/10 - Mark B


Rating 5/10 - Annmarie M

“Caribbean beaches, fabulous hotel, friendly staff, better than anticipated.”

Rating 9/10 - scott w

“Beautiful country”

Rating 9/10 - Darren W

“very wet”

Rating 10/10 - Nicky P

“All the people we encountered were very friendly and helpful.”

Rating 10/10 - Komal V

“Upcoming and fast growing county, really good people and close to nature”

Rating 9/10 - Lucy T

“I didn't get to see or feel enough of the real Mexico as I would have liked.”

Rating 9/10 - Michael H


Rating 9/10 - Philip D

“Beautiful and has a wide variety of things to do for various tastes. The service industry is excellent over there.”

Rating 10/10 - Kathleen H

“Weather was pretty bad so didn't see much of Mexico”

Rating 10/10 - Lucy H

“Airport customs is intimidating!! People at resort were lovely. ”

Rating 9/10 - Stephanie K

“holiday resorts all appear to be to a very high standard ”

Rating 10/10 - Jamie S

“Secrets Maroma Resort is an amazing place especially for a honeymoon and Cancun is amazing!!”

Rating 5/10 - Mark D

“Loved it.”

Rating 7/10 - Lesley B

“Very hot - uncomfortable sometimes - very friendly”

Rating 9/10 - Dave M

“love the locals,always friendly,don't just stand there with their hand out like some countries.”

Rating 10/10 - Carly B


Rating 9/10 - Fiona R

“Great for families looking to relax or to incorporate some exciting days out”

Rating 10/10 - Debbie B

“People really friendly and helpful”

Rating 10/10 - Ben H

“Didn't see an awful lot of it as the holiday was booked purely for relaxation in the resort. But what we did see was lovely.”

Rating 10/10 - Phyllis S

“Resorts are fantastic, and the sun, sea and Mayan ruins are the real attractions in the Yucutan.”

Rating 8/10 - Linda D

“The people are extremely helpful and friendly. ”

Rating 8/10 - Steven B

“Only problem was the 90 mins it took to get in. The queues at immigration were horrendous.”

Rating 10/10 - Katan S

“Very nice”

Rating 9/10 - Anthony S

“Lovely country, lovely people ”

Rating 10/10 - Melissa G

“beautiful place”

Rating 9/10 - Em S


Rating 10/10 - Ann H

“So beautiful”

Rating 10/10 - Raymond R

“very hot and humid, plenty of excursions, hotel great”

Rating 8/10 - Bhauvna M


Rating 8/10 - Christopher A

“Nice country - although the locals can be a bit pushy with trying to sell everything!”

Rating 10/10 - Joanne B

“Amazing first time went and would defiantly go again”

Rating 9/10 - Natalie Q

“Amazing Beaches and the Mexican people are the best”

Rating 9/10 - Emma L

“Great place to visit. ”

Rating 9/10 - Tristan R

“Very good, would recomend to anyone”

Rating 10/10 - Joanne G

“The country was lovely. The passport control at the airport was a nightmare and took around 2hrs to get through”

Rating 10/10 - Claire E


Rating 8/10 - Jon B

“Unfortunately WET !!”

Rating 10/10 - Kieren R

“Beautiful beaches and wonderful people ”

Rating 10/10 - Jill S

“I went to Mexico and New York both of which I had been before. Both hotels were brilliant. Mexico was with out a doubt faultless. ”

Rating 10/10 - Jennifer M

“Mexico was great - Cabo was great. I felt a bit scared in Mexico City - riot police everywhere. We felt a bit scammed by the trips and I would rather have set them and transfers up in advance. The trips in Cabo (snorkelling and quad biking) were very good value. ”

Rating 9/10 - Angela K

“Great Country”

Rating 10/10 - Becky B

“Lovely Country, lovely people.”

Rating 7/10 - Maria D

“customers a nightmare not very helpful to vistors”

Rating 9/10 - Georgina S

“Playa del Carmen was brilliant because of the fifth avenue, people were friendly”

Rating 10/10 - Lynne R

“Beautiful country again must see would love to go back and the locals are extremely nice and not pestering like some other countries. We loved it there. ”

Rating 10/10 - Mark C

“Great place”

Rating 10/10 - Stewart M

“Beautiful resort, wonderful people.”

Rating 9/10 - Nicola S

“We stayed in las Vegas & Mexico. Our resorts were fantastic (especially in Mexico) ”

Rating 9/10 - Jason W

“A great family holiday in Mexico, lots to do for everyone.”

Rating 10/10 - Linda H

“Lovely country, people very friendly.”

Rating 9/10 - Adrian H

“not too much to see but enjoyed chichen itza”

Rating 10/10 - Jenny W

“Mexico was brilliant, a beautiful country, very scenic with lovely beaches and everyone was very friendly. ”

Rating 8/10 - Katie H

“We had a twin break, New York and then Mexico. Lots to do in Mexico, very friendly and welcoming country and people.”

Rating 9/10 - Gillian A

“This was the second time to Mexico, I wouldn't return again. We also visited Florida on this holiday which we love and would go back again!”

Rating 8/10 - Rhiain C

“Fantastic, excellent array of things to do. Mexican people are very friendly and we experienced the best service at our resort.”

Rating 10/10 - Mark C

“Cancun like mini america”

Rating 9/10 - Susan L

“the Mexican people were warm, friendly and couldn't do enough to help. I felt safe at all times, despite being alone in the country.”

Rating 10/10 - Michelle W

“Wonderful, amazing and the people where very friendly. Infact I am already in contact with her to sort out another holiday for me already.”

Rating 8/10 - David O

“The motorways are mental in Mexico!”

Rating 10/10 - Kenneth B


Rating 10/10 - Joan R

“We found Mexico very interesting as you have a combination of good beaches and good sightseeing.”

Rating 9/10 - Lana K

“went on a cruise which jenny organsed and gave us lots of tps about. She even told us the best ways to save money while on the ship and off it. Will definately use her services again.”

Rating 9/10 - Kadambari S

“Did not see much of the country as the hotel was too good to go out.”

Rating 8/10 - Andy H


Rating 9/10 - Parmjit N

“Historically abundant country, lots to see. Very friendly people and a wide variety of food available. One visit is not enough to appreciate all Mexico has to offer.”

Rating 5/10 - Eleanor D

“Loved it ”

Rating 10/10 - Reuben B

“Didn't visit much of the country but very lush vegitation.”

Rating 10/10 - Christina M

“The perfect honeymoon - we would highly recommend the Excellence Riviera, Cancun, to anyone thinking of going to Mexico. Truly exceptional in every way - food, service, staff, surroundings... We hope to go back there some day - maybe an anniversary!”

Rating 9/10 - Basmeena A

“went to swim with dolphins usd$99.00 Loved it”

Rating 7/10 - Triona N


Rating 9/10 - Tom M

“Loved it”

Rating 10/10 - Felicity T

“Weather was good but bit breezy in evening but overall really good”

Rating 9/10 - Dave S

“Great but heading towards being amercainised. and having to pay 32 pounds to get out of the country.”

Rating 10/10 - Donna H

“excellent, would highly recommend Mexico. We took our twin daughters for their 21st birthdays. It seemed to offer something for all ages, and the standard of accomodation and food and services were second to none.”

Rating 10/10 - Lisa L

“Excellent holiday - definitely a holiday of a lifetime. I recently suggested the holiday to a friend who also booked and she also said it was a holiday of a lifetime. ”

Rating 10/10 - Fiona D

“One of the best holidays ever.”

Rating 10/10 - lucy c

“Loved it. The Mayan Highlights tour was fascinating, the ruins are so different to anything you'd see in Europe. The guide was really impressively knowledgable as well. ”

Rating 9/10 - Colin P

“down town was interesting, make sure the taxi driver does not take you to one of the run down flea markets”

Mexico Holidays

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