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Cape Town Holiday Reviews

Our Cape Town holiday customers on average rate their holiday 8.9 out of 10. This is between "very good" and "excellent"

"Beautiful scenery, with everything - mountains, sweeping beaches, great food, excellent wine and good value." rating 10/10, Marilyn H

"Never been but it was on our list would return. Beautiful scenery and interesting excursions." rating 8/10, Paul W

"We just loved everything about South Africa" rating 9/10, Pauline M

"So much to see and do, weather wonderful ." rating 9/10, Rita L

"Lovely place, beautiful scenery" rating 7/10, Tolu E

"Beautiful much more than I expected" rating 10/10, Brenda M

"Fantastic hotel the Table Bay and the location is wonderful. Felt totally safe for all our stay." rating 10/10, Sarah E

"Very good very safe and very cheap at the moment" rating 9/10, Evelyn O

"We were on a 3 week tour and so travelled through a variety of places and had a great time. Lovely country to visit. " rating 9/10, John F

"We loved South Africa from start to finish, we loved the scenery, people, food and wine. Weather was good too. South Africa has had lots of publicity over the years about being unsafe. We felt very safe indeed. We hired a car and found driving very easy providing you abide by the rules." rating 10/10, Christine B

"Beautiful" rating 9/10, Evelyn O


"Cape Town and its environs are very beautiful and safety does not, in general seem to be an issue." rating 10/10, Richard P

"Wonderful" rating 10/10, Donald C

"Amazing!" rating 9/10, Serena D

"Having lived there 40 years ago, we notices many more African "townships" on the outskirts all the towns & villages we visited" rating 9/10, Angela L

"Wonderful, exciting and vibrant. Rich in beauty and culture" rating 9/10, Huw D

"Fabulous" rating 10/10, Sarah H

"Brilliant" rating 10/10, Jean D

"beautiful drive along the garden route. people all very friendly and helpful, not a single issue with anyone. " rating 10/10, James B

"very nice place" rating 10/10, Justin K

"We were taking our family for a special holiday. We have been before and had prebooked our accommodation" rating 9/10, Eric C

"Have been ther before and love ot" rating 10/10, Simon S

"Wonderful destination" rating 5/10, Barry Q

"Sth Africa is wonderful!" rating 8/10, Trevor R

"Beautiful and hospitable, but difference between black and white uncomfortable" rating 9/10, Gerald O

"Fantastic - would recommend to all" rating 10/10, Dominique G

"South Africa was fantastic. Mauritius a little disappointing." rating 7/10, Ann L

"very impressed with cape town thought people were very nice and helpful and loads of interesting things to do" rating 9/10, Karen W

"Amazing scenery, excellent wine, Has some great guides." rating 9/10, Allan P

"Fantastic and want to go back" rating 7/10, Tony G

"South Africa is a lovely Country and also the food drink and people. We will be returning sometime." rating 8/10, Alan C

"Fantastic. The people were very friendly and there is quite a lot to explore." rating 8/10, Emma S

"Car Hire with Hertz was okay. The car had a puncture and on closer inspection both the tyre and the spare tyre were well worn and probably not legal. The Port Elizabeth office swopped the car and in facct upgraded us without charge." rating 8/10, Eric C

"A wonderful country to visit at that time of the year" rating 8/10, Colin E

"Loved the whole thing.People were great, the tour guide was great and I have meade many new friends." rating 10/10, Stephen D

"We also travelled around South Africa. Weather did vary but was mostly sunny and warm and vbery little rain" rating 9/10, Raymond F

"Good Weather, Good People" rating 10/10, Michael P

"Spier too was charming - I still salivate thinking of the Moyo wild boar casserole (they put cinnamon in it: yummy) - and both Clare and I fell in love with approximately four cheetahs each. Finally: Savanna. We saw four lions, a leopard hunting kudu at close range, rhino galore and buffalo within three hours of our first day alone. And on our last day we saw seven lion cubs, which was my personal highlight of the entire trip. It was extremely comfortable and for everything, but for game viewing particularly (our ranger, the lovely Patrick, talked to the animals) I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I could have reached out and touched that leopard, and we even saw a cheetah. " rating 10/10, Nens C

"Excellent value in the guest house but noticed big rise in hotel room rates in Knysna area." rating 6/10, Austen A

"The standards in South Africa were far higher than expected and couldn't have been better." rating 10/10, Nicola D

"What a wonderful city,it won't disapoint" rating 9/10, David T

"Very Good" rating 9/10, Michael P

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