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Phuket Holiday Reviews

Our Phuket holiday customers on average rate their holiday 9.1 out of 10. This is between "excellent" and "exceptional"

"A little underdeveloped " rating 8/10, Maxime K

"The beach was beautiful and the atmosphere more chilled." rating 9/10, Siham D

"Been many times, weather questionable at this time but hotel is first class." rating 8/10, Lynne K

"Very friendly and picturesque." rating 10/10, Kath B

"Very nice people and felt safe but poor country and that was visible." rating 9/10, Jane G

"Poor country. Friendly people.exceptional hotels." rating 10/10, Elaine M

"Thailand is beautiful. Food is amazing and people are lovely. So much to see and do." rating 10/10, Annette G

"Beautiful country." rating 10/10, Nigel E

"Excellent will visit Thailand again " rating 10/10, Michael R

"would return there again a wonderful place" rating 9/10, Sue S

"We have visited many times and so enjoy the hotel and staff's service" rating 8/10, Lynne K

"amazing, traveled to phuket and phi phi - people very nice, food lovely had no faults hotel was brilliant." rating 9/10, Kevin R

"We have visited Thailand many times over recent years." rating 8/10, Lynne K

"People very friendly have been before" rating 10/10, Hannah B

"Love it!" rating 10/10, James L

"Great fun and great people." rating 10/10, Samantha H

"best place to go for adventure" rating 9/10, Jeremy H

"A lovely place!" rating 9/10, Denise S

"Loved it. Exactly as expected - we've been before." rating 10/10, Barry A

"\we have been several times before and love the people and the Sala properties" rating 8/10, Lynne K

"Amazing - as expected." rating 5/10, Natasha A

"Beautiful country, Karon beach is a lovely beach and a lively resort. A little more expensive than other areas but this is because it is a more tourist area but prices are still quite good." rating 9/10, Nicola S

"Fantastic People and place. Definitely should be on everyones list to visit." rating 9/10, Linda F

"Amazing" rating 9/10, Neil H

"This was our 4th time to Thailand and we love it. The food is amazing, the Thai people are superb and the weather is well worth that long flight." rating 10/10, James L

"Fantastic place. locals were so friendly. Can't wait to go back." rating 10/10, Shuk B

"We loved phuket & the Thai people." rating 9/10, Donna F

"Local people were so friendly" rating 9/10, Kelly C

"Stunning" rating 10/10, Christiane G

"great. we planned a beach holiday but were not allowed to swim .We should have been advised" rating 9/10, Sibtain M

"Thailand is a beautiful country, as is Cape Panwa and the Kantary Bay hotel in which I stayed. I would say the only minor observation is that for a young (ish!) single traveller it is quite far from the busier areas and incurs a bit of a fee to get there for a single person paying for transport. " rating 9/10, Geoff B

"Really nice country, food great and cheap, people nice and always smiling." rating 10/10, Kasia P

"Beautiful landscape with friendly people and a real get away." rating 10/10, Andrew G

"Beautiful. Amazing food" rating 10/10, Philippa M

"It was amazing we were concerned about Puket as we had heard about the Patong area but Cape Panwa was such a small and non built up area the beaches, place and people were gorgeous." rating 10/10, Tracey J

"Beautiful " rating 10/10, Sasha M

"We have been several times before and enjoy the fine service and excellent accommodation." rating 8/10, Lynne K

"great" rating 9/10, Stanley R

"Lovely people and country" rating 9/10, Mark S

"Better than we expected" rating 10/10, Jackie H

"great" rating 8/10, Tony W

"great" rating 9/10, Stanley R

"The coutry is so beautiful, we had never seen beaches like it. The people and food were fantastic and there was a lot to do, if that's what you're looking for." rating 5/10, Claire S

"Beautiful country and lovely people" rating 10/10, Elaine W

"Interesting" rating 9/10, Zhenia S

"i enjoyed seeing the islands we went to see but some of the towns were very seedy not our cup of tea glad we went though" rating 10/10, Marie F

"Lush, fantastic food & easy going people." rating 10/10, Catherine M

"Beautiful - love Thailand." rating 9/10, Tracey B

"Still one of my favourite destinations anywhere. Love the location and the high standard of service and accommodation." rating 8/10, Lynne K

"need to sort out communications on the tsunarmi warnings " rating 9/10, Jeremy H

"Excellent" rating 9/10, Bension N

"very friendly with good service and reasonable prices and things to see as well as beaches to relas and restaurants and shops." rating 10/10, Rebecca T

"Lovely place been there four times and cant wait for the fifth" rating 10/10, Bryan C

"We travelled to Bangkok ,then on to Chiang Mai .Finall stop Phuket ." rating 10/10, Andrea H

"fantastic, the people were so friendly and really know how to make toursits feel welcome. We can't wait to return and explore some more of Thailand." rating 10/10, Jenny M

"great" rating 9/10, Stanley R

"great" rating 7/10, Stanley R

"Lovely" rating 10/10, Sheila T

"We love Phuket and the people" rating 9/10, Nik P

"great for holidays" rating 10/10, Yasir I

"Loved it! So much to see and do. Lovely people and great food" rating 9/10, Sarah N

"Thialand is always a great holiday destination.Bangkok was as good as ever after all the problems last year." rating 9/10, John W

"Fantastic" rating 7/10, Katherine R

"Too far away" rating 9/10, Shully L

"wonderful people great food " rating 9/10, Antonietta G

"Fantastic country to visit." rating 7/10, Rick C

"Very cultural , an beutifull country with amazing people " rating 9/10, Nathan B

"love Thailand thanks to Clarissa I had never been until she convinced me we should try " rating 10/10, Colette M

"great" rating 9/10, Stanley R

"Loved it, v safe,friendly" rating 9/10, Sarah L

"Really lovely, although we visited Patong one evening and didn't like it - was extremely busy and touristy... a Thai version of Benidorm. We stayed in the North which was very peaceful and beautiful." rating 10/10, Sarah A

"So friendly and gorgeous weather despite it being monsoon season." rating 10/10, Karyn M

"Bangkok- hotel wasn't great. Not the nicest city in ways of clenliness and people and very expensive- transport, food and drink. Phuket- thought hotel would be beautiful as picture had shown but no where near a beach - at least a 30 minute drive to a beach. no sea view- thought we might get at least this as was Honeymoon. Lots to see and do if you are up to travelling around. " rating 9/10, Tanya H

"Apart from the political dis-agreement locally in Thailand (Reds/Yellows) the people are very welcoming and friendly. We don't feel that we are in danger at all during our visit to the country." rating 10/10, Butch B

"As we found when Graham and I went in January - just a beautiful country with lovely people" rating 9/10, Graham D

"Excellent hosts- " rating 10/10, Matthew P

"fantastic" rating 10/10, Nik P

"The island of phuket was stunning, and the courtesy of the thai people, with a constant smile was very welcoming. " rating 10/10, Barry S

"lived there before .....changed beyond comprehention " rating 9/10, Lee C

"Love Thaiand. Great culture and people are very friendly." rating 9/10, Katy C

"Clean, friendly and very beautiful" rating 9/10, Mark B

"We just love Thailand and very much anticipate visiting again." rating 10/10, Graham D

"Nice country, good weather (dependable), lovely friendly people." rating 10/10, Haresh D

"really lovely very friendly" rating 10/10, Tina D

"Thailand is a magical place and I would recommend it to anyone." rating 7/10, Jackie T

"very nice" rating 5/10, Jill K

"people were so nice" rating 9/10, Kevin M

"We stayed at the Banyan Tree on the lagoon recommend it 100%" rating 10/10, Pindy P

"The weather in Phuket was very hot, however we did get 2 days of continuous rain, therefore this was disappointing as it meant that we were in the hotel complex the whole time and had to cancel an excursion." rating 9/10, Piyush P

"Personal services in respect of transport was exceptional from when we were met at bangkok airport to our return home." rating 8/10, Lillian C

"Indigo Pearl was very quiet and private, great for relaxing but close enough to busier areas. Great staff and restaurants too. " rating 10/10, Caroline D

"We prefered our holiday in Huo hin Thailand last year to This holiday in Phuket" rating 5/10, Brenda C

"we found it most enlightning" rating 9/10, Eamon G

"The Thai people are lovely and very friendly and I would certainly go back. The food of course was superb" rating 8/10, Michael K

"Phuket was a little busy for us" rating 9/10, Lisa R

"Excellent country" rating 9/10, Alex W

"Hotel was great, looked to go back there. " rating 9/10, Gary M

"Loved the Thai people and the culture, will have to go back again soon" rating 9/10, Mary W

"Ireally enjoyed the whole thing. Holidays Please made it all run very smoothly." rating 9/10, Jayne L

"Very, very interesting culture. Welcoming friendly people made it easy to fit in. Great food." rating 9/10, Suthan S

"Thailand is very rich in culture, not just what you see from going to touristy places, but amongst local people in their own environment. Wonderful place to go shopping for some bargains - real or counterfeit! " rating 9/10, Fiona B

"was a great holiday, exactly what i wanted, thanx" rating 9/10, Mark T

"I already knew the weather would be unpredictable but it didn't effect our holiday too much as its such a beautiful country whatever the weather." rating 10/10, Marion S

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